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Mike Dooley says that what we saw in Capitol Hill yesterday wasn't the norm. It was a little spark of the old dying guard. It's making possible a march into a higher vibration.


Jambo fellow adventurers and welcome to another spiritual tune up after one heck of a day yesterday here in the United States. I'm sure you felt the reverberations around the world wherever you are right now. Of course, I'm speaking to the breach of Capitol Hill during the counting of the electoral votes for the next president of the United States. Gosh where to begin, what to share? I'm sure it's on your mind, so I want to go there.

I've got a few little ideas here. And first off I'll preface it with you know, what we saw was clearly wrong. Violence is always wrong. There is never an acceptable time to be violent. I don't know. This is not about what side you're on. This is not about the transgressions of Donald Trump and Fox News. It's not about the transgressions of mainstream media. Everyone has a gripe.

But if somebody on either or any side uses their gripe as justification for violence, it leads to more violence. Even if the initial offense was violent, in the deepest of spiritual ways, violence is never a suitable or appropriate response – not to anything not ever.

Now, I know there's tangents here. And I know that alone is going to raise a lot of questions. I've written books on this if you will, major chapters on it to give it legs. I can't go there right now in a five-minute little video. If you're curious, you know, there's others who teach the same. You can look at my books, namely “Life on Earth” would be a book of mine where I go into how violence is never okay, not even as a response to violence.

But let's look at the bigger picture and find out where we're at and where we're going. And that is to realize that you and I picked a really wild and crazy and adventurous time to be alive. Literally we are going from the Dark Ages (this present day is the Dark Ages) into the light.

And right now I can tell you brothers and sisters, it is unimaginably beautiful where we're headed: where there will be love and respect for everyone always – whether they're engaged in life or sitting on the sidelines. Black, white, yellow, green, no matter what color, always love and respect for everyone. And we all saw that vision before we chose this lifetime. And we did choose this life time. Again check out my books. I can't go deeper than that right now.

And what we wanted to be part of was ushering in this golden age of infinite possibilities where love would rein for millions of years. This is the Stone Age right now, literally,

We we are alive in the darkest of times the Stone Age. I'm caveman and you are cavewoman and we're just fumbling around in our own ignorance as incrementally, from the time we arrived (and we arrived was not as amoebas, okay?) All right, what's wrong with creationism and evolution? Okay a lot of tangents here.

But from the time we arrived here as budding Divine beings encased in the human vehicle, the body, biology, this planet, we were so distracted by the Illusions we thought life was happening to us. This is a story of Adam and Eve. And we've been firing only our physical senses from that day. Why, how, what's going on? We knew that this would be the beginning of a march towards a higher vibrational living – simply meaning more love, more awareness of our inner truth, our inner reality, our timeless being, our multi-dimensional selves.

We each volunteered, talk about adventures, to be on the cutting edge of reality creation just as it was beginning. And so here we are now just recently emerged from the caves and still steeped in ignorance where we have arguments and we fight and we shoot and we kill and we bomb ourselves.

But this is making possible a march into a higher vibration. And during this entire march we're bathed in love. There's beauty everywhere. Our power is immense and we have the faculties in our mind and in our heart to know better and to ask bigger questions and to recalculate and to re-calibrate and to reassess every decision we make, every move we make so that we can accelerate the advancement of humanity – call it into the light, into the next million years of pure total love.

This is what we've decided to do and if you will as you could expect as with a human individual growing from baby to adulthood, there's going to be growing pains and there's going to be folks. Who? Hey man. I'm mastered life. You know when I was 10, I was dumb, but now I'm 12 and I know everything you know. And it's like hey, wait a minute, now I'm 16 and I have to pay my bills and now I'm getting old. Hey, I liked it the way it was.

I liked it when I was young, dumb and however that song goes some of you know, the title young dumb and broke. I liked it better than let's go back and be great again. Let's go be great again because man, I had it all back then. t's like, hey, we weren't so great back then. We're greater today and we're going to be greater tomorrow.

And so what we saw in Capitol Hill yesterday was a flare. It wasn't the norm. It was a little spark of the old dying guard, if you will. 

It's not like oh my God, this is this where we're headed? No. We're not headed there. We're headed into rainbows and sunshine and love everywhere – really soon in our lifetimes. We're going to look back on yesterday and just be like OMG man. What were people thinking? What were we thinking? We were taking sides? We were hating each other. We were angry about this. We were telling lies they were lying, I was lying, everyone was lying.

In our lifetime, we will look back at the folly, at the error, at the ignorance, at the stupidity of what happened yesterday on Capitol Hill by people who were doing their best with what they had.

And so even now, all of us need to have some patience and some tolerance as we shine our lights as brightly as possible. And if you feel called to protest, go protest. If you feel called to write a blog or to shoot a video or to be heard, you go do that – always in peace, always with reverence for the beauty of life and honor to other people, whether or not it seems like they deserve it. Because everyone deserves respect.

And if we could get quicker to the light, we would be respecting each other far more, there wouldn't be this political divisiveness, and we would be that much closer to the end game, if you will, when things really get fun when everyone loves and everyone helps everyone. Everyone's totally creatively engaged in life with respect and honor. This is where we're headed. Look at where we've been even five hundred years ago the dark, dark, dark ages.

Yes. It's still dark compared to where we're going, but there's still light. There's a dawn out there and we can all see it. And each of us (last last word on this), each of us has that ability to go within and know better and do better. And whether or not you have been a part of violence or things gone askew, all of us, myself included, can be less partisan, can be less intolerant and can be more of who were called to be during these crazy times.

So go out and love a Republican. Go out and love a Democrat. Go out and love a Libertarian. Go out and love everybody because this is where we're going. And we knew what we were getting into when we chose this lifetime and it's going to be so beautiful. Don't be discouraged. Don't be dissuaded. Look what's happening already at the at the direction, the course of humanity – where there is fewer wars, there is more cooperation. Yes, there's been some steps back in those directions in the last few years. But we're Unstoppable love is Unstoppable. It's going to be okay. Go out and love somebody new today. All right.

Tallyho Amigos, muchas gracias.

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