Feed Your Body And Soul: 20 Easy Comfort Food Recipes Your Family Will Love

By: Julie Tomson | Taste Huff Post 

There is no season for comfort food — we need it all the time. It’s there for us on the hardest of days and to celebrate the happiest ones, too. But it’s definitely during the fall that our craving for a big plate of comfort strikes most frequently. Maybe it’s because we’re sad that summer’s over. Or maybe it’s because we need a little help getting through the back-to-school blues. Whatever the case may be, the need is real.

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To help you out with this increasing demand, we rounded up our 20 favorite comfort food recipes — all of them easy to make. Because that’s what comfort is all about. Folks, you are welcome!

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One-Pot 30-Minute Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Bake

Simple Salty Sweet Potato Skin Chips

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Pimento Cheese Burger

Buttermilk Ricotta Pancakes With Maple Candied Bacon And Eggs

Crispy Smoked Provolone BLATs

Cheesy Garlic Herb Crack Bread

Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese

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Game Time Grub: 9 Winning Super Bowl Party Recipes

By Julie Thomson | Huff Post

After Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is the greatest food holiday of the year. Of course, the game is important, but the food is crucial. It’s the one day of the year when not only is it allowed, but it’s in fact encouraged, to consume all of the best gameday foods in existence. Sliders, cheesy dips, meatballs, they’re all welcome on this great Sunday.

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If you’re hosting this year, don’t be bogged down by preparing all these great dishes while the game is about to start. Make a few of these make-ahead appetizer recipes and then kick back and indulge along with all of your other guests.

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Best Of The Best Fall Recipes 2016: 18 Simple, Healthy & Yummy Recipes

By: Food & Wine


1.) Baked Acorn Squash with Chestnuts, Apples and Leeks

Halved acorn squash make perfect single-serving bowls. These make a great vegetarian main course for any winter holiday, but they’re also a festive accompaniment to turkey, ham or roast goose.

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2.) Spicy Cheddar and Pumpkin Orzo with Arugula

Orzo plays a very comforting role in this dish, soaking up a savory pumpkin and spicy cheddar cheese sauce. Tossing in fresh peppery greens to this just before serving adds a pop of color and great texture to this warm pasta salad.

3.) Bucatini with Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts

Marc Vetri sautés cauliflower and brussels sprouts with onion, garlic, anchovies and herbs until they’re charred and flavorful, then tosses them with long, thick strands of bucatini. The best part: the crispy bread crumb topping.

4.) Classic Brown Sugar-Roasted Acorn Squash

Perfectly sweet and easy to make, this classic acorn squash recipe is great for a holiday meal or any time of year.

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5.) Carrot Salad with Mushrooms and Herbs

This raw carrot and mushroom salad is a great party dish because it’s so quick and easy to put together, and its beautiful colors bring a festive feel to any table.

6.) Ginger-Roasted Winter Squash

For winter squash that is crispy on the outside and moist within, Melissa Perello halves each one, roasts it until soft, then cuts it into wedges and roasts it some more.

7.) Healthy Chicken and Roasted Acorn Squash

Perfect as a holiday side or, paired with a nice green salad, as a quick and healthy weeknight meal, this cold-weather twist on traditional chicken salad is sure to satisfy.

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35 Healthy And Easy Fall Snacks Perfect For Cool Weather Munchies

By: Kate Morin | Greatist

pumpkin fall

There’s something so cozy about the taste of fall. Hot and spicy drinks in hand-warming mugs, decadent pumpkin pies, and crisp apple streusels all offer a level of comfort unmatched by foods from any other season.

Most of the dishes that scream “fall” are enjoyed around a table with family after hours of meticulous work peeling apples, roasting pumpkin (or, you know, opening a can… ), or rolling out pie crust. But let’s get real—life’s not always conducive to long, elaborate meals or sweating over the stove. Fear not: We have 35 healthy recipes to help you enjoy the best flavors of fall anytime of day, no matter how busy that schedule gets.

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1. Protein-Packed Hemp and Maple Pecan Oatmeal

Warm, gooey, and comforting, this tasty oatmeal is basically fall in a cup. Maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice give it plenty of flavor. Not to mention, pecans are a great source of healthy fats and vitamin E, so there’s no need to worry about the healthiness of this delicious breakfast.

