What Dog Fits Me Best Quiz – Take it Now!

When it comes to man and woman’s best friend most people would agree, dogs are number one. What is better than coming home to a happy pup mowing you down with slobbery joy the moment you step inside? The pet we choose says so much about who we are inside as well. More than just a dog person, a lot of people believe the type of dog you choose points to your quirks and talents. Find out by taking what dog fits me best quiz, so you can get a new friend or find out something about yourself that may just surprise you.

Types of Dogs

There are thousands of different dog breeds each with its own character traits. Some are small and snappy others large and cuddly. Some dogs shed a ton while others are nearly hairless. The first step to seeing which dogs fits me best is taking a quiz and asking yourself some deeper questions.

Are you a city slicker or more of a country traveler? If you love the high-rise life make sure your pup is up for long runs on pavement or curling up on a couch. Cities are great for pups who love people and action. Much like people, if you are not into bright lights and lots of things happening all at once you may be happier picking daisies with your country dog instead.


Dogs like people need to exercise. A walk or jog is great but you can think outside the box as well. There are pups made for running across the snow or jumping in rivers and oceans for a splash. If you are happy at the end of frisbee or ar more of a gym bunny, make sure your dog is up for your activity.

Dogs that love to run and leap can be found in the Pointer family.

Heading to the pool? Bring your Poodle or Golden Retriever for a fun time.


We all have a goal in life. Whether we dream of reaching the pinnacle in our career or retiring early to travel the world, each of us has a vision. Are you the hero type or perhaps you dream of being a writer and travelling the world. Magiquiz is so good at honing our deep desires beyond what we think about. In the what dog fits me best quiz, they ask such great questions to unearth your hidden goals and dreams.

Down Time

Everyone has a different idea of “down time” and dogs are no exception. Some pups love to take naps while others could run and play all day. How about you? Is your dream day off on a challenging hike in nature or is it straight to the spa all day?

Pick a doggy friend that can keep up or slow down like you do so you can have fun and enjoy your time off.


Take the quiz and find out what dog fits you best and you may just find out something surprising about yourself as well!