Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Their Brains Are More Complex, Study Finds

Written by on October 2, 2016 in Sci-Tech, Science with 106 Comments


By Brianna Acuesta | True Activist

Women everywhere are rejoicing because science has proven what they have known all along: women need more sleep than men because their brains work more complexly.

It may not seem like too much more, but women on average need about 20 minutes more in bed every night to make up for the loads of extra processing they do. According to research, and as many women have likely already noticed, the brains in females tend to be wired to successfully juggle several tasks at one time while male brains suffer in this capacity. This is in no way a comprehensive description of all male versus female brains, but merely a conclusion of the average brain supported by research.

Professor Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University and author of Sleepfaring: A Journey Through The Science of Sleep, said,

“One of the major functions of sleep is to allow the brain to recover and repair itself. During deep sleep, the cortex — the part of the brain responsible for thought memory, language and so on – disengages from the senses and goes into recovery mode.”

The study in question involved 210 middle-aged men and women whose sleep patterns and daily schedules to determine cause and effect. Horne explained,

“The more of your brain you use during the day, the more of it that needs to recover and, consequently, the more sleep you need. Women tend to multi-task…and so they use more of their actual brain than men do. Because of that, their sleep need is greater. A man who has a complex job that involves a lot of decision-making and lateral thinking may also need more sleep than the average male — though probably still not as much as a woman.”

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Interestingly enough, the psychology of the average woman’s brain was also determined to be a significant marker in their quality of sleep as well. For women who were poor sleepers, psychological distress caused by hostility, depression, and anger were a major cause of restlessness, but these same symptoms were not reported by men who slept poorly.

Generally, the recommended amount of sleep people should be getting each night is 6-8 hours. Only each individual can determine what feels right for their body and mental well-being. Now that the issue of who needs more sleep has been put to bed, here are some tips for improving sleep quality:

  • Set a sleep routine. Your brain will start to recognize the routine and automatically start to relax when the routine has begun, making it easier to fall asleep.
  • Meditation and Yoga. Many people engage in the mindful and peaceful practice to help give their brains a much needed break and get oxygen flowing to the overactive brain.
  • Melatonin. Taking prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills can seem daunting, but taking natural melatonin pills is a gentle way to urge your body to let you sleep.

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  1. 10208526184462726@facebook.com' Angie Handy says:

    I don’t get enough!!

  2. Neeharika Pratapa Rahee P. Borulkar

  3. I can tell you it entirely situational male or female

  4. 9 hours from 8pm to 5am during the week

  5. 7 hours is ideal for me.

  6. 1418817101466222@facebook.com' Rhonda Lynn says:

    All of my life = 9-11 hours per night.

  7. Being a guy I simply can’t comprehend this. ?

  8. Josh Blaha, this explains a lot. Haha. I need more sleep than you.

  9. well that is super feministic propaganda… conscious life news uh? more like ridiculous life news… geez, dafug has happened with you?

  10. Carla Francesca u need sleep

  11. Ja må nok være noe sånt…..

  12. 1180373845353920@facebook.com' Tina Grom says:

    6-7 hours most nights

  13. Missing the ‘Y’ Chromosome adjustment. one page tax instructions or 100 pages of instructions. Sorry Girls.

  14. 1170863849627905@facebook.com' Angel Roy says:

    Rummana Pattinson Ackels

  15. Mark Rodríguez Swanson

  16. 10102489847797038@facebook.com' Darryl Wawa says:

    Kathleen Gardella

  17. 10154684432256414@facebook.com' Sara Om says:

    Gopi Gita Devi Dasi

  18. Also the reason we tend to be insomniacs 🙁

  19. that must be why I fall asleep on the couch most every night.

  20. aha, so that explains how they can breathe and ! talk

  21. Jesus Christ this page has gone to complete shit.

  22. Its like all things, the more complex a system becomes the more entropy it has (second law of thermodynamics) 🙂

  23. Sammi Shearing who’s thayt

  24. is it the same for a transgender hoe?

  25. You must be joking right?

  26. The nagging area is five times bigger ?

  27. John isip kasi ng isip. ?

  28. 10154738171514750@facebook.com' Jeff Wilson says:

    What a load of serious bullshit

  29. 1110195865727519@facebook.com' Rob Lindman says:

    In engineering, we learn that devices with the fewest moving parts perform better.

  30. 10153855878937155@facebook.com' Olivia Shy says:

    Tobias ‘Schwendi’ Schwendinger

  31. 569725903152691@facebook.com' Shelly Thorn says:

    10 would b perfect….i dnt hve that tho….im a rotten sleeper…

  32. Mhm, Paul! Told you so 😉

  33. 10210157810559436@facebook.com' Tahlia Brown says:

    Derek Oliver ❤️??

  34. That is not even remotely true. The more efficient things become, the less steps are required. Imagine you needed an idea, but the parts where at 10 different stops. Well the more efficient the brain is, the less amount of stops it needs to create that idea. So the more efficient your brain is, the less stops requires, which would save energy. When it comes to intelligence, its dependant on the individual, not sex, or race, or whatever else.