2. Banana Maple Yogurt Parfait

Greek yogurt is always a great snack choice. It’s packed with protein, and when you add sliced banana, some high-quality maple syrup, and a few chopped nuts, you have a just-sweet-enough, super-filling snack. Go ahead and dig in.

3. Maple Bacon Waffles

Waffles are the perfect food to pair with sweet maple syrup, and this recipe takes it to the next level by adding bacon into the equation. And as far as maple and bacon go, this is a pretty healthy option, with Greek yogurt, eggs, almond milk, and oats. Always wanted to make your own waffles? Then buy one of these amazing waffle makers and make some amazing maple bacon waffles.


4. Vegan Pumpkin Pie Energy Bars

Ever thought to add pumpkin purée to yogurt? Neither did we—until now! Throw some pumpkin granola or toasted pepitas on top, and you have a whole pumpkin-themed snack (or breakfast). Drizzle with some honey or maple syrup for added sweetness. Store for up to two hours outside the fridge or keep cold until ready to enjoy.

6. Healthy Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffin

We’ve all been tempted by the oozing pumpkin cream cheese muffins in the case at Starbucks—don’t even try to doubt it. Go ahead and challenge the coffee-shop versions by making this recipe that cuts down on the unhealthy stuff but still offers the flavor and creamy, delicious texture of the pastry sitting in the case.

7. Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Feel free to enjoy one or two (or three) of these cookies: The flour is whole-wheat, the butter is replaced with applesauce, and the chocolate chips are dark. Hello, healthy cookies for breakfast.

8. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (6 Ways)

It’s time to put the pumpkin seed front and center (and not in the trash after you’re done carving your pumpkin). Not only are they packed with magnesium and zinc—making them a healthy choice—but the flavoring options are endless. Fancy a sweet treat? Throw on some brown sugar and cinnamon. Need something spicy? Add a little cayenne pepper and lime juice. Looking for a mix of spicy and sweet? Opt for a mix of sugar, cayenne, and a pinch of salt.

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9. Pumpkin Pie Oats

Anything can be added to oatmeal. And while there are some out-of-the-ordinary combos out there (poached egg and bacon, anyone?), adding a scoop of pumpkin purée and cinnamon spice make a perfect accompaniment to creamy oats. Throw it in a sturdy Tupperware container and eat at any temperature when hunger pangs hit, or when you’re craving pumpkin pie.

10. Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

These pumpkin pancakes are perfect to throw on the griddle in silver-dollar dollops and then refrigerate or freeze until you’re ready to munch away. Eat ’em plain for a Paleo-friendly snack or tote them along with a mini container of maple syrup or Greek yogurt for dipping.

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5 Easy, Delicious Vegetarian Meals From Our Favorite Authors And Chefs


Fall slow cooker recipes

A meal that fits into a single bowl is appealing for multiple reasons. “For me, it really lends itself to healthy eating with whole-foods-oriented components,” says cookbook author Lukas Volger, a former vegetarian who still gives produce top billing in his day-to-day diet. Then there’s the inherent sense of ease: “When you’re cooking for one person, the bowl is portable in that way—you can take it to the sofa.” Third, of course, is Instagram, the square-oriented medium that, in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, loves a circle. “The way you arrange the toppings, it’s a visual experience,” Volger explains of the evolved art of garnishing captured on so many feeds. “You want that overhead shot.”

This being food, you also want it to taste good, and Volger’s new book, Bowl: Vegetarian Recipes for Ramen, Pho, Bibimbap, Dumplings, and Other One-Dish Meals, aims to deliver on that front. He traces the impetus behind the project to a revelatory dining experience he had in Brooklyn about five years ago. “I got obsessed with this vegetarian ramen at Chuko, in Prospect Heights,” he recalls, noting that most meatless versions found elsewhere typically read as an afterthought. But that deeply satisfying meal, anchored by a seaweed-rich kombu broth, inspired him to tinker with other classic dishes from around the world.

