The Metaphysical and Mental Illness – Is There a Connection? (LISTEN NOW!)

Though many are scratching their heads over the pervasiveness of mental illness, are we asking the right questions?

When fashion designer Kate Spade reportedly took her own life on June 5th, and famed chef and host of Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain died reportedly in the same manner only three days later, the discussion around mental illness ramped up 1000 fold.

But are we asking the right questions when it comes to attempting to address this far too common phenomenon?

In this special episode of Conscious Commentary we take a deeper look at mental illness through a metaphysical lens.

What are the true origins of mental illness?

Is this an affliction designed to show us something about ourselves or a collective curse on humanity? Or something entirely different?

And most, importantly do we have the power to heal mental illness once and for all?

This is what we’re discussing in this special episode of Conscious Commentary!

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