How to Be Your Own Banker – Part 2

By Karma Singh | * Harmony Energy Consultants

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Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image nor any likeness of anything in the heavens above, or on the Earth below nor in the waters beneath the earth. Thou shalt not bow down to them nor serve them …………………….

I use this quote out of the King James Bible as it is the one most likely to be widely known. The wording in the original Torah is slightly different but the meaning the same. Most other religious teachings such as Islam, Hindu, Buddhism etc. as well as all spiritual teachings contain very similar injunctions.

What, however, have we actually done?

By totally ignoring this commandment, we have created a world religion which rules over almost the entire planet. We have appointed thieves, fraudsters, swindlers and cheats to the priesthood. We have raised genocidal psychopaths to High Priest and then we wonder why there is:

World-wide poverty World-wide hunger World-wide strife and war World-wide pollution and environmental destruction Visible and hidden taxation which takes more than 80% of our earnings and much, much more

These are the typical effects of a patriarchal period created by ignoring the warning in the First Commandment of Moses and similar.

We have thrown God and Goddess out of our homes, our businesses and our hearts and replaced them with the false god of money. Hundreds of times each day we make obeisance to this god that we have made and day by day this false god and his priests take more and more of our substance, create more and more destruction and deprive our children of home, hearth and knowledge of who they are.


By the toil of your hands and the sweat of your brow you create wealth. And then you bow down to the bankers and beg them to take it from you and just leave you the toil and your sweat.

Without your active co-operation, bankers and banking as we know them would not exist. THEY need you to keep their robbery business going! If you don’t participate, they have nothing.

Abundance is one of the natural properties of this universe. It is because of this that you can constantly create wealth. There is nothing, absolutely nothing in the natural order which says that you cannot keep it!

Bankers don’t create, they steal – there is another Commandment from Moses that relates to their activities, isn’t there? Why do you help them break this one as well?

There are 4 things that you can do. All of them involve you in ceasing to use their exploitation notes. You probably know them under the name of “bank notes” but many of them are not! Under german law, for example, the Euro is not even recognised as a valid currency and printing your own is merely a copyright infringement, not a crime!

The purpose of these notes is to extract the wealth which you create and to give it to the bankers. These notes have no intrinsic value and exist solely to get you to exchange value for empty promises – this, incidentally, is the real cause of inflation; worthless promise notes from the bankers! The correct name IS, therefore, “exploitation notes”. It’s all part and parcel of the biggest con game that has ever existed.

2) Community banks and local currencies: Simply expressed, this means pooling the resources of your community and retaining them for your community. Such already exists in rudimentary form in a great many villages, towns and cities in Europe. These are the “Tauschringe” the “Edible town”, the local currencies and many other such which the bankers cannot reach.

Look up the organisation in your area or start one yourselves – it’s all to the good.

3) Change your government style and structure. Instead of the banker controlled central dictatorships, reverse the positions and take the deciding power back into your own hands.

Under international law and EEC rules, every community which has the ability to be self-sufficient has the inalienable right to secede from whatever governance it may, for historical reasons, be currently subjected to and to either declare independence or to move its allegiance elsewhere.

There is a fully functional model of exactly how to do this called the Kingdom of Germany.

Under international law, the Kingdom of Germany is a state, which the Federal Republic of Germany is not – even the International Court in The Hague has ruled this to be the case.

Despite the “Kingdom” name, the form of government is one in which the local communities make the decisions and everything “above” the communities has almost exclusively a co-ordinating function. This is made clear in the constitution of the Kingdom.

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Originally entitled: “Being Your Own Banker – Part 2 of 2”

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