How Much Does a Water Heater Blanket Save?

Each time you turn on the faucet towards warm, wash your dishes or take a shower, you will have to depend on your water heater. You will also depend on the energy it uses to do the warming. A water heater can use a lot of energy, which might, in turn, increase your energy bills. However, you can control the rise of these bills if you install a water heater blanket. The blanket could save you energy and cash in the long run. Sometimes while your water heater keeps the water in the tank warm, there is a probability that some heat might leak hence leading to more energy loss. If you have no idea of how much a water heater blanket can save you, the article will provide you every detail on how much savings a water heater can save in Green living.

What is a water heater blanket?

A water heater blanket refers to a superficial insulation layer that wraps around the water heater safely secured with duct tape or some special belts. Some water heater blankets come with a reflective foil cover tailored to increase insulation and add to the heater’s outside appeal.

The layer minimizes the amount of heat a water heater can lose while reducing the amount of energy required to maintain the heater’s temperature. You won’t have to struggle when installing the heater because it requires a simple installation, just wrapping and securing, and you are ready to go. However, the installation exercise might be complicated with gas heaters, and this requires a professional to do it for your safety.

Potential Cost and Energy savings of water heater blanket

Generally, the water heating process uses almost seventeen percent of your home’s total energy use. Looking for ways you can use to heat water more efficiently will save you money and promote Green Living by conserving the environment. The water heating blanket can contribute almost 25% to 45% energy savings in your home. This will, in turn, reduce your water heating costs by four to nine percent. You can see that the water heater blanket is an added cost, but you will later realize that, by just a year, it would have repaid itself. The blanket can cost around ten to thirty dollars, but this is small compared to the considerable amount it will save on your home energy bills.

When to buy a water heater blanket

If your water heater is not well insulated, it might leak a lot of heat; in this case, a water heater blanket will help save you energy loss. You will need to buy a water heater blanket if;

  • Your tank’s inbuilt insulation has an R-value below twenty-four. This is because the R-value of a water heater determines how the insulation will work
  • Your tank is lukewarm or just warm when you touch it
  • Your tank is older than ten years
  • Your tank is in an unheated place

However, if you have a modern water heater, you don’t need to purchase a water heater blanket. Likewise, if the R-value of your water heater tank exceeds twenty-four, a blanket won’t e a necessary investment. But when you have doubts about your water heater, it is vital to contact a professional and licensed plumber.

Pros of a water heater blanket

  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Features an easy installation especially on electric heaters
  • Saves energy
  • Saves on energy bills and costs

Cons of a water heater blanket

  • Needs professional installation though easy
  • It can be challenging to install gas water heaters.

Types of available water heater blankets

Water heater blankets are made of different materials to increase their efficiency. But professionals recommend that a water heater insulator have an R-value of 10 and more because it determines the insulation effectiveness. The blankets can be made of fiberglass with reflective aluminum barriers or vinyl. Some are made of recycled denim wraps. A gas powered water heater is one of the best options if you want something that can run without electricity.

A water heater blanket can save you on outstanding energy bills besides conserving the environment. Some extra work and costs are required, but the amount of energy you will save is worth it. Apart from saving on costs, the blanket will also reduce troubles to the environment. If you are a homeowner looking for ways in which you can increase your home’s energy efficiency, a water heater blanket is an ideal choice for you. It has the potential to save on utility bills and pay for itself.