ILLUMINATE Film Festival Reveals 2018 Lineup

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Contact: Betsy Klein, 714-478-0353

Sedona, Arizona (May 6, 2018) Renowned for their groundbreaking immersive approach to the film festival experience, the 5th annual ILLUMINATE Film Festival returns May 30th- June 3rd.  The premier conscious film festival, ILLUMINATE is dedicated to elevating awareness and inspiring lasting transformation through cinema.

With this intent, each season ILLUMINATE searches out the year’s most compelling, paradigm shifting, life-affirming films. For their 5th annual Festival, they have selected 26 conscious narratives, documentaries and shorts. The schedule includes evening spotlights, special guests, post-screening presentations with directors and producers, filmmaker panels, nightly parties and live musical performances.

“As a medium, film viscerally immerses us, opening our hearts and minds to larger possibilities.” Says Festival Founder and Executive Director Danette Wolpert, “This year’s lineup answers both micro and macro-level questions: how do we become the best and fullest version of ourselves? How do we make a true and measurable impact on the world?  Individually and collectively, how do we rise?”

Participants in the festival are able to mingle with some of the renowned thought leaders of today, as well as like-minded individuals set on being the change they wish to see in the world.

The festival kicks off Wednesday, May 30 with a free screening of The Push featuring the inspiring story of the indomitable Grant Korgan.

Opening Night features the Festival World Premiere of the Emmy-nominated Live Your Quest, which shares the wisdom of Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Tom Chi and others who explore the science, psychology and spirituality behind living a life of passion and purpose.

The festival will close with the latest from beloved world renowned musician Michael Franti; Stay Human. This heart-drenched film reflects on Franti’s personal journey facing adversity as a child, struggling to find his voice as a musician, and how he came to find inspiration through six stories of extraordinary change-makers across the globe who chose to overcome cynicism through optimism and hope.

New this year is the festival’s $5,000 cash prize, the Mangurama Award for Conscious Documentary Storytelling, which will be awarded to the most transformative non-fiction film that exhibits a strong story arc, compelling subjects and high production value.

For the first time, ILLUMINATE will be offering the cutting edge Reel Healing Online program. This  multi-week educational web series, hosted by both established and emerging leaders in the field of transformation,  will allow participants to more fully integrate a film’s message into their lives after the festival wraps.

One of the luminaries offering a Reel Healing Online program is rising star and bestselling author Hal Elrod whose work has been featured in segments on every major television network. Part of the next generation of game changers, his film The Miracle Morning features leading research detailing extraordinary but simple processes, made up of daily practices, that allows people to quickly transcend their limitations, enabling them to maximize their full potential.

In work-in-progress WeRise, a group of the nation’s top social innovators propose new models of success in business, medicine, education, politics, entertainment, technology and happiness to empower humankind. An inspiring call to action, it features insight from The Dalai Lama, Arianna Huffington, John Mackey, Alanis Morrisette, Moby, Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Lynne Twist and more.

Other highlights include an online Satsang with enlightened master Moojibaba, a Reel Healing with Spiritual Cinema Circle Co-founder Stephen Simon and 11 world premieres including 3100: Run And Become, a sweeping examination of running’s spiritual nature; Calling All Earthlings, an exploration of the controversial ET and Nikola Tesla inspired electromagnetic dome built by George Van Tassel, a one-time Howard Hughes confidante; From Shock to Awe, a gripping look into controversial therapies for PTSD; The Edge of Paradise, which tells the story of Taylor Camp, a hippie paradise started by Elizabeth Taylor’s brother in 1969, You Are What You Act, a feature doc that exposes an intriguing body mind pattern among many of the world’s action heroes; Black Star which explores art as a healing modality for addiction; and Living Music, a documentary short chronicling a rehabilitative journey of artistic experimentation and unconventional healing.

In addition, the festival will host its 5th Conscious Film Convergence, a series of film-industry programs offering panels on pitching, film funding and distribution. Added to the offering this year are the Take Twenty Mentoring Sessions, a speed networking opportunity where advice seekers can spend twenty minutes each with pioneers and leaders of the conscious film industry.

Finally ILLUMINATE will be honoring author Lynne Twist with the Conscious Visionary Award. Author of The Soul of Money, this SuperSoul Sunday favorite and founder of the Pachamama Alliance is a recognized global visionary committed to ending world hunger, supporting social justice and environmental sustainability, and reframing our society’s relationship with money.

View the full selection of films and the schedule HERE on ILLUMINATE’s website.

VIP All-Access Passes include unlimited film screenings, VIP receptions, Conscious Film Convergence panels, Luminary Living Room series and the Virtual Reality Zone. (Access to Filmmaker Labs is not included.) Passholders also receive priority theater access.

Patrons can take advantage of discounted early-bird pricing through April 20th.  Early Bird All-Access Passes can be purchased online for $349 until April 20 ($444 after that date). Passes are on sale now and can be purchased at www.illuminatefilmfestival.com.

The 2018 ILLUMINATE Film Festival is scheduled for May 30 – June 3, 2018 at the Sedona Performing Arts Center and Mary D. Fisher Theatre. For more information, visit www.illuminatefilmfestival.com.

Sponsors of the 5th annual ILLUMINATE Film Festival include: Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Natural Action Technologies, ChocolaTree Organic Oasis, International Documentary Association, Conscious Life News, The Lodge at Sedona and Sedona Real Inn & Suites.

ILLUMINATE Film Festival, a 501(c)3 sponsored organization, is the world’s premier film festival for conscious cinema. For more information, visit www.illuminatefilmfestival.com or call 928-421-1108.

Ode to Mother Earth (Root Chakra Healing Song)

Today, on Earth day, I want to share this beautiful song that is an Ode to Mother Earth. And, it’s also a healing song for the first chakra. Below are the lyrics so you can get even more benefit by singing along. Note that in Sanskrit, “muladhara” means “root lock” (our chakra connection to Mother Earth). “Shree” and “swaha” are forms of salutation and celebration.

