Morning Inspiration: How To Live Out Your Time (Motivational Video with Les Brown)

Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

We live very short life spans relative to the age of the universe. Hence, we should try and find our purpose and then live it out to the best of our abilities. Step outside yourself, loosen any fears and go after your dreams.

“When you step into your fears and continue to push yourself to go on, something happens for you. It will enable you to transcend yourself. If you don’t develop the courage to do that which has been given you to do, and you spend a lot of time going around trying to convince other people, trying to get their approval, what will happen is that you will lose your nerve. And other people will convince you that what you’re doing doesn’t have any value and you’ll give up on your dreams. Do not go where the path may lead but go where there is no path and leave a trail. Stop living your life like you have a thousand years to live.” Les Brown

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Morning Inspiration: How To Succeed Against The Odds (Motivational Video)

Source: Mulligan Brothers Motivation

In pursuit of your dreams you might have to experience some detours and setbacks but with commitment you still can make it. Don’t give up on your dreams.

“If I took a knife and put it through my hand you would feel it some way, emotionally, you would feel it. Everything we do to each other or everything we see in each other, we see in ourselves.

“I did stand-up in the club for 15 years, but it’s never too late to make your mark. You may have to quit for awhile and sell some paint but you don’t have to give up your dream.”

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Morning Inspiration: What To Do When You Want To Succeed (Motivational Video)

Source: Unstoppable Motivations

When you want to succeed, there are certain things that have to change in your approach to life. You have to become comfortable with difficult situations, you have to raise your level of consciousness and improve the way you behave.

“Your blessing in life is when you find the torture you’re comfortable with.”

“But by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge…. but it can only emerge if something changes in your state of consciousness.” Oprah Winfrey

“That it’s so engrained in your personality and the way you talk and the way you behave that people cannot imitate it.”

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Morning Inspiration: Nothing Can Beat Hard Work (Motivational Video with Conor McGregor)

Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

The approach to reap success in life should be embedded first in a belief in yourself and then a strong work ethic. You have to put in time in your craft with an impetus to work hard daily.

“If we are obsessed with something and we truly pursue our passion with everything we have, then regardless of anything else… if you are obsessed, work hard, put in the time, you will succeed, and this is hard work, this is an obsession. Nothing can beat hard work.” Conor McGregor

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Morning Inspiration: Have The Energy To Succeed At Your Job (Motivational Video)

Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

To be an entrepreneur you have to have an energy and have a drive and commitment for what you’re doing. Have the wisdom to follow through with your actions and do your utmost best.

“You can’t follow the fashion when you’re trying to do a start-up company or I think anything in life. But you have to, if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, if you’re going to build a company, pick something you think is interesting.”

“Get in there and do it and eventually you getting in there and doing, putting yourself out there, if you have something to offer, someone’s gonna see it at some point.”

“But you can’t really do it with your eyes closed.”

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Morning Inspiration: Have The Courage to Try Until Success (Motivational Video)

Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

Entrepreneurship and life in general can be a difficult task. There will be many times when we feel we need to give up on a task or goal but Elon Musk and Space X proves there’s value in trying your hardest until you succeed.

“And actually we had money for three launches. That was the original plan, that after three if we hadn’t succeeded that’s it. We managed to travel and put together the parts for one final launch and it worked.” Elon Musk

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Morning Inspiration: Never Give Up, One Day You’ll Succeed (Motivational Video with Jackie Chan)

Source: Mulligan Brothers Motivation

Jackie Chan has starred in many films in his lifetime, many where he had to practice a lot and do his own stunts. He has some words for those who love his films.

“I never give up. I go my own way with my life.”

“Not because one day things are down, you give up. Never give up. One day you’ll succeed.” Jackie Chan

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Morning Inspiration: How To Stay Positive For Success (Motivational Video)

Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

The thing about success is that it comes to those who continue to think positive thoughts about themselves, their goals and their future. Grasp the concept of positive thinking and start on the journey to establishing success.

“I think what happens is that you look at somebody and think that something you’ve had as a small seed in your own mind, you see maybe that person had extended that or gone a long way with what you think you’d like to do and you think ‘yeah… that’s person’s doing what I’d really like to do, and that’s what can happen, that’s what I can do with what I’ve got.’ ”

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Morning Inspiration: How to Be Successful in 2017 (Motivational Video)


Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

The way to be successful in 2017 is to have a constant drive for what you want then mix in determination to accomplish the goals you set out for yourself.

“You gotta drive. You gotta be driven to go get something done now.”

“Determination for me is far more important than desire. Desire comes from a place of thinking I need it therefore the presupposition is that I’m not good enough because I don’t already have it. Determination is simply a case of here’s where I’m focused, here’s where I’m going. I don’t need it. I’m just choosing to get it.”

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Morning Inspiration: You Have To Be Passionate About Your Work (Motivational Video with Steve Jobs)

Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

One of the things that take up much of our time is work. Therefore it is highly important to find work that you love and enjoy. Passion for work makes life more fulfilling.

“Most of the difference between people that succeed and people that don’t is that the people that don’t, give up. They give up sooner than the people that succeed. You have to be passionate about it because it’s so difficult”

“Oh! I wanna make lots of money! I said forget it that’s not a good enough reason. Most likely you will not succeed. Most people who have started companies because they wanna make lots of money, I haven’t seen very many of those succeed.” Steve Jobs

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How to Use Fear as a Tool for Success

Everything is Energy…

When I first learned that at an atomic level everything is pure energy and that nothing is truly “solid” as matter appears, I was truly amazed. I was just about 19 when this fact truly hit home with me during my very first Reiki class. If everything is energy, then this meant that nothing is truly separate and everything is intertwined in a vast cosmic web.

