Men: Here Are 3 Sexercises She’ll Thank You For


By Jordan Gray | The Good Men Project

Women are constantly bombarded by information on how to improve their sexual game. “108 Ways To Blow His Mind In Bed” and “Try This Technique and He’ll Never Be Bored Again” are common catch titles in female magazines… but no one is really talking about the male equivalent.

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Guys are just expected to know what to do, intrinsically. Probably because, up until very recently, no one really cared about whether or not ladies got off (archaic, but true).

And let’s face it… the female orgasm can be a complicated beast.

It takes a certain amount of technique and stamina to get her where she needs to be, so here are a few ‘sexercises’ that you can do on a regular basis to make sure you’re on you’re A-game and ready to drive her wild at a moment’s notice.

1. Kegels & Power Kegels

Maybe you’ve heard of kegels.

Maybe you’re already doing kegels on a regular basis.

Maybe you’re doing kegels right now…

I sure hope so.

Kegel exercises are when you flex and/or hold your PC muscles (the muscles that control the flow of urination). You can start your sexual workout by doing a few pulses on a daily basis. Whenever you think about it (at work, in the shower, at the dinner table).

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Intensify this workout over the span of the week by doing more repetitions and holding the muscles for longer spans of time.

Once you’ve got that down, you can work up to Power Kegels.

Like any muscle training, you can only do so much without weighted resistance.

The next step is to add a towel into the mix. Masturbate to arousal, drape a hand towel over your erection and then go through your simple kegel exercises. To amp things up, add extra towels or use wet towels.

And why do we do this? Right. I forgot to mention… YOUR DICK ACTUALLY GETS BIGGER.

That’s right. You can naturally add length to your penis by doing these exercises. Not to mention, last longer in bed, have stronger erections, and be able to better control ejaculation.

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It’s a little known fact that the penis is (depending on your unique genetic makeup) made up of anywhere from 30-50% smooth muscle tissue – which is muscle that has been proven to grow when stressed (just like the growing of any muscle that you would take to the gym by putting resistance on it).