By Vicki Howie & Jeff Bonilla

Muladara Swaha (4x)

Gaia Gaia Shree

Gaia Swaha Shree (3x)

Love Mother Earth

Love her mountains and her valleys

Love her oceans and her skies

Love her fields and her deserts

Love all her seasons

And everything she gives us

Love Mother Earth

Gaia Gaia Shree

Gaia Swaha Shree (3x)

Muladara Swaha (4x)

Swaha (4x)

Click HERE if you’d like to download a free copy of the Heart Chakra Song from the album Chakra Love.

WATCH: How Music Can Heal Us [Super Cool 3-Minute Video with Jason Silva]

Video Source: Shots of Awe with JASON SILVA

In this highly entertaining 3-minute video, Jason Silva explains how music can heal us. Below is the full transcript:

The human mind can only perceive three dimensions of physical space and then the fourth dimension of time. So again, space and time is the space in which we dwell – the dimension in which we live. We can’t see or perceive other dimensions, so for the time being we are limited to this four-dimensional reality. 

What’s really interesting is our capacity to pattern that four-dimensional reality. And one of the reasons that I love things like music is that music and cinema and media is a kind of painting in time. You know, whereas other artwork like if you look at a painting on the wall. That is a static 2D image – that is not necessarily an experience that unfolds in time. It’s an experience that unfolds in space.

But music is a pattern slice of space and time. Music is a subjective experience that you actually step into and that actually unfolds in the dimension in which we actually live and breathe, which is that four-dimensional reality. So, when you talk about the power of rhythm, when you talk of a power of collective ecstasy – why people go to concerts, why people go to festivals – because the musicians essentially start by instrumental rhythm. So, all of a sudden, they create a collective synchronized rhythm, that again, is patterned in space and in time.

And you’re hearing it, and it loops around. It’s like dat-da-dat-dat-da-dat… 

So, you start to pattern the rhythm that unfolds in space and time. And then you invite the audience to step into it. So, all of a sudden everybody becomes synchronized, you know. So, we all become one thing and that’s what’s called collective experience. 

In that ecstasis, in that merger where everybody become synchronized under one patterned experience that unfolds in space and in time is when music purges us. It’s when music leads to that aesthetic arrest, that consummation. We pop out on the other side of that experience saying, “Oh my God, that festival was amazing. I feel so connected to the people; the vibes were so good. You had to be there to know what I feel.”

These experiences are ineffable – they are beyond articulation. Words do not give them justice. We can’t just tile the experience over with description. You have to see it to believe it; you have to experience to know what I’m talking about.

The ineffability of these of these musical ecstatics – of this capacity of music and concert and vibe and people together to create these shared ecstasy, this electronic Buddhism, in which the self vanishes – is one way in which we escape death. It’s one way in which we pierce the finite, and for a second we become infinite. 

And this is a beautiful thing. It’s why I pattern playlists of music on my phone. That’s why I hang out with friends and always want to play the music in the background. I mean, this is what we do: we pattern, we colonize, we decorate, we architect, we stage space and time!

We are four dimensional engineers, my friends. That’s what we are.

The 432 Frequency and How It Can Influence Your World

By Jill Mattson | * JIllsWingsofLight

The 432 Frequency throughout the ages, mankind has tuned music to a variety of frequencies, getting extra doses of tuning notes that massaged the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. Each tuning note helped mankind evolve. Of all of the chakras, the heart is the most powerful. Over eons, the other chakras were shut down to a greater degree, as people became dense and individualized … seemingly separate from everything else, (according to esoteric sources). The heart still connects us to our Higher Self, other realms and opens emotions such as compassion, forgiveness and love. When we are calm, this chakra pierces and connects to higher dimensional information. The frequency of 432 hertz (Hz) massages the heart chakra with a warm and calming tone. The tuning and the calmness it creates opens the intuition. This frequency lightens the aura, adjusts emotional states, while inducing a calming and centering impact. The best testimony of why anyone should seek out these frequency is simple to listen and relax into this heart centering tone.

The world has accepted 440 Hz as the standard frequency for the musical note A, and not 432Hz. (There can be hundreds of tiny variations in the speed of sound, in-between out smallest musical intervals.) The difference between A=440 Hz and A=432 Hz is only 8 hertz; it sounds slightly lower. However, music lovers claim that music tuned in A=432 Hz is more harmonious and induces an experience that is felt inside the body, especially at the spine and heart. Music tuned to A=440 Hz offers an outward and mental experience, and is felt on the side of the head and then projects outwards.

Each frequency creates sympathetic resonance with thoughts, emotions and items in our physical bodies and worlds. Therefore, the frequencies used in our musical scales unconsciously dictate precise experiences for listeners. How much we receive of each frequency impacts us much more than we are consciously aware of. For example, the 440 Hz frequency create outward activity. (Every frequency serves a purpose.) The A=440 is like aural caffeine.

This frequency produces an industrial spirit in people. Countries in the world become more industrious (literally) while listening to a musical scale with A = 440. Those countries who used ancient scales (accessing calming frequencies), like India, advanced in spiritual and meditative practices in contrast. With the Internet, India now has a huge diet of aural caffeine via Western music and A = 440 scales, while her industrial capacities have simultaneously expanded.

Rudolph Steiner, a famous mystic, declared music based on C=128 Hz the (C note in a scale in which A=432Hz) will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. The inner ear of the human being is built on C=128 Hz. The 432 frequency is a serious awakening tool for the spiritual aspirant. Many energy healers use the 432 frequency for precise benefits. Meditating with 432 Hz music can be an extremely powerful and effortless way to reach a deep cleansing experience within your consciousness. Using a 432 tuning fork held above the head clears energy pathways, allowing finer and greater amounts of high Energy to enter the crown chakra.

It is like͞ cleansing the information and energy coming into the body and distributing it throughout all energy fields of a person.  A deep healing occurs once the fork is struck and the base of it is placed on the heart chakra and slowly moved all the way up to the base of the throat. According to Egyptologists, archaic Egyptian instruments were usually tuned to A=432 Hz. They placed great importance on hearing this frequency. Further, the 432 number is used in the design and construction of sacred places, such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Special number energy was incorporated into sacred spaces to create powerful and transformative experiences for people in the temples.

According to Ananda Bosman, international researcher and musician, ancient Greeks tuned their instruments predominantly to 432Hz as well. Orpheus, the Greek god of music, used music incorporating 432 hertz for transformation and harmonizing with nature. Why did many Ancient Masters value the frequency 432?

