Mercury Retrograde in Leo – July 2019

Mercury Retrograde or RX commences on July 7th at 4° Leo and ends on July 31st at 23° Cancer. Mercury is also conjunct the driven and more forceful energies of Mars. And in the sign of Leo they both occupy, this combination (which has gone on from the start of July) is set to amplify our thoughts, and the urgency of how we want to articulate them. If you have felt restless, on edge or have had a headache, it would be of little surprise.

Furthermore, just as the Retrograde begins the duo also square with the restless energies of Uranus in Taurus. In fact, Mars will continue to angle up sharply to Uranus until the 17th of July. Now, many know that Mercury Retrograde can lead to glitches of all kinds. What we need to do is think about the energies that Mercury radiates in the sign of Leo. Leo is very self expressive, proud and sociable. It can also get us thinking about how we can share our talents to others, or even calculating where we might be bolder in our approach. It is also a very persuasive location for Mercury, so if we have an idea that we want to share, we can do so with added enthusiasm during this transit.

But with Mars in the mix, what might be meant as enthusiasm could come across as being darn right opinionated, dogmatic or domineering. So it is going to be important to us all, not to adhere so closely to our point of view, that we lose sight of the big picture, or importantly, anyone’s right to disagree with us. Because of Uranus’ role, the potential for impulse is increased, and that can lead to comments or utterances being blurted out that are startling, rebellious, outspoken, and perhaps somewhat insensitive. Arguments are possible. So as Mercury’s Retrograde begins is may be best to steer clear of contentious subjects, or anyone we find tricky to deal with.

Furthermore if we are thinking of splashing the cash, it will be very important to think carefully about the consequences. The problem is, it may be hard to be so measured. Usually Mercury gives us more detachment, but together with Mars and Uranus, a rasher desire for instant gratification can surface. Games of chance, or any kind of speculation can be riskier at this time but weirdly, may also be more alluring.
As ever with Mercury Retrograde the nervous system can be affected, and may find it more difficult to relax in the conjunction with Mars and right angle with Uranus.

Anything to do with technology, transport, distribution, household appliances, ticketing, on-line purchases, travel, deals, negotiations, are all more likely to be subject to glitches, things going awry, delays and frustrations. So it follows, that if we are set to meet someone for a rendezvous, be it for a gathering, or even a romantic date, then a change could be made, and possibly last minute. Leo is less concerned by the acute detail of situations or information but these are precisely the things we need to micromanage to reduce the potential of things to go wrong. We can’t completely negate Mercury RX ourselves but we can do all we can do in our own personal sphere of influence or domain to reduce the potential for problems.

However, we will have to ward off a tendency to be overly prickly or defensive or to rush to judgement. Others can prove exasperating too. We may encounter people who are unreliable, don’t answer text messages, emails or social media shares. Of course Leo people initially, Cancer people latterly, and those born in Gemini, Virgo, the Third Decan of Libra (14th to the 23rd of October) Sagittarius (where Mercury is in Detriment) or the Second Decan of Aquarius (1st to 10th of February) and those of Pisces (where Mercury is in Fall) can all be impacted by the Retrograde.

Once Mercury reverses back into Cancer, on the 19th July, we may find it harder to gather our thoughts, to articulate how we really feel, and feel more reserved. However, if we give ourselves permission this can be a good time to do careful research (as long as we verify it) and generally take stock. Some issues which have stubbornly refused to be sorted can be repaired, so Mercury Retrograde isn’t all bad. We may hear from someone long past, or ironically, not hear from those we would expect communication.

Indeed, if some plans that we hope to initiate at this time are subject to delays, it may turn out for the best and in the fullness of time, we will get to where we really need to be, though that is not a given, and for sure this is probably not the best of times to be involved in a serious business transaction or a property chain.

From the 27th July to the 31st of July, Mercury also goes into a 3 degree orb opposition to Pluto. And with the Sun in conflict with Uranus from the 26th to the 31st of July, this combination can ramp up the potential for intense discussions, power battles and disagreements. Watch out for anyone with a kind of might is right type of attitude. Dogma, and pride make challenging partners.

Fortunately on the 2nd of August Mercury goes direct, returns to Leo on the 12th of August, and emerges from shadow on the 16th. Some of the sagas that get generated during its Retrograde can then start to unravel, events speed up, and generally because of the Sun’s three week conjunction with Venus, see this month be lighter and brighter all round.