Emptiness is Also Form – [VIDEO: Heart Sutra]

Image result for from in emptinessPerhaps you may have heard before the Heart Sutra that says “Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form”. From what we typically know of emptiness it puts out a feeling of separation or missing something or being without, but in fact, true emptiness if we shift the way we’re looking at it, is perhaps the complete way to obtain fulfillment.

You see, when we see a cup full of water, you’d say the cup is full. If you dumped the water out, you might want to say the cup is now empty, but WHAT is empty of? “Something” cannot be empty of “nothing”! What a wonderful revelation when you realize that while the water may have dispersed, the cup remains full…is air, not a “thing”?

This is a great reminder to always take heed on the world which we cannot necessarily see, as keeping it close to your awareness also keeps you attuned to the fact that everything is intertwined, everything is connected. And nature shows us this in so many ways. Even our own bodies are perfect examples. The heart, lungs, kidneys…they are all connected, working together as part of a bigger system; interconnected.

And we can see this inter-connectedness in everything if we just look closely enough. If you’re a writer like me, a blank or “empty” piece of paper can either be an exciting adventure or cause you high anxiety if you need to meet a deadline, but whatever the case if we look deeper we know the paper is already full. Full of the bark of the tree that provided its essence for the creation of the paper and even the sunlight contained within the tree bark remains…Nothing is ever truly empty or without form. Image result for from in emptiness

In fact, obtaining full “emptiness” could be equated to Enlightenment as it coming into your full potential of everything you absolutely are, and the shedding of all you are not relatively.

The following video below goes into this concept more deeply and provides a wonderful and easy to follow explanation of this often complex structure of universal connection among all consciousness across time and space…

Video Source: Science and Nonduality

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