In much of the ancient world, magical sounds were numbers that resonated (exchanged energy) with frequency patterns found on Mother Earth and in the Heavens. A 432 frequency resonates and shares energy with anything close by that is also 432 Hz. Resonance or energy-exchange, also occurs to lessor degrees with harmonious musical intervals and harmonics (an after ripple pattern of sound). Musical intervals and harmonics are mathematical, and the chain of resonance can be figured out for any frequency.

The Schumann Frequency is a healing frequency that mankind has grown accustomed to throughout millennia. This frequency is usually 7.96 to 8 Hz. In fact, it has been played for astronauts to keep them healthy in space. It is used for healing purposes. Its source is a global electromagnetic resonance originating from lightening within the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. If 8Hz is the starting point, five octaves above is 256 Hz. (Energy is shared through resonance in octaves.) When C = 256 Hz, A = 432. With this reasoning, some correlate 432 with healing resonances of the Earth.

(Keep in mind that since the Schuman Resonance varies a bit, so does its resonance mathematics.) Pythagoras said, “All is Number!” Just what does that mean? Everything is energy. Energy vibrates. Pulsations of energies can be counted and are called frequencies. Modern physicists’ String Theory is based simply on different vibrations of infinitesimal strings. With this thinking, all is number – expressed as different vibrating strings (or frequencies) and this creates our world.

Ancient man strongly believed that numbers and mathematics found in nature and the heavens tuned us – to the Earth and the Heavens, empowering our awakening, and quickening us to be closer and closer to God. The 432 frequency is reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth and moon, as well as the procession of the equinoxes, Stonehenge, and the Sri Yantra, among many other sacred sites contain this number.

For example, the sun is roughly 864,000 miles in diameter (432 X 2=864) and the diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles (432 / 2). Further, there are 864,000 seconds in a day. Many traditional schools of yoga teach that all living beings exhale and inhale 21,600 times per day. (21,600 X 2 = 43,200) There are 108 beads in a mala prayer necklace. (108 X 4 = 432). According to science, the optimal number of dimples on a golf ball is 432.

When the famous late rock star, Prince was asked thousands of questions on his website, he chose this single one to answer: “Please address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432 Hz sound frequencies?” to which he replied, “The Gold Standard.

Since pianos, flutes, clarinets, trumpets and most musical instruments are tuned to A = 440, musicians must have these and other instruments remanufactured to incorporate this frequency. There are free software apps available, that digitally lower your music so that A = 432. This is the easiest way to listen to a diet of this frequency. Below is a photo of cymatic images, created from the A = 440 hertz, used in today’s music versus the 432 hertz pitch. Notice the balanced and beautiful shape created by the 432 frequency.

Cymatic Image of 432Hz versius A at 432Hz in Today’s music

Also see: https://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/12/21/heres-why-you-should-convert-your-music-to-432hz/

Jill Mattson is an award winning and prolific Artist, Musician and Author, a widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing! She has participated in many hundreds of teleseminars, radios shows, and magazines! Ms. Mattson offers an online Sound Healing School, where she presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound! Find out more at www.jillswingsoflight.com

Selfie Conscious

Smile or Smirk?

Photo cred: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/entertainment-arts-35031568/does-mona-lisa-have-a-hidden-personality

I’d waited my entire 35 years to go to Paris and finally, I was there! First on my list: the Mona Lisa. Little did I know what the Mona Lisa would teach me about mindfulness, selfies, and humankind’s inability to be present to beauty and life.

So, I’m at the Louvre, the finest art museum in the world, winding my way through the maze of galleries to find the holy grail of paintings, The Mona Lisa. With  great anticipation, I stepped into the spacious room where she was enshrined. As I approached the legendary painting, I found a massive crowd of people crammed together, just like me, craning to get a glimpse of the worlds most famous painting.

Then I noticed something strange. Nobody was looking at Mona. Not really. Rather, almost everyone was looking at the view finder on their smart phones and cameras trying to take a photo of her. As I looked around the room, I noticed a pattern. People would fire off 10 or so photos, a few selfies with the Mona Lisa, then scurry off to some other masterpiece to do likewise. What for? To go home and document the art that they didn’t really look at? The art they didn’t take the time to connect with. The art they never really experienced?


I’m guilty of this, are you? You are having an extraordinary experience but you fear it will end so you try to capture it. You pull out your camera phone and take a shot or video and post it on Facebook or Instagram or whatever because somehow that will store that memory on the cloud somewhere and you can always access it later, right? 

But have you ever come back home and tried to show some innocent, unsuspecting person your photos? It goes like this, “Here’s the Grand Canyon, only it’s so much bigger than the picture suggests, and oh, you should see it. Here’s the great restaurant we ate at, but oh you should taste the amazing food, this photo doesn’t do it justice.”

Just as unsuspecting observer‘s eyes start to glaze over and they start looking at their watch, you decide you’re going to holster the photos because they don’t do the experience justice anyway.

Besides, if you spend the entire time behind the lens of your camera to try to take the moment, to own it, you’ll come home and realize that you’re trying to remember something that you never really experienced in the first place. You were never really there. At least not present, anyway. 

So never take photos, right? Never post anything on social media? No, there’s nothing wrong with posting to social media but maybe try taking a photo and then put your camera away and then really try to experience it for a while. And sometimes maybe try allowing yourself to simply experience it, sometimes even without the camera. Soak it up and experience it to the fullest. Be 100% there. Let your sense really open up to it. Smell it, breathe it, see it, feel it, taste it (although if you try to taste the Mona Lisa you better be prepared to lose your tongue. Besides, that salty babe is a vintage that is much to refined for my pallet.)


After I’d spent a good time with the Mona Lisa, seen many other pieces, I had reaching my LMCL (Louvre Maximum Capacity Limit, which for me was 5 hours, despite the fact that I’d only scratched the surface of what’s available to see at that museum). After a lovely refresher at nearby  café (read stuff my face with several éclairs), I wandered over to the Musée de l’Orangerie where Monet’s Water Lilies are on display. The scene was very different than in front of the Mona Lisa.

