Your July 2021 Astrology-Energy Forecast

Video Source: chakraboosters

I have a treat for you this week. Your July Energy Forecast features a very special guest, astrologer Tiffany Harelik of Wise Skies Collective. 
I asked Tiffany to share the key Astro-dates for the month and we had a blast talking about the stars!
In this month’s forecast, Tiffany talks about:
~How July starts off kind of volatile
~Why You May Experience a “Dark Night of the Ego”
~Why You Need to Beware of the Day When Mercury is Inconjunct
~The One Super Lucky/Expansive Day You Should Circle on Your Calendar
~And Much More
Be sure to watch till the end when Tiffany pulls two tarot cards for the first and second halves of the month.
Watch the video above and make the most of July!

Thanks, love, and blessings,