The Woman Who Could See Through Walls… and Souls


I have from time to time written about a most remarkable woman I once knew, whom I refer to as Jessica (not her real name). I also mentioned her in my TEDx talk in Hong Kong. In fact, of all the many extraordinary people I’ve met in my life, she is one of the two most remarkable, the other being mystic Leonard Jacobson.

I haven’t spent a lot of personal  time with Leonard, but I did have numerous dealings with Jessica over a period of two years, and in that time I got to know a great deal about her. Jessica is the inspiration for the theory of Integrated Intelligence (which is the subject of much of my teachings) because she embodied that intelligence more than any other person I have ever encountered. The following tale I take from my book Extraordinary Mind.

So, please allow me to backtrack a little . . .

It was not until I had turned 30 that I met a group of extraordinary people who would fully embody the idea of Integrated Intelligence. That was when I moved to New Zealand. I had been meeting with the Wellington branch of the Spiritual Group for several months before I met Jessica, who lived far to the north in Auckland. The morning I was to meet her (she was coming to visit our branch), I had a most disturbing image come into my mind while I was meditating. As I sat in silence, eyes closed, I suddenly experienced myself looking down, and ‘saw’ that my hands were covered in blood. It was a brief but graphic and horrifying vision.  What could such an image mean? I knew that there was a profound message in it, but possibly something I'd prefer not to know.

Later that day I went to meet with my Spiritual Group. Those of us who had never met Jessica were full of anticipation, but more than a little fear. For we knew that she was a woman of astute spiritual perception; and the entire process which underpinned the group was to permit the surfacing of the shadow side of the psyche. This was often a profoundly confronting experience, and required a degree of honesty and commitment to the truth that is difficult to appreciate. It was like being stripped bare before one’s peers. We all knew that there would be no keeping of personal secrets from Jessica that day.

I didn’t quite know what to expect, but when Jessica entered the room, I saw a tall, thin woman of middle age, who carried herself with an air of personal mastery, yet was gentle and child-like. After a while we all sat down on the wooden floor, and she introduced herself to everyone in the circle of about twenty people, one by one, sharing her intuitive feelings about each of us as she spoke. When she got round to me (I was sitting directly opposite her) she didn't even say hello. She just said, “I can see blood on your hands”. I was shocked, recalling the powerful meditation image from earlier that day. She said she’d speak to me later about what it meant.

During a break, she came up to me told me what the blood represented. I was told that it related to a personal ‘issue’ of mine (not literal blood, before the police are informed!).

Though this story appears in the Personal Prelude of my PhD thesis, and my book Integrated Intelligence, I didn’t write what Jessica told me, because in academic work there are some things which are taboo! As she spoke to me, Jessica looked at me, closed her eyes, then began to make quick movements with one hand, passing it across the other, employing a particular intuitive measurement system—what I call the Quick Check in Discover Your Soul Template.

“This blood represents the shame passed down from your great, great, great, great, great grandfather on your father’s side of the family. He contracted syphilis, and the shame of it left a deep scar on his psyche.”

The psychic energy of that event was then passed down through several generations of the family, till it reached me. After we had discussed this for some time, Jessica’s entire demeanor shifted abruptly. Her face became light, and she insisted that we dance and celebrate the consciousness that we had received; because for Jessica, truth was freedom. The sudden shift was a little disconcerting, but I soon realised not to expect