Here, it was quiet, serene, and uncluttered. I sat and stared at the Water Lilies for 30 minutes in abiding tranquility without the rampant selfies. Something about this painting just sat you down and invited you to experience it. Besides, what I saw at the Mona Lisa taught me that I didn’t need to take a selfie to really experience the art.

What I’m getting at is that yoga and meditation help us to practice this presence so that when we are in an extraordinary experience, or even a seemingly mundane experience that with awareness could prove to be incredible, we are totally there, senses alive, ready to experience it. I’m thinking about events like hanging with our kids, focusing on a project, experiencing a concert, or looking at the MONA LISA. Sometimes in a yoga class, I see the fidgets, the distant stares, and absent mindedness of someone whose mind is somewhere else. I want to say, come back. We’ve missed you. Be here, now. Be there later.

Yogi Scott Moore, scottmooreyoga.com

Scott Moore is a senior teacher of yoga and mindfulness in New York City and when he’s not teaching or conducting retreats, he writes for Conscious Life News, Elephant Journal, Mantra Magazine, and his own blog at scottmooreyoga.com. Scott also loves to trail run, play the saxophone, and travel with his wife and son. Check out his yoga retreats to places like Hawaii and Amalfi Coast and his Yoga Teacher Mentor Program

A List of 19 Documentaries That Will Definitely Have an Impact on Your Life

By Collective Evolution | Collective Evolution

Documentaries hold a power unique to any other type of film.

They have the remarkable capacity to shift our understanding of the vast and complex world in which we live, most of the time presenting us with powerfully relevant information, a previously unknown perspective, and hopefully, a new choice to make a difference.

The following list of documentaries showcases films that may inspire a new outlook on the world we live in. There were so many to choose from that compiling this list proved challenging, however, each one of these films stands as prudent commentaries offering valuable insight into the wonders and workings of the world at large. Enjoy!

Check Out Our Latest Film

The Collective Evolution 3: The Shift

The film explores the never before seen shift in consciousness sweeping across our planet and what it will mean for humanity moving forward. One thing is clear, everything in our world is about to change. Watch it here free.


1)  Hungry For Change

“Hungry For Change exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industry don’t want you to know about; deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what’s keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and how to escape the diet trap forever.”

2)  Fed Up

“Everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong. FED UP is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see. From Katie Couric, Laurie David (Oscar winning producer of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH) and director Stephanie Soechtig, FED UP will change the way you eat forever.”

3)  Tiny

“TINY is a documentary about home, and how we find it. The film follows one couple’s attempt to build a “tiny house” from scratch, and profiles other families who have downsized their lives into homes smaller than the average parking space. Through homes stripped down to their essentials, the film raises questions about good design, the nature of home, and the changing American Dream.”

4) Cosmos

” ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane, in a departure from the type of material he is best known for, pays homage to Carl Sagan’s award-winning and iconic ‘Cosmos’ with this docu-series. Through stories of humankind’s quest for knowledge, viewers travel across the universe. Scientific concepts are presented clearly, with both skepticism and wonder, to impart their full impact. Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts, and Sagan’s original creative collaborator, Ann Druyan, serves as an executive producer.”

5) Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

“100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. In the mirror he saw a 310lb man whose gut was bigger than a beach ball and a path laid out before him that wouldn’t end well— with one foot already in the grave, the other wasn’t far behind. FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe’s personal mission to regain his health.”

6. Forks Over Knives

“Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods. The major storyline in the film traces the personal journeys of a pair of pioneering yet under-appreciated researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.”

7) Cowspiracy

“Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.”

8) In Plane Sight

“911: In Plane Site: Director’s Cut is a 2004 documentary which promotes 9/11 conspiracy theories. Photographs and video footage from the September 11 attacks are presented and the documentary claims that the public was not given all of the facts surrounding the terrorist attack.”

9) Pump

“This is the movie that will change your attitude about fuel forever. PUMP is an inspiring, eye-opening documentary that tells the story of America’s addiction to oil, from Standard Oil’s illegal tactics to the monopoly oil companies enjoy today. The film explains clearly and simply how we can end this monopoly — and finally win choice at the pump.”

10) The Human Experiment

“The Human Experiment lifts the veil on the shocking reality that thousands of untested chemicals are in our everyday products, our homes and inside of us. Simultaneously, the prevalence of many diseases continues to rise. From Oscar® winner Sean Penn and Emmy® winning journalists Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, The Human Experiment tells the personal stories of people who believe their lives have been affected by chemicals and takes viewers to the front lines as activists go head-to-head with the powerful and well-funded chemical industry. These activists bring to light a corrupt system that’s been hidden from consumers… until now.”

[Read more here]

3 Ways to Tap Into the Field of All Possibility

Dreaming Collage by Cherie Roe Dirksen

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
Nikola Tesla

I came across the above quote on my Facebook feed this morning. It was a well-timed synchronicity as it’s a concept I’ve been mulling over the past few days.

Related article: Why Synchronicity Can Change Your Life

My ruminating was about music and the impact it has on our lives. Many musicians claim that they literally pluck songs out of the ether. I know this to be true as my husband is a musician and some of his greatest songs — he told me — were ‘given’ to him by, what Gregg Braden referred to as, the ‘Divine Matrix‘ (in his book of the same title).

The Cosmic Menu

Ideas, music, inventions, art — all these things have been known to come to creatives whilst meditating, dreaming or daydreaming. 3 really important ways of tapping into this field of potentiality is to:

  1. Meditate — surrender all thinking and let your mind take a break. See what comes up in the space between your thoughts (hint: that’s where the magic lies!).
  2. Daydream — children do it all the time and they have some pretty inventive ideas (and the most fun too)! Get into the habit of letting yourself daydream every day. Let your mind wander and see what emerges.
  3. Dream Journaling — try to make a habit of writing down your nightly sojourns in the outer realms — there could be a treasure trove of insights in there for you if you train yourself to remember your dreams. You can even declare/ask that you want to have direction/inspiration in your dreams before you turn in for the night.

Original Rehash

Tapping into the ‘matrix’ in this way also begs the question: Is anything ever original? Yes and no.

