The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose Filled Life: Key 2- Finding Your Core Value

Video source: Deirdre Hade

Welcome to my video series “The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose Filled Life.”

In each short video I will explain one of the keys, why it is important and how to use it in your everyday life. Each key is connected, so I suggest you watch the videos in order. Once you are finished with all six videos, you will have a daily practice that will bring you calm, connection and balance.

The 6 Keys are:

  1. The Silent Watcher (your Observer)
  2. Finding your core virtue/value (your life’s purpose)
  3. The Present Moment
  4. Living in Integrity, Love and Action
  5. Being In Service
  6. Receiving Bliss

Why are these keys so important? We need these keys because we are living in rapidly changing times and life is often stressful and chaotic. Our greatest goal, our greatest desire, is to truly embody love and be connected to something greater, to know that our lives have meaning and purpose. This is fundamental to being human—the core of being a human being. To attain these goals, you need calm. You need a place where you don’t have stress. You need to feel whole when everything around you is fractured.

These energetic keys give you simple, easy and quick access points to open the gates to your inner reservoirs of strength, resilience, love and harmony. Practicing the 6 Keys will bring you health, love, and satisfaction. That is why the 6 Keys are essential to living a spiritually connected and purpose filled life right now, today.

Key 2- Finding Your Core Value

What is core value? Your core value is the virtue that you live your life by. It is the energy, the principle, the ideal that you build your life around. Your core value may be love, or truth, justice, beauty, loving kindness. Whatever it is, it is the divine message, the divine calling of your soul.

Most people have lost connection with their core value, and, as a result, they often find themselves unhappy in their work, their relationships and their life. Your core value is infused with an enormous presence of energy that you can use to create your life and clear away obstacles, hindrances and fears. Your core value is the virtue that is the foundation of your soul’s purpose. It is a messenger of wisdom, intuition, guidance, forbearance, resilience, health, and love. When you are consciously connected to your core value you are automatically connected to the Divine, to the Source, to the Power House of Energy.

How do you connect with your core value, the virtue of your soul? Here are the steps I lead you through in the accompanying video:

  1. Begin with closing your eyes, accessing the Silent Watcher, the mini me.
  2. Now, from the Silent Watcher watch your breath, observe your thoughts, your feelings, your body.
  3. Now, take your mind from the neutral stance of your Silent Watcher and place your attention in your belly. In your belly is a golden globe of light. You are just sitting in this beautiful globe of light, so peaceful, so calm.
  4. Now, from the Silent Watcher, ask this globe of light (this you) sitting in your belly, “What is my core value? What is the virtue that means more to me than anything? What value do I live by?” (Maybe this is something that you have forgotten about. Maybe it is something you no longer live by, but it is still there, waiting for you to resurrect its power.
  5. As you sit quietly, observing yourself in your globe of light, listen. You might hear a word, you might hear a sentence. Connect deeply into this golden orb in your belly. What do you hear?

When I first did this, what I heard was “love.” Love is my core value. And then I heard “love no matter what.” The ante was upped! And I can tell you, living from this place, my core value of “love no matter what” has changed my relationships. It has changed my world. It has changed my life.

Your core value is the foundation of your soul. And when you connect with your core value, you are living in a quantum field of creation. You are spiritually connected and automatically living a fulfilled, purposeful life.

About Deirdre Hade

Deirdre is a mystic, motivational speaker, author, and spiritual teacher to some of the world’s most respected spiritual teachers, including Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff. Her celebrity clientele include world renowned fashion icon and humanitarian Donna Karan.