Sagittarius Solar Eclipse – 4th December 2021 + FREE Zodiac Forecasts

Scorpio New Moon – 4th/5th November 2021 + FREE Zodiac Forecasts

The New Moon in Scorpio is electrified by the intense but restless energies of Uranus. Something which feels stuck can suddenly move forwards, or tensions can reach a point where something has to give.

However we have a wonderful opportunity to more innovatively use our resources.

Monthly Horoscopes October 2021

Uranus Retrograde 19th/20th August 2021+ Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Leo New Moon August 8th 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Capricorn Full Moon June 24th 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Saturn Retrograde 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

The 23rd May sees Saturn, the planet of structure, boundaries, limitation, authority and tradition slam on the celestial brakes and go into Retrograde through to 11th October.What does this really mean, what are the implications for us all more generally, and how will this impact on your personal situation and Zodiac sign.To understand what this means, Please Click/Tap below…

Aries New Moon 12th April 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Spring Equinox – Astrological New Year + FREE 12 Month Zodiac Sign Forecasts…

The Sun has arrived back in Aries, the 1st Sign of the Zodiac, starting a new astrological year and adventure for us all. What does this “Solar Return” hold for us all, and also for your zodiac sign?

Please join me to watch your FREE Spring Equinox Video and Zodiac Sign Forecast video below…

Uranus Retrograde 2020 + Zodiac Forecasts

Restless Uranus is now Retrograde in Taurus and continues to be so until January 14th 2021. Why is this important? Well, the last sustained period of world turbulence occurred 84 years ago when Uranus passed through Taurus.

Uranus affects our desire for freedom, independence, rebellion against restrictions or can lead to sudden changes and alterations or radical belief systems. In the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus, Uranus is in its Fall, so not the best location as its desire for change battles with Taurus’s preference for stability.

Also Taurus governs our personal values, finances and the things we love to consume. With Covid 19 affecting many people’s income, and the uncertainty this is generating Uranus in Taurus is essential to understand.

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Taurus New Moon

Mars storms into Aquarius – the fightback begins…

Mars storms into Aquarius on Monday 30th March at 8.44pm GMT. He will transit the sign of the Water Bearer for the next six weeks, through to the 13th of May.

Mars forges an immediate connection with strict Saturn, but also angles sharply to Uranus from the 4th to 10th April which can be disruptive, before forging a glorious link with Venus the last two weeks of the month.

Mars in Aquarius will prime a Universal Fightback against Covid-19. To understand why and what this means for your Personal Zodiac Sign PLEASE CLICK/TAP BELOW TO WATCH MY SPECIAL VIDEO…