If everything is in the ‘ether’ already (or the Mind of God or whatever other phrase rocks your boat) then nothing is original but what is original is you and your take on it.

You’re a ‘one of a kind’ — as unique as your fingerprints. So when the ‘quantum muse in the sky’ selects you to manifest a creative package, you will channel the information through your unique experiences/soul/spirit and give the world a truly unoriginal original 🙂

Of course, there are many musicians (or people who call themselves such) who channel nothing of the sort. This goes for any genre really — there are a few artistic duds coming directly from the ego and being controlled by the head not the heart.

“Music isn’t something to think about, at least initially. Eventually it’s got to cover the spectrum, but especially with rock ‘n’ roll, first it has to touch you somewhere else. It could be the groin; it could be the heart; it could be the guts; it could be the toes. It’ll get to the brain eventually. The last thing I’m thinking about is the brain. You do enough thinking about everything else.”Keith Richards in an interview about songwriting

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Colour Therapy: Taking on Modern Day Stress the Creative Way

Can Music Jump-Start Humanity’s Awakening?

CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

To date, she has published 3 self-help and motivational books and brings out weekly inspirational blogs at her site www.cherieroedirksen.com. Get stuck into finding your passion, purpose and joy by downloading some of those books gratis when you click HERE.

Her ambition is to help you to connect with your innate gift of creativity and living the life you came here to experience by taking responsibility for your actions and becoming the co-creator of your reality. You can follow Cherie on Facebook (The Art of Empowerment — for article updates). She has an official art Facebookpage (Cherie Roe Dirksen – for new art updates). You can also check out her Facebook band page at Templeton Universe.

Cherie posts a new article on CLN every Thursday. To view her articles, click HERE.

This article (3 Ways to Tap Into the Field of All Possibility) was originally written for and published byConscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen

Mindfulness and Writing

I have a notebook full of words I will only read once.

It’s dedicated to my River Writing practice. River Writing is a beautifully generative writing group that my good friend, Nan Seymour, hosts. She does so in intimate groups around a warm, wooden table, at her writing studio, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I teach Yoga Nidra, a very relaxing form of guided meditation. Nan has been as profoundly affected by my Yoga Nidra as I have been by her River Writing. So we decided to combine the two practices and call it Dream and Write.

The purpose is to create a writing practice of inviting words to flow, unobstructed from a river of inner-narrative. Paired together, this practice creates a unique mindfulness writing experience that taps profound Awareness for clarity and flow of writing.

Over the past two years, Nan and Scott have offered several Dream and Write workshop, classes, and retreats. The intention of Dream and Write is to use mindfulness, poetry, and gentle encouragement to source the words that are within you in. We insist on a judgement-free, non-editing, and mutually supportive environment.

River Writing

Yoga NidraNan’s true gift is creating a safe and inviting space to write. She nurtures a judgement-free environment, both from other writers but most especially from that harshest of critics, you.

She opens a session, sets the guidelines, and then reads a prompt to inspire or begin your writing ideas. Then, she starts a timer as asks you to write without stopping for 12 minutes.



Yoga Nidra

I’m passionate about Yoga Nidra because simply put, it’s a revelation. It’s also incredibly relaxing. I love it because through Yoga Nidra, I’ve learned more about myself and the Universe than any other practice.

Yoga Nidra is simple: You lie down, close your eyes, relax, and listen to me guide you toward acute Awareness,  of yourself and everything around you. That’s it. It’s actually quite a bit more sophisticated than it sounds but the results can’t be quantified. I’m telling you, after the clarity you gain through Yoga Nidra, your whole life feels like it makes sense. After, you feel energized and alert, like you took a satisfying nap while learning the meaning of the Universe. I’m not over selling this.

But I’m rambling, what I really want to say is . . . Since the birth of Dream and Write, we have hosted a suite of workshops and two multi-day Dream and Write retreats and the results have been nothing less than beautiful and inspiring.

Sadly, I moved 2,600 miles away from Nan and that warm, wood writing table to NYC. But thanks to the internet, we are closer than we appear.

What I really want to say is it would be our honor to invite you to experience our first ever Virtual Dream and Write Workshop, happening in YOUR living room, on YOUR computer, smartphone, or tablet, on December 2nd 2017.

This will be a unique opportunity to gather with people all over the country and world to meditate, write, and share in real time. Every Dream and Write have been touching, inspiring, and affirming. I have every confidence that this will be likewise. And, because on this internet meeting space we’ll only see your upper half, you don’t even have to wear pants!

Also, get this: Nan discovered a truly brilliant and accomplished poet named Anders Carlson-Wee who agreed to join us as our poet-in-residence for our Dream and Write Retreat. Anders is a very gifted but down-to-earth poet who read several of his poems as prompts for our writing and taught us about poetry and its embodiment.

Well, Anders has also agreed to attend our Virtual Dream and Write Workshop to share with us some of his sublime poetry as fodder for our own creative juices to flow. Anders Carlson-Wee’s poetry, from his own mouth, in real time. Damn, you can’t get better than this! Run don’t walk, friends. (Read his poem Birdcalls)

Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, there are words or a stories inside of you that need to get out. This workshop is the opportunity to do free those words in a supportive and nurturing environment with kind and experienced facilitators.

Oh, did I mention it’s fun?

Please join us for this truly unique workshop.

We only have 20 spots available.

When: Saturday, December 2nd 2017 from 12-3 pm EST, 11 am-2 pm CST, 10 am-1 pm MST, 9am-12pm PST. (There will be bio breaks)

Where: Your house, via the internet.

More Info


Scott Moore is a senior teacher of yoga and mindfulness in New York City and when he’s not teaching or conducting retreats, he writes for Conscious Life News, Elephant Journal, Mantra Magazine, and his own blog at scottmooreyoga.com. Scott also loves to trail run, play the saxophone, and travel with his wife and son. Check out his yoga retreats to places like Hawaii and Amalfi Coast and his Yoga Teacher Mentor Program

How Trust Can Bring You Abundance

“Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something.”
— Eric Hoffer

I believe in what I do and what I have to say, so when I saw this new video circulating Facebook I just had to share it with you.

It’s called An 8-Foot-Tall Woman Is Destroying The Entire Music Industry’ and it’s a TED talk by Amanda Palmer.  Take a look for yourself, in case you haven’t seen this already: 

The Penny Drops!

