Wow. Americans Really, Really Don’t Like Trump or Clinton

Written by on July 3, 2016 in Government, Politics with 72 Comments
Caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  (Photo: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)

Caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (Photo: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)

By Andrea Germanos | Common Dreams

Via a new Gallup poll, more evidence comes Friday that the nation's electorate really doesn't like this year's leading presidential candidates.

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has the dubious distinction of being the most unfavorably viewed of any candidate over the past seven decades—displacing 1964 Republican candidate Barry Goldwater from the bottom spot.

The poll offers no smug moment for Clinton: her scores put her among the bottom four presidential candidates, with scores barely better than those of Goldwater.

The scores are on based on telephone interviews with a random sample of 1,025 adults, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Respondents were asked to give a number between +1 and +5 to give a favorable view of a candidate, with +5 being the most favorable. They were also asked for a number -1 to -5 to express an unfavorable view of the candidate, with -5 being very unfavorable.

With that data, Gallup indicated who has the highest unfavorable and highest favorable ratings, as well as overall favorable and overall unfavorable ratings.

Trump's highly favorable rating is just 16 percent, and his highly unfavorable rating is 42. Goldwater's highly favorable rating was 17, for comparison, and his highly unfavorable rating was just 26 percent.

Clinton, for her part, has a highly favorable rating of 22 percent and a highly unfavorable rating of 33 percent.

Democrat George McGovern had a bad image during his 1972 presidential bid as well. His scores are sandwiched between those of Goldwater and Clinton, having a 21 percent highly favorable rating and 20 percent highly unfavorable score.

Looking at total favorable versus total unfavorable ratings, Clinton edges out Trump, having 51 percent favorable to 50 percent unfavorable. The real estate mogul, meanwhile, has 42 percent favorable versus 59 percent negative.

Gallup states: “The wild card in this year's ratings is that more Americans view Clinton and Trump highly unfavorably than highly favorably, and to an unprecedented degree.”

Looking at the other end of the list, Dwight D. Eisenhower (in '56) leads the total favorable score with 84 percent, followed by Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter (in '76) with 81.

The new Gallup poll is not the first survey showing voters' distaste for both leading candidates.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released in May showed voters choosing to vote against Trump or Clinton, rather than for one of the candidates.

And an NBC News/Survey Monkey poll also released in May showed that 60 percent of respondents said they “dislike” or “hate” Clinton, and 63 percent felt that way about Trump.

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72 Reader Comments

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  1. I like Clinton but the do really really dislike Trump. ?

  2. Jarema Jay A Jarema Jay A says:

    The tragical comedy. These are meant to be two of your nations finest to lead US and make vital decisions.

  3. Wendy Hardin Wendy Hardin says:

    I dislike both equally. Have no intention voting for either.

    • Nice to hear an American( I’m assuming as much) say that!!!
      Both are just……I shake my head in disbelief!
      Talk about Sophie’s Choice!
      Yuk! Both of them! Yuk!

    • Wendy Hardin Wendy Hardin says:

      I am and I am so unhappy and afraid what will wind up in the White House. And how the rest of us will be perceived by the world.

    • Zon Moy Zon Moy says:

      Paul Lawrence unless Sophie’s choice was between the devil and a worse evil it doesn’t come close.

    • Zon Moy , I can’t argue with that!
      The gift they bring , as a ‘dynamic duo’ is the reality check on just how far astray American politics has become.
      They are the ugly look in the mirror (naked) after you have spent many years abusing your body.
      ……anything but attractive or pretty, but the look empowers you to say, ‘ I just have to do something about this!’
      America got that very look during the Bush years & chose to quickly look away.
      Now, it’s just getting f*#king ridiculous!!

    • to be honest Wendy, you are perceived poorly by the rest of the world already.
      But, having said that, other countries know that which ever road you head down, we tend to follow, or at the very least, be impacted by America’s actions or lack thereof.
      Perception can change in a hurry.
      Will you be the forerunner in exposing the 1% elite that are destroying the world?
      As an Aussie, I hope this is the case. Those dark f*^ks are just soooo dysfunctional & evil! They need to be exposed!
      The world watches & waits.
      I reckon America has a wildcard up its sleeve.
      What that is, I don’t know, but I sense a groundswell of dissent!
      The people are angry. I hope you use your anger wisely.

