Why More People Are Purchasing Massage Guns

Massage gun technology is exploding in popularity as more and more people discover just how amazing this product is when you use it to supplement your workout routine. There are plenty of great reasons out there to try a massage gun in 2021.

More Options For All Budgets

The massage gun has become a favorite gift for people in all walks of life, as it is an effective and luxurious massage tool that goes far beyond the confines of the locker room. Nearly everybody loves a good massage, and a massage gun makes it possible to include deep tissue massage into everyone’s week.

By providing affordable deep tissue massage, the massage gun has become a great tool for physical therapy, for down time with a loved one, or for pre-workout warmups. A versatile tool that can be used on yourself or on a friend, there is no reason to suffer through minor sports injuries or repetitive use injuries like tendonitis without providing yourself with a reliable therapy that will improve healing by increasing blood flow and loosening up bundles of injured connective tissue. Pain relief is the tip of the iceberg for what a massage gun can provide. Improved and faster healing is the goal with any kind of musculoskeletal injury, and a good massage gun can put all of that within your reach at an affordable price.

Amazingly Powerful Results From Lightweight, Quiet Designs

Massage guns began with an amazing first design from TheraGun. This company, which essentially kicked off the massage gun craze with its iconic and recognizable design, has managed to stay at the top of the market amid increasingly tough competitors. Because they offer whisper-quiet, durable massage guns that stay charged through workout after workout. Competitors have strived to meet this high standard, with a few companies, including TimTam and Hyperice, putting out highly competitive, quality models for serious athletes and trainers.

The top-notch guns out there are pricey, at times, when the novice or those on a tight budget are looking for quality massage therapy. Most of the top companies, including TheraGun, have released more affordable options at many different price points. The TheraGun Prime, for instance, offers the same quality in a massage gun as the Pro model, but at half the price tag. TheraGun also offers a Mini, which is priced at a truly affordable $199. Even though it is smaller and more lightweight, it comes highly recommended by product guide after product guide, as a quick search of google will show. There is no need to sacrifice quality or a solid company that stands behind its products because of being on a budget.

Choose A Quality Gun As Knock Offs Flood The Market

With the popularity of this product comes a flood of knock-off products that likely do not meet the expectations that better versions of the product set for the public. Although the prices are incredibly low for a lot of the look-alike massage guns available with dozens of product names, it is hard to determine which, if any, provide a quality massage. The Chinese made look-alikes usually come with all of the bells and whistles: multiple interchangeable heads, a carrying case, or even a charging port. There is little or no documentation on the quality or longevity of these guns, and there is a paucity of information on if the product runs quietly, and how long battery life lasts with each charge. The amount of torque provided by the massage head is also important with a good massage gun, and with knock offs, this also comes into question.