What this brave and courageous woman had to say resonated so much with my soul, it left me shell-shocked for about an hour while I tried to process this invaluable information and apply it to my entire life.

What stood out for me were the similar experiences of self-doubt:

  • Is what I’m doing of use to others?
  • Should I get a ‘real’ job?
  • Am I just kidding myself?

I have 3 passions in life, every one of them has brought me to these questions (and brought me to my knees!).

Careers with Bad Reputations 

I started out as a musician in a band but…

My Limiting Belief:  Musicians are bums and lay-abouts, they don’t ear money. No-one takes you seriously.  Get a real job.

Then I pursued my love for art and I became a full-time artist but…

My Limiting Belief:  You can’t make money being an artist, you’ll struggle all your life.  Get a real job.

Then — oh God forbid — I started to write!  And…

My Limiting Belief:  Writers are poor, they don’t earn money.  If you don’t make it onto the Best Sellers list you’ll never make it.  Get a real job.

Money, Monks and Misunderstandings

The worst part of it was that I am a ‘spiritual’ writer and there is a hefty stigma that you should not earn money off spiritual advice.  After all, stereo-typically monks, nuns and Buddhists are humble, simple, poor people.

I also tend to shudder when I see a sight offering spiritual advice accompanied by a paid subscription.  However, I’m the one with the problem — everyone has a right to earn money.  

Money is an energy swap.  I give you, you give me.  The figure of eight is complete and everyone walks away with an equal exchange.

I am one of those people who cringes when I have to ask for money.  Something in me thinks that it’s like begging and that is shameful.  I seriously need to get over it if I’m going to keep up my chosen career.  If I don’t, there’s a nice cashier job waiting for me at my local grocer.

The Two Common Stumbling Blocks

Asking for this ‘energetic exchange’ or money brings a strange dichotomy.  The problem, as I see it, lies with these two things:

  • Self-belief/love — Do you believe that your product/service/talent is worth it?  I.e. are you worth it? Are you creating/providing a service from a place of love and passion?  Or is this a means to an end?  From my experience, if you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re in big trouble when it comes to integrity.  Doubt will creep in where there is no passion.
  • Fair exchange — Here’s the humdinger.  What to charge? Yikes, I’ve encountered so many people who suffer big time with this.  They either charge too little for their expertise or they charge too much.  In the latter case, it’s just because they may be in a profession where there is potential to charge a lot but they are not experientially there yet.  They shoot themselves in the foot by charging professional prices with beginners experience.

The Solution

Love what you do.  Have a burning passion for what you do.  Trust in your clientele or the people you exchange your services with.  If there is a way that you can let them determine what you are worth, then go for it.  Trust that they will reimburse you with fairness and integrity.

I’m not saying everyone will give you what you or your services are worth but it’s in my experience that more people than not, will compensate you appropriately when given the chance.

Letting as Opposed to Making

In the video, Amanda Palmer said that instead of asking how to make people pay for services you should let them pay.  That was my ‘a-ha’ moment.

With our economies in collapse and the entire global population wondering if money will even be present in our future, this novel idea of trust in commerce rings bells in my head.

We are moving into a new consciousness on this planet — heart-centered living — and this kind of energy exchange just might work!

Let’s Put Integrity to the Test

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is (pun intended!).  I’ve just self-published my second book, ‘Carpe Diem or Bust — a Spiritual Guide to the Good Life’, and I want to share it with the world — whether I make money from it or not.

Of course, I’d like to make money as I’ve also got bills to pay but I believe in this book so much that I’d rather it got read than having it be just another Amazon book statistic. That’s not why I wrote it.

I know it will help people but I also know that a lot of people won’t read it because they can’t afford the luxury of buying books right now.  So, in light of what has just been discussed, I am offering my book to you for free.

I trust that you will enjoy it and find the information on the pages of value and should you wish to contribute — by donating to keep me and my passions alive — then you are most welcome to pay whatever you want to.

Here is the link:  https://cherieroedirksen.com/free-ebooks/ or just click on the picture below:


Click here to get your free copy

Any system can change if we all agree to make it happen!

Original article written by Cherie Roe Dirksen for Purpose Fairy

Cherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and meditation music composer from Cape Town, South Africa.
She has weekly blogs on her site www.cherieroedirksen.com where she discusses creativity, practical and insightful perspectives on taking responsibility for your actions and living the life you came here to experience. You can follow her on Twitter (@cheriedirksen) and Facebook @The Art of Empowerment.



Netflix Bans ‘The Red Pill’ Documentary Because It Contains Too Much TRUTH

Tracey Watson | Humans Are Free

Let me start out by saying that I have no political agenda. Like most of you, I’m just a regular, straight-down-the-middle person living my life.

That said, I am open-minded and believe that getting different perspectives and listening to many viewpoints is important in shaping my own views.

The world would be a bleak place, indeed, if we were all forced to accept only one side of any given equation.

And yet, that is what we are increasingly being bullied into doing, as evidenced recently by the totally over-the-top reaction by many to filmmaker Cassie Jaye’s documentary The Red Pill.

In the movie, Jaye, an investigative journalist and self-proclaimed feminist, decided to go down the rabbit hole of the Men’s Rights Activism (MRA) movement, described by Urban Dictionary as “an organization of men and their women allies who draw attention to the ways in which misandry (anti-male attitudes and actions) and gynocentrism (women-privileging) harm men.”

The film sets out to examine what MRAs really stand for, what they believe they’re fighting for, and what their attitudes really are towards women.

In spite of the movie’s huge commercial success, Netflix has refused to air it. In theaters in Canada, Australia and the U.S., feminists have come out en masse to protest viewings, and independent theaters have been under huge pressure not to show it.

CBC News recently reported that theater patrons and sponsors in Canada have threatened to stop doing business with theaters that dare to go ahead with scheduled screenings.

Gavin McInnes of Rebel Media calls this type of pressure “economic terrorism,” and makes the interesting point that many of the people who protested so vehemently against the film have never even seen it.