    • Wendy Hardin Wendy Hardin says:

      We are trying. I wish those of us that do not support either of these asshats could let the world know that it’s not us promoting either of them nor their agendas. I am aware of how most of the world sees the US. Yet there are millions here in America that want changes. But we are not the ones with the money who are in Trump and Hilary’s pockets. I hope we don’t all have targets painted on our foreheads. This is not how I wanted my children’s world to be, nor my grandson’s.

  4. Zon Moy Zon Moy says:

    put is this way, if loki, chthulu, satan, and all the other evil gods threw in to run against them, they would all be certain to win my vote vs these two. pretty sure both parties have dragged us down to more evil than the worst of the evil gods by this point.

  5. It disturbs me. They disturb me!
    Hillary is the 1% puppet. Period.
    Oh, she’ll have Obama-like cute speeches, but a puppet nonetheless!
    & Trump is just all about Trump.
    You had your chance with Bernie & you shot him down in flames!
    Your loss.
    Now you’re left with the frying pan or the fire!
    I could not, in clear conscience,vote for either of these two compulsive lying frauds!
    I would vote for ANYONE other than these two turds! …….& let’s be clear, they both are turds!

  6. Amy Mingee Amy Mingee says:

    Google how many scandles the Clinton’s have been involved in, and the amount is unreal. Bill Clinton used to fly to Jeffrey Epstein’s private underage sex slave island. Watergate, Benghazi, and The Clinton Body Count. There are so many more that I can’t mention them all.

  7. Ange Wells Ange Wells says:

    Neither do we over here. The beautiful world can only grow bigger to keep them away from us 😉

  8. Amy Mingee Amy Mingee says:

    Look at who controls all of the banks, and who owns the Federal Reserve. Then, look at what group they are accused of belong to, and you will find your answers. Why are we always wanting to go to war with the 5 countries that don’t have the central banking system. This tells me who is behind all of the issues in this country. Consider all of this. Look at the money government spends to create forced debt onto the people. Yes, forced debt is being created on purpose.

  9. Both crazy. We’re fucked.

  10. Steve Elder Steve Elder says:

    The Rothschild’s threw the bitch a fund raising party. Nuff said.

  11. Yep, let’s just erase them and start over with new candidates.

  12. Nothing good will come from either winning. A win for either is a huge loss for America and the people that don’t want those horrible evil tools in office. This country is corrupt and doomed beyond belief. ?

  13. I hope trump wins! Clinton will destroy this world

  14. Misty Ayla Misty Ayla says:

    I’m hoping for a miracle… somehow something happens to either of them or both and Bernie comes back into the race and wins ?

  15. pretty much, we’re so screwed!

  16.' zef rose says:

    Isn’t it interesting. Americans like neither Trump nor Clinton for President. People seemed to like Bernie Sanders. So why isn’t he a factor anymore? The people are supposed to be choosing the president, right? So why are our only choices unacceptable? The lesser of two evils? The evil of two lessers? Is anyone getting it yet? Well? Got a clue yet? WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT CHOOSE OUR PRESIDENT! We have not for many decades at least, and possibly never in the history of this country. Do you understand? There are no elections. It is a lie to make you think you have a choice. But isn’t it obvious by now that you have not choice? Do not vote. You’ll see, it doesn’t matter. Hillary Clinton will be “elected” president, and the status quo will be maintained. The drone bombings will continue, military spending will continue to escalate, the imperialist campaigns of conquest of other sovereign nations will continue, while the infrastructure here at home will continue to deteriorate, as the money is taken out of the social programs and the corporations gain more and more power, all in the name of “national security”, and we will remain on the end of Israel’s poodle leash. Do you get it yet? You can’t vote to change a corrupt voting system.

  17. Kate Skinner Kate Skinner says:

    Both are as bad as each other just trump has a bigger mouth

  18. Kate Skinner Kate Skinner says:

    It’s one of those we told you so moments why didn’t you listen to the facts

  19. I rate each of them a flat zero. We are in deep doodoo folks.

  20. If you gotta choose 1 i would go for trump over clinton shes in league with the devil

  21. Steve Elder Steve Elder says:

    Actually there are 3 candidates. Gary Johnson is a legitimate candidate that needs to be included in all future mention of candidates. My opinion.