  35. Alessandra I havent read the full thing but I know that you neeed more sleep than I do xD

  36. 10208881761774504@facebook.com' Dani Wish says:

    Michael Shadford

  37. I would say I need at least 7-8 but consistently only get around 5 hrs a night which leaves me exhausted after a few weeks

  38. Rubbish. Watched science show on tv. Our brains adapt and adjust pathways as we develop more efficient ways to process thoughts. Also learn about meditation and higher brain states.
    Through learning deep meditation for 1-2 hours per day our brains become more efficient. Sleep can be reduced to 5-6. Its all about how long it takes your brain to reach deep sleep state. Longer sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean you will stay in deep sleep mode longer. Quite the opposite in fact. It takes you longer to get there and longer to leave. Deep meditation trains your brain to reach this state more efficiently and quicker.

  39. It takes time to line the squirrels up for the next knife fight,lol

  40. 300184250353964@facebook.com' Dev Kumar says:

    ? जैसा कहते है ऐसा करना सब कुछ बहुत अच्छा है और यह 100% सच है आप घर बैठे लाखो कमा सकते हो मगर पहले मेहनत ज़रूरी है। ? सपने पुरे होंगे और मन जो कहेगा वो करोगे जब पैसा होगा सब चीज़ ले सकते हो और राज कर सकते हो । ⚠कंपनी के बारे मैं ⚠ ?? Steps को Follow करो ?? कंपनी का नाम Champcash है। जो Android Application है। कंपनी का Head Office Haryana मैं है करनाल में इसके Director महेश वर्मा है जो Software Engineer हैं। ⚠Plan क्या है पढ़ना ज़रूरी है⚠ 1⃣. Play Store मैं जाकर Champcash Install करो और उसे Open करो। 2⃣. Sing Up with Champcash पर click करो और अपनी Details डाल दो। ?? 1. आपका नाम 2. आपकी जीमेल 3. आपका कोई भी पासवर्ड 4. आपकी बर्थडे डेट 5. आपका नंबर फिर आपको Process पर Click करना है। आपसे जब Sponsor ID मागे तो *3537573? डालना हैं। 3⃣. अब आपको Champcash कुछ Application Install के लिए देगा उन Apps को Install करनी है अपने फोन मैं जो भी आप। Application install करते हो उन्हे 2 से 3 मिनट तक open करना ज़रूरी है। 4⃣. जब आपका Challenge Complete हो जायेगा तो आप Free में Join कर पाओगे। 5⃣. आपको फिर 1 dollar मिलेगा मतलब 62₹ और आप हमारी कंपनी मैं active हो जाओगे । आपको अपनी Refer ID मिलेगी जिससे आप हजारो लाखो लोग join करके करोड़ो कमा सकते हो 100% ?ये बहुत ही बड़ा Business है जो समझ रहा है वही सफल हो रहा हैं । ⌛ मेहनत आपकी पहली सीढ़ी है अगर मेहनत की तो बहुत जल्दी ही चैम्पियन बन जाओगे याद रहे Sponsor ID ये डालो *?3537573 ???????? ???????? *Sponsor ID* *(3537573)* जब मागे id तो ये डालना है ??

  41. Pavam njn #Vipin Venugopal

  42. Joseph Kennedy 😉

  43. you need to sleep more pala Amira Janna Gayle Villanueva-Aquino

  44. 10208519185963769@facebook.com' Amber Ashe says:

    And we put up with way more shit.

  45. 10153812937686078@facebook.com' Monica Johan says:


  46. Fucking a not true I’m so tired of reading women are better than men bullshit.

  47. Interesting pattern, usually these days I read that the similarities between the two genders are overwhelming compared to the differences.

  48. 10154568556889910@facebook.com' Missl San says:

    Gclyde Ganther ???????okayyyyy

  49. 1270331169698478@facebook.com' Star Louise says:

    I need more sleep than my bf he works as a PT and sleeps at 12/1am n up at 7 !! I’m sleeping at 10 up at 7 but my job is more mental being a support worker whereas his is physical at a gym. So it makes sense 🙂

  50. I would probably agree but that newest take into consideration the lack of blood flow to that sophisticated mechanism does explain a lot of their crazy behaviors.

  51. No apologies needed we know they’re a complex species.

  52. 1150104418403126@facebook.com' Lucija Balja says:

    Bruno Meić Elo Pelo eto vam na ha ha

  53. Adayah Bradley check this out..

  54. 309585632751587@facebook.com' Don Rob says:

    That makes women,women!!!

  55. I need lots of sleep my brain was soooo tired, mentally drain, yesterday I sleep whole day and isn’t enough now I’m working whole day and it just Monday xdxd

  56. jeffhand409@yahoo.com' Jeff says:

    Puh-h-h-h-h-LEASE ! This post is total bs.

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