McInnes argues that many recent documentaries have been very biased toward one particular viewpoint, and some like An Inconvenient Truth, have been scientifically flawed and totally one-sided, yet have been accepted as fact and allowed to mold the thinking of many.

On the other hand, with The Red Pill, Cassie Jaye does “what true journalists should do,” she insists. “You set out with no agenda and you don’t end up where you thought you would.”

And judging by the content of the trailer, that is just what Jaye does. While providing the perspective of the MRAs, and highlighting some of their most pressing issues, she also speaks to prominent feminist activists and journalists to get their take on those issues.

The interviews Jaye conducts for the documentary highlight issues like men having virtually no rights when it comes to custody disputes, and the fact that if a woman should decide to abort her baby, her spouse or partner would have no say in the matter.

The documentary also highlights the fact that 93 percent of workplace fatalities affect men, and that 4 out of 5 suicides are men.

As one of the interviewees notes, men are suffering, but:

“Society doesn’t want to hear their pain. We value female life more than we value male life.”

Dr. Warren Farrell refers to a “big hole in the area of compassion for boys and men,” and Paul Elam, president and founder of A Voice for Men, notes that the anti-men message is a subtle subtext in statements like “stop violence against women,” rather than simply, “stop all violence.”

In her video diary, Jaye looks really confused and says she’s unsure if the MRAs are simply “duping” her to convince her of their out-there theory that “men are discriminated against, and women have the advantage.”

Read the rest of the article here.

“Love Now” – Beautiful, Profound & Highly Inspirational Music Video with Kute Blackson

Video Source: Kuteblackson

Love Now is a unique musical experience, conceived by a visionary in the field of personal development and transformation Kute Blackson. It is designed to make your soul groove, inspire your heart, light up your life, and bliss your body. Along with respected music producer, Alex Gibson, Kute has created a dynamic experience, sure to change your life, and elevate your consciousness, with every listen.  Lyrics are below:

LOVE NOW by Kute Blackson

We live in amazing times.

We can build big buildings.
Invent the internet.
Send people walking across the moon.
Create fancy iphones.
Keep breasts young forever.
Manufacture vitamins to give you energy.
Formulate Viagra to keep it up.
Create drugs to combat depression to keep it Down.
We build bombs to wipe out millions in a second.
Launch 500 channels on the flat screen.
Create complex car navigation systems.
Invent new weight-loss programs.

Yet we still live in a world where children are starving!
millions are homeless.
We don’t teach kids how communicating.
We have lots of sex but don’t make love.
Bigger banks accounts, but less fulfillment.
Faster cars but no time.
More options but less patience.
More education and less sense.
More technology and less touch.

You can clean the air.
But the pollution is in the soul.

This is the real hole

The most important resource, isn’t time, oil, money, gold.

It is love. Without this we may have everything but
life is nothing.

So what is your life about?
So what is your life about?

You can travel the world. Go to great temples, or churches to pray. You can worship the most beautiful statutes, and read the most profound scripture, yet right in front of you is a living expression of divinity.

Take a look: Your children. Your spouse. Your parents. Your brother Co-worker. The homeless person. Your friend. There is no end.

Yet we wait to meet the Dalai Lama, the great Guru or the Pope. For some kind of hope. Waiting for the right moment or special person. When right here in front of you is a living Buddha in the form of your child, or a living Christ in the form of the man that’s staring at you.

The whole world is your temple, synagogue, or church. Remember, it is in your heart. This is where we must all start. In each moment is the opportunity.

At least once a day: Forgive. Reach out. Hug. Cry. Laugh. Connect.

At least once a day: Trust. look. Sing. Dance. Make a fool of yourself. Risk.

At least once a day: Give. Touch. Taste. Smile. Wait. Communicate.

At least once a day: Smell. Relax. Joke. Feel. Yes. Serve.

And most of all say “I love you.”

When you dare to open your heart and love, you’re free. This is living infinity.

Is there really anything else to do?
Is there really anything else to do?

Love now.

Moby Just Released 4 Hours Of FREE Music Designed For Yoga And Meditation

By Amanda Froelich | True Activist

Because more people could (and should) benefit from stress-relieving and ambient tunes, internationally-acclaimed electronic artist Moby recently shared a collection of recordings designed for mindful movement, sleep, and meditation. Moby, whose full name is Richard Melville Hall, is well-known in the conscious community because he’s an active yoga practitioner, vegan, and outspoken animal rights activist.

The DJ explained on his website that he initially recorded the music for himself, but decided the public should benefit from the relaxing tracks, as well. He wrote:

“Over the last couple of years I’ve been making really, really, really quiet music to listen to when I do yoga or sleep or meditate or panic. I ended up with four hours of music and have decided to give it away.”

Long ambients1, which can be downloaded here, offers 11 instrumental tracks. The music is slow and peaceful, and is described by the artist as “really quiet: no drums, no vocals, just very slow calm pretty chords and sounds and things for sleeping and yoga.”

Moby’s contribution can also be streamed on Spotify, Soundcloud, through Apple music, Deezer, YouTube and Tidal.

“ […] feel free to share it or give it away or whatever, it’s not protected or anything, or at least it shouldn’t be,” he wrote.

Because the benefits of engaging in regular yoga and meditation are numerous, many people are likely to benefit from the gracious artist’s offering.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

This article (Moby Just Released 4 Hours Of FREE Music Designed For Yoga And Meditation ) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TrueActivist.com

Read more great articles at True Activist.

This Artist Doesn’t Need Hands To Create Mind-Blowing Masterpieces [Watch]

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

By Amanda Froelich | True Activist

An individual’s true character is measured by the effort they put forth and their persistence when pursuing their passions. It’s easy to give up and declare that one isn’t talented enough, financially stable enough, supported enough, or smart enough (etc…) to succeed, but one will never know what they are truly capable of until they at least try.

For Polish artist Mariusz Kędzierski, it would have been easy to give up on his dream of being an artist. After all, he was born without hands. But from a young age, he knew that he loved to draw. So, he taught himself how to sketch and never let his disability hold him back.

As MyModernMet shares, the artist was forced to stop painting and drawing at age 12 due to upcoming surgeries. But once he fully healed, he was able to begin crafting artwork in 2008. As the photos below reveal, his ability to draw exceeds most peoples’.