  22. Sarah Hill Sarah Hill says:

    Should have voted for Bernie

  23. Tracy Bench Tracy Bench says:

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  24. Clinton has the big head and trump has the big mouth. Good illustration of them. Lol

  25. Olivia Siler Olivia Siler says:

    Because both don’t represent what we the people are

  26. John Wiede John Wiede says:

    no problem ! they’ll get used to them after a couple of years in office

  27. Not very good choices Hillary Clinton 2016

  28. You know they have been spouting this BS about Trump since the beginning. But, help me out here! If he garnered more votes than any other candidate in the history of the Republican Primary Process, doesn’t that make him the most popular Republican Candidate in history? Just asking.

  29. Gabe Torok Gabe Torok says:

    Bernie Saunders, people…why is he always ignored by the media? You Do have a favourable candidate, idiots!

  30. Well let’s see… Dixie Chicks got slammed during the Bush administration… Everybody slams Obama, nobody truly wants the present candidates. Where does that leave the American people? Delegate votes don’t make a difference, why does mine? #Allfuckedup,. #Damnshame

  31. Read a lot of post here…. This question needs an answer… How,can we free ourselves… Become unscrewed???

  32. Tessa Folly Tessa Folly says:

    both a disaster!

  33. Erik Albert Erik Albert says:

    If these two are all you can come up with as a society, you obviously don´t care about anything at all.

  34. Joy Joy Joy Joy says:

    That’s right – I don’t like either of them. This is like watching ‘Idocracy’ unfold.

  35. Susan Home Susan Home says:

    Does the ‘who’ of who is ‘president’ affect your life in any way? They will still scream ‘pay your fair share’ and slaughter innocents anyway. Until you say NO, instead of cooing ‘vote, hope, and pay your ‘fair share.’

  36. Just shows you the Elite pick our president (puppet) every time and voting is only to satisfy stupid people.

  37. Gabe Torok Gabe Torok says:

    It’s sad watching all you Americans following the lemming off the cliff. From previous comments by all you people, you will deserve what you get. Maybe then you’ll start becoming INFORMED!

  38. proof that democracy as we know it is garbage

  39. but UAS is supposed to be the bastion of ‘democracy”…..:)

  40. the world, not just ameindians

  41. Mary Koping Mary Koping says:

    If Independent put up good candidate they have the best chance of taking this… neither candidate is good definitely voting for lesser of two evil people .

  42. No surprise, Clinton is the wall street candidate and Trump is the rich guy who lies all the time. Both are very dismal choices.

  43. I’m voting for Bernie one way or the other. I don’t care if he’s on the ballot or not…..I’ll write it in. AND IT BETTER BE COUNTED!!!!!!!!! That way I can say I voted……..because Hillery or Trump are both bad decisions for this country….

  44. John Marotta John Marotta says:

    Why don’t you stop the shit lie everywhere I go I hear Trumps our man then there’s this 5 idiots out of 10,000 that want corruption to continue like it is so they find this Cess pool corruption gone wild bitch Hillery so they can keep corruption within grasp .These Are The Sickest of people .

  45. Out of 300 million apes in this country it’s strange that Hilary and trump is the best we can do.

  46. T.m. Twilley T.m. Twilley says:

    So vote Liberatarian for real change

  47. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Americans do like Trump.. Americans are getting sick and tired of the fkng media though…..

  48. these are two the worst candidates ever in this country elections history and should be very interesting to see come November.

  49. I’m an American and I like Clinton, so there!


  51. Well, one comitted treason the other never will!

  52. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali says:

    After making two best choices out of few why Americans are complaining – the choice is live with choices and wait for another five years

  53. Rety Bruce Rety Bruce says:

    How it is possible that the America’s 2 presidential candidates hopeful, in 2016 Elections have “legal” behavior that is not ethical, moral or just?

    Both Hil-LIAR-y and Dump are under investigation!

    Is this what America can offer for Presidents, 2 of the most un liked PPL with 60% UN FAVORABLE rate?

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