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During the five years the book has been in development, the bowl phenomenon—coupled with the rise of vegetable-forward eating—has gained serious traction, from elevated workday spots like Sweetgreen to the downtown hangout Café Henrie, where chef Camille Becerra is updating the macrobiotic-inspired Dragon Bowl in a residency that runs through April. As Becerra sees it, people are beginning to approach dining from more of a “sensory level—if your food is beautiful and colorful and tastes good and is healthful, then you feel better,” she says of her customizable bowls (turmeric-poached egg or chicken? Carrot-harissa sauce or chili bone broth?).

Deciding what goes inside the bowl is of chief importance, which is why we enlisted Volger and Becerra, along with three of our favorite cookbook authors—Amy Chaplin, Heidi Swanson, and Diana Yen—to share delicious (and gorgeous) recipes.

But the vessel, too, is key, as Volger learned during the photo shoot for his book, which introduced him to the world of local ceramics by the likes of Clam Lab, Jono Pandolfi, and Recreation Center. “I’ve since started collecting all these beautiful handmade bowls,” Volger says, “and it totally improves the eating experience.”

In addition to Bowl, out this week, and two earlier vegetarian cookbooks, Volger also produces a line of small-batch, ready-to-shape veggie burgers, called Made by Lukas. This take on pho, one of multiple versions in the book, is suited for the coming change in season—not to mention the inevitable spring cold, in which case you should “make it extra spicy,” he advises.

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Mother Earth Living: Guide To Winter Recipes

By: Mother Earth Living

anti-inflammatory food

Just because it’s the dead of winter doesn’t mean you can’t eat well! Enjoy scrumptious, nutritious meals all winter long with our favorite winter recipes.

Winter Recipes

Winter Squash Recipes

Traditional for a reason, these homey and nutritious squash dishes carry us through winter’s darkest days.

• Featured recipes: Smoky Bacon and Squash Campanelle; Caramelized Kabocha Squash

Comfort Food Recipes

Tasty, nutrient-dense recipes warm up winter nights. Pile these three recipes into a bowl and curl up.

• Featured recipes: Cardamom-Pear Sauce; Swiss Barley Risotto; Sweet Potato Colcannon

Simple Slow Cooker Recipes

Nothing beats cold weather better than a bowl of something hot, yummy, healthy and easy. Pull out your slow cooker and enjoy one of these early American slow-cooked recipes.

• Featured recipes: American Apple Pie Soup; Boston Baked Beans; Indian Pudding

Yogi in the Kitchen: Recipes for a Yoga Diet

Whether you practice yoga or not, following a yoga diet helps you cultivate a magnificent body, mind and spirit.

• Featured recipes: Immunity Soup; Stuffed Turban Squash; Yogi Tea; Baked Stuffed Apples

Warming Winter Supper: 4 Hearty Dinner Recipes

Cold weather calls for down-home cooking with root vegetables, robust herbs and seasonal nuts and fruits.

• Featured recipes: Winter Squash and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Pepita Parsley Garnish; Skillet Corn Bread with Sage and Onions; Warm Salad of Wilted Greens and Black-Eyed Peas; Pear and Cranberry Crumbly Crisp

Healthy, Easy Indian Recipes

Get the most out of winter fruits and vegetables with this beautiful, easy-to-prepare Indian-inspired meal.

• Featured recipes: Tofu Curry with Winter Vegetables; Flatbread; Olive Relish with Herbs and Chiles; Oranges with Dried Fruit Compote

The Winter Table: 3 Seasonal Recipes

This winter, get excited about fresh, seasonal foods and dig into delicious baked, canned, frozen and fermented delights.

• Featured recipes: Roasted Duck with Sauerkraut and Root Vegetable Recipe; Baked Beets in Béchamel Sauce; Baked Figs with Balsamic Vinegar and Mascarpone Cheese

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Fall Comfort Food: Delicious & Easy Creamy Potato Curry Recipe (Gluten Free & Vegan)

By: Plant Based Katie | Forks Over Knives

pumpkin fall

This nourishing curry recipe has irresistible flavor and is the ultimate comfort food dish. It’s thick and creamy with just the right amount of spice.

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