“For me, a disability doesn’t mean that I can’t live my own, great life,” the artist shares.

In the last 8 years, Kędzierski has sketched over 700 pieces which reportedly took him more than 15,000 hours to complete. It’s this attitude that earned the inspiring activist the “Man Without Barriers” Audience Prize in Poland. Work by the self-taught artist can now be purchased in the U.S. Great Britain, and South Korea.

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski

Credit: Mariusz Kędzierski


What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

This article (This Artist Doesn’t Need Hands To Create Mind-Blowing Masterpieces [Watch]) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TrueActivist.com

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Make Money Creating Beautiful Recycled Goodies Today!

Garbage for Energy!

I want to start this article off by giving Sweden a big pat on the back for being huge trend setters when it comes to effective recycled waste management. You can read more about their initiatives here: Sweden Is Recycling So Much Trash, It’s Running Out

Turning Trash into Treasure

I’m a big fan of upcycling and getting people to reuse things they would otherwise throw away (which either leaves our streets dirty, our oceans polluted, our landfills full to brimming or — the lesser of the evils — recycled into something else via a recycling depot).

But how about actually earning an income selling your beautiful recycled wares? It’s cheap as you don’t have to lay out much money for materials and the finished products are amazing!

I started running a weekly craft class at the beginning of last year at our local youth upliftment center (called ‘Net vir Pret’ — Afrikaans for ‘Just for Fun’) here in South Africa and it’s been a great journey of discovery. Not only is it a pleasure working with these talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds but I’ve discovered loads about turning trash into treasure (picture to your right is my class making beads out of magazines)!

They are now selling their wares at our local market and this is how you can too!

Life’s All About Learning, Caring and Sharing

We’ve got a bit of a problem here in South Africa with litter. It’s a subject close to my heart ’cause, let’s face it, nobody thrives in an environment strewn with garbage. So, I wanted to offer these kids a fun way to, not only clean up the environment, but to make money with the crafty things they can do with it.

Pinterest was my saviour! You can check out some of the ideas I’ve collected on my board HERE.

I’ve been scrolling the many ideas on Pinterest, in my free moments, gathering a treasure trove of ideas to implement. I want to share these ideas that I’ve tried and tested with all you creatives out there wanting to make a bit of extra cash whilst letting the inner child out to play!

Read related article: 5 Amazing Super Powers You’ll Develop When You Get Creative

Below I’m going to share some of the crafty recycled tit-bits I’ve been making in my classes to give you some quick and easy ideas of how you can turn your garbage into gold. Not only can you sell these but you can give them as gifts or make useful things for around your own home.

Polystyrene and Magazines

These cards (on your right) I made out of magazines and polystyrene.

Find a picture you like for the main focal point of the card and glue it to some polystyrene.

Then cut it out and glue to the card for a great looking raised effect.

These really look super in real life and a great way to impress friends and family at birthdays!

Bottles and Bottle Caps

Old soda, beer or wine bottles are great for making these vases or candle stick holders.

(Left photo) I apply my design with an acrylic glass paint tube — let that dry — and then fill in the color with acrylic paint. When that is dry I use an epoxy to glaze over the bottle (now you can safely hand wash it).

These are good sellers and make excellent gifts.

(Right photo) This project is done using any glass jar (this one happened to be an empty olive jar).

You glue the entire bottle with craft glue and then wrap twine or string around the bottle.

Then, to decorate, get some old bottle caps and cut out pictures
from magazines, old cards or wrapping paper — stick them inside the caps and glue them to your jar.

I use a bit of varnish or epoxy to glaze the pictures inside the bottle caps — it gives it a nice finishing touch.

The card is also made using bottle caps.

Magazine Craft

This is an old trick I learned when I was young — recycled magazine beads (see photo to your left).

This is done by cutting magazine pages into strips. The strip is done from the top to the bottom of the magazine page — start cutting at 2cm width and taper to a point.

Apply glue to the one side. Now take a match stick and — with the widest part of the strip — start rolling the strip onto the match stick. Keep guiding the strip towards the center as you are rolling to give the bulbous ‘bead’ shape.

You can dazzle your mates with the fabulous jewelry you can make with these super easy beads.

The white bracelet (also in the picture to your left) is made by braiding a plastic bag and then taking a glue gun and sealing the edges to form a bangle. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Plastic Bottles

This is by far my most favorite thing to make — flowers!

I stick these in my garden and use them in vases.

They are made by cutting a plastic soda bottle in half and then cutting leaf shapes and bending them to form a flower.

You use both sides of the bottle to accomplish this and then glue them together. I also use the bottle cap for the center of the flower. You practically use the entire bottle! How cool is that?

I then use acrylic paint or spray-paint to decorate.

That’s all the recycled stuff I’ve done to date. I hope I’ve given you some ideas about turning your trash into treasure!

Happy crafting!


Cherie Roe DirksenCRD is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.
To date, she has published 3 self-help and motivational books and brings out weekly inspirational blogs at her site www.cherieroedirksen.com. Get stuck into finding your passion, purpose and joy by downloading some of those books gratis when you click HERE.

Her ambition is to help you to connect with your innate gift of creativity and living the life you came here to experience by taking responsibility for your actions and becoming the co-creator of your reality. You can follow Cherie on Facebook (The Art of Empowerment — for article updates). She also has just recently launched her official art Facebook page (Cherie Roe Dirksen – for new art updates).

Cherie posts a new article on CLN every Thursday. To view her articles, click HERE.

This article (Make Money Creating Beautiful Recycled Goodies Today!was originally written for and published byConscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.


Goodby George: Sweet Tributes to George Michael (Plus His Last Filmed Interview)

George Michael, the silky-voiced English singer-songwriter who sold tens of millions of albums as a member of Wham! and on his own, was found dead on Sunday at his home in Goring in Oxfordshire, England. He was 53.

Mr. Michael’s manager, Michael Lippman, told The Hollywood Reporter that Mr. Michael had died of heart failure “in bed, lying peacefully.”

Here are some of the tributes from his adoring fans:

And here’s George Michael’s final filmed interview:
Finally, here’s one of George’s most popular music videos:

R.I.P. George. Your music and your beautiful soul will be missed!