I went onto learn that nothing can be created without moving energy. My introduction to Quantum Mechanics years later told me how when waves move faster than the speed of light, they burst into existence as physical matter. This translated to me a message that has affected me deeply on a personal level ever since…that to ensure our own success, whatever that means to us, we must take action towards our vision of it!

This is the difference between daydreaming and reaching your goals. Daydreaming is the ego’s way of keeping our most heart-felt desires and ideas of happiness out of reach. When we put things on proverbial pedestals, we are literally sending out a message that we believe we are not good enough to manifest our deepest desires, or that we are simply unworthy of happiness, and this will keep them at bay and just out of our reach, forever and ever.

And what often keeps us daydreaming and not acting towards that which we desire is fear. Fear of what others may think of or want from us if we become successful; fear of failing and/or the fear that we were destined for a life of misery or mediocrity and therefore we don’t even try. We end up becoming numb to the inner pull of our heart and call of our Soul to step into our greatness and become to best version of ourselves we were always meant to be.

Put Those Fears to Work!

So, how do we get out from under the paralyzing grasp of fear and make it work for us rather than against? How do we turn this terrifying emotion into a friend we can rely on for guidance and motivation? We have all heard it before…we face our fears HEAD ON!

Like darkness is not “bad” but simply the lack of light, fear is also not a “bad” emotion, it is simply lacking LOVE! When in the presence of love, fear cannot exist, although many would say that love itself is pretty scary. Actually, it is the unknowing about the depths of love and the daunting task of truly being authentic (while also being accepted) that is usually what ignites fear in love relationships; not actually love itself.

When we truly understand love, we know that it is all-encompassing yet freeing. Love is solid yet unbinding and it also asks for nothing, but only to embody everything it brings to the surface in you to help you grow, mature and expand as a human being in many, many facets of the emotional spectrum. As we grow to understand love more and more though all types of experience both joyous and heart-wrenching, we also begin to embody love itself. This is the cross-over from lust to unconditional love as there is no expectation of reciprocity; only the latent desire to share the love that already exists within us.

In my own experience, the more love I showed to myself the more I was willing to also face my fears. Things that I once only daydreamed about and considered childish fantasies became so important to me, that they had no choice but to manifest in my life due to the emotional charge and action I had begun to put behind them. When I stopped seeing my own dreams as impossible, the world became my oyster. Why? Because I believed it to be so…I no longer relied on others to tell me how good or bad I was at something or that I should or should not do something in my life. I still take advice of course, but I stopped holding the opinions of others as law and instead listen to that voice I now call Spirit or intuition.

“Just Do it!”

A trick I’ve learned along my journey of self-love and discovery is that when I feel scared to do something, that usually means I need to do it. Now, I’m not talking about taking up rattlesnake wrestling or something like that, but rather those fears around things that I know I need to do to step up into the person I wish to become. In other words, doing all of those things that a person I’d consider “successful” was doing. And it began with a simple question my mentor asked me…”If you were living the life of your dreams, what would that look like, who would be in your life and what kinds of things would you be doing?”

He went on to teach me how to live (and love) “As-If”. Living as-if you already ARE that which you wish to be was a HUGE catalyst for me personally stepping up and facing more and more of my fears. Intellectually I know that if I wish to become a great Life Coach I need to learn leadership skills, public speaking, great self-confidence and trust in myself, and how to embody “the walk” and not just “the talk”. And guess what? All of these things scare the crap out of me on some level!

Rather than seeing fear as a sign to run, it must become your indicator to GO!

I’d definitely say that becoming great at anything never comes easy and always comes with having to face many, many fears. You will be pushed, pulled, stomped on and dragged around and that’s just by your own thoughts and stories about the challenges you face! You may tell yourself you can’t do it and give up or you may not even start at all, but the power to succeed is truly within each and every one of us; no matter what we or anyone else might try to convince us of otherwise.

If we let fear act as an emotion that halts our growth rather than to inspire more of it, then we will begin to see the ramifications of this in many if not all areas of our lives. We are not being punished or singled out or destined for a crappy life, we are simply being shown where WE need to show up in our own lives even MORE! Life acts to point out where we’re not giving and contributing, but this shows up as our lives appearing to have something missing or being incomplete. This is the curse of being human; always comparing ourselves to one another and looking at them as a guide of how well or not we are doing at life ourselves.

True Appreciation & Gratitude…

When we stop coveting the supposed greener grass that looms just over the proverbial fence, we begin to see the vast and vivid green pastures in our own lives and ironically this is the only way to truly maintain ANY kind of wealth by KNOWING and loving who you are, your life and your role in it, regardless of what you may think that may look like on the outside. When you know and love who you are on the inside, the outside tends to reflect that in numerous and incredible ways. Ironically, to “know thyself” is presumably THE most terrifying thing in the world to people, especially when we’ve all been conditioned to get our self-worth from others.

But that ancient philosophy of “going within” has remained a Sacred Truth all this time for a very valid reason…while the action of self-exploration will come with many hardships, inner battles, confusion, terror, sadness, and revelations, those brave enough to do so will be greatly rewarded. It will be an emotional journey like no other, but under all of the strife and lessons lays a treasure of full authentic resonance. This is a place within yourself that connects you to the All and you can always return to it and know you are safe, loved, and never ever alone, for as the Quantum Wave has taught us, we are all One and when we include our deepest fears in that knowing, we transmute them from having control and power over us and instead tame them to act as “action catalysts” and motivators towards our personal greatness. With that, we can come to appreciate and even love our fears, for they have expanded our hearts to the point we see them for what they are; un-integrated parts of ourselves that are simply yearning to be seen and allowed to come home…


Have a blessed weekend, everyone! <3


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