Barbara Sinclair

Barbara Sinclair is a holistic health practitioner with a passion for Ayurveda – the ancient mind/body system of health and longevity that originated in India.

A lifelong visual artist, Barbara woke up one morning in her late 40s with pain throughout her body. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia eventually led her to seek more holistic methods of healing – all while looking within for clues as to why this had happened.

For several years, Barbara was guided to explore all kinds of alternative practices. It was with fierce intent, a positive attitude, and help from some gifted healers that her body slowly began to repair itself. In the process of healing, Barbara fell head-over-heels in love with Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word which means “the knowledge of life”.

She now lives her daily life by its principles and its deep connection with Nature and the five elements, sharing its brilliance with others.

Meditation and energy healing, with their direct connection to Ayurveda, were also key players in her recovery. They helped her to access an inner place of peace and unlock deeply buried pain.

Today, Barbara is free from the symptoms of fibromyalgia and is grateful for the powerful lessons it taught her. Like many others who have managed to overcome a debilitating condition, it enriched her life, rather than destroyed it.

Barbara’s greatest joy now is to share the fruits of her own healing journey in hopes that it might spark a healing journey for others. Barbara received her Ayurveda training from Wise Earth Ayurveda, the first school of Ayurveda teachings in the US. She is also a certified holistic health counselor and energy healer.

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