A World Within Worlds – the Elementals Living Among Us

Written by on July 6, 2014 in Reality's Edge, Spirits with 19 Comments

By Mai-Li

The picture that piqued my curiosity about energy light beings - taken near the base of Mt. Shasta.

The picture that piqued my curiosity about energy light beings – taken near the base of Mt. Shasta at around 1 p.m.

What would you say or do if you had an opportunity to peek on the other side of the veil – into a World within Worlds that exists side by side with our reality, but is not often visible to the human eye.  Some rare individuals can actually see a variety of energy life forms with their eyes.  I do not have that ability. Once in a while, yet not often, I will see glimmers of sparkling lights. Fortunately, I am able to capture light beings in my photographs more frequently.

About ten years ago, I experienced my first unusual paranormal encounter up in Mt. Shasta, California and I have had many more ever since.  It all started when I took some daytime pictures of some of the beautiful trees near the base of Mt. Shasta. After I downloaded the images to my computer, I saw energy light beings (see the photo above) and strange physical forms in some of my photographs that could not be explained away as a camera anomaly. That definitely piqued my curiosity, so I started taking more and more photos.  I am now very passionate about learning more about otherworldly light beings.  Below is a picture of me in Mount Shasta with two light beings:


A daylight picture of me taken by a friend of mine while I was taking the photo immediately below. I feel these were faeries.

In June 2014, I photographed a variety of nature elementals again up in Mt. Shasta.  I was not expecting to see anything other than energy beings that appear as balls of light.  (I was told not to refer to them as “orbs” and that they come from various multi-dimensional planetary systems.)  Luckily, I was able to photograph a few nature elementals in their physical forms. These nature elementals live among us on Earth at a frequency that is a bit higher than ours, so they are invisible to us.  They stay invisible to protect themselves and are here to help care for our planet.  See the images below:


Faeries flying by.


Original photograph. See red circle on lower left and expanded view below.

This is the the above photo zoomed in on the humanoid figure

This is the the above photo zoomed in to show a closeup of a little person.


Original photo.  See red circle in upper right, which is zoomed in below.


Profile of elf looking left with body below.

I am definitely not an expert on this subject matter. In fact, I used to be quite skeptical about this sort of stuff.  I had to see it to believe it.  Now that I do believe, it seems like the door to other worlds has been flung wide open for me so that I can continue to learn.

I have come to understand that there are a variety of elementals that are ALL light beings such as faeries, elves, devas, nymphs, pixies, leprechauns, brownies and many others that come in various shapes and sizes. Even our everyday domestic animals can be considered another form of elementals.  From time to time, I receive a message from the universe that I am supposed to share a bit of information with other.  I do not always know why I am to share, but am nudged to do so.  By obtaining these photographs as evidence, I feel I was given proof that elementals are actually real and not just mythical creatures.

Anyone is able to communicate and interact with energy light beings.  Before I start snapping photos, I respectively call out and ask them to show up in my pictures if they do not mind me sharing them.  I am sure that if you heard me talking out loud to what appears to be nothing, but empty air, you might think I am a bit quirky, weird, or missing a few marbles.  Nonetheless, I find it helps to ask them to appear.  They are highly sensitive to people’s intentions.

We are, at our essence, light beings who happen to have taken on physical form. I was told that in ancient times, humans used to lovingly interact and communicate telepathically as well as verbally with light beings and nature elementals.  Now, once again, the time has come for humans to extend the love and compassion to all beings of light and merge together our worlds instead of living in separate worlds.  As a step in that direction, I was asked to eliminate aggressions towards all living beings and stop eating animal flesh.

As we open our hearts and minds, these beings will begin to show themselves and communicate with us more.  Their world is very much blended with ours, so what we do to our world, positive or negative, affects them as well.  They also have lessons and issues to deal with – just as we do.  Some have the appearance of miniature humanoids.  As a matter of fact, they may not be miniature at all and only appear this way as a holographic image.

All in all, their wisdom and teachings are for us to remember and re-learn.  The message is quite simple: we are to take care of and be grateful for nature, as well as more loving to our world and ourselves.  It is important for us to embrace that message and to merge our world with theirs.

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19 Reader Comments

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  1. kenutrustme@wowway.com' Ken says:

    Pic one….100% lens flair pic two….LED from a camera or I-pod the bottom part just a rock there’s others in the same frame pic three and four….not sure what you think you see……smoke another one.

    • Starrynightsky81@gmail.com' Unity shines says:

      Well Ken , as long as you feel good about proving people wrong. It is all perception aND who are you or I to judge what someone else sees. Ever think maybe you just arnt gifted or open to seeing past black and white. It takes an open heart and creative soul . Don’t be so quick to judge please.

      • eprry2000@yahoo.com' Erica says:

        That’s so true. Just recently I’ve been able to see spirits. In all of those pictures there are so many spirits in each picture. Not just the one or two that were pointed out. If this didn’t personally happen to me I would be optimistic also. I think it’s a gift. I got sick and with all that I lost I was given this ability.

  2. junfi@aol.com' June says:

    Thank you for this article. There is much in my heart feelings about this subject, but thank you is all I need to say now.

  3. foodies@jaysuneatstaipei.com' Jaysun says:

    I enjoyed your article. It reminds me of a movie that I quite enjoyed called Photographing Fairies. If you haven’t seen it, I think that you would find it enjoyable.

  4. dankellam@hotmail.com' dan kellam says:

    for some reason you only get orbs, devas, or Electromagnetic life in the 4-12 mega pixel range, higher energy spots like old growth forests , or where there are large deposits or iron like sedona, or any spot that has large mineral deposits that hasn’t been heavily mined. water vapour is also tremendously conductive, clouds are often surprisingly full of life. what a camera registers in a certain range of light isn’t always lens flare.

  5. constantine88@web.de' Inga says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it.

  6. kimberlaykiernan333@gmail.com' Kimberlay Kiernan says:

    A “belief” can enable us to experience expanded awarenesses, dimensions, life. It can also prevent us from receiving data that does not support and reinforce it. By suspending “beliefs” we open self to re-cognizing our own connection with All-That-Is. We un-limit the potential of Creation. We are the microcosm that matches the macrocosm. We can choose to be unlimited or constrained by the walls we ourselves erect. We have a long sad history of creating or adopting beliefs in the name of cultural legacy, parental conditional love, peer acceptance, or under the duress of power seekers that inflict them on us to make us “conform or die”. Old energy. The central word in belief is “lie”.

  7. kimberlaykiernan333@gmail.com' Kimberlay Kiernan says:

    thank you Dan. Indeed. When we are willing to see the unseeable, it can then appear even to our limited physical visual capacity. There is a huge spectrum of light that is invisible to the naked human eye. It is the third eye that permits and accepts the light that technically cannot reach it. It is the third eye, the pineal gland, that opens when our level of consciousness rises and we begin to “awaken.” It truly IS a beautiful and wonderful world, once we begin to open to the unlimited possibility of “life”.

  8. mukhand.jeet@gmail.com' meg o'sullivan says:

    Always a delightful experience to see these beautiful images, opening what once was a childhood imagination of other beings now understanding and knowing they are part of our world.

  9. neddy126@yahoo.com' neddy says:

    Perfectly said. I was skeptical until I read this comment. Thank you.

  10. lovelight7111@gmail.com' China says:

    I believe <3

  11. alexis.kocsis@gmail.com' Alley says:

    If you look at the 2nd from last you will see on the top left corner in the trees you can see what appears to be male almost directly across from the female on the right side. Pretty cool pics thanks for sharing

    • mailihavas@gmail.com' Mai-Li says:

      Do you mean the very large face (transparent) next to the elf? I see an Asian or Indian face with very full lips. The eyeball appears bluish. Thank you for sharing this …:)

  12. mailihavas@gmail.com' Mai-Li says:

    THANK YOU “ALL” for taking an interest in this article and sharing your thoughts. I am Grateful!

  13. tepeiroberts@ymail.com' Maori says:

    Enjoyed reading your article. This is of no surprise to me at all as we have grown up listening to stories about these “litlle people” or “fairies”, in our culture they are called “patupaearehe” pronounced par-two-pie-are-rear-hair.

  14. You want to see forms of energy? Want to see the existence of another dimension within our own? Go to Peru or Mexico (or anywhere you can find it for that matter) and take ahyauasca my friend. You will also look at life differently. In a good way of course.

  15. Bayncj2@gmail.com' lewis says:

    What is this? This is real…taken of me years ago. If you have a idea…let me know

  16. jelm_68@yahoo.com.sg' Laura says:

    Hi there, I came across yr article as I am looking for an answer to some of my pictures that looked similar to yours.

    It would be great if I could show u 3-4 pictures of the weird light objects and let me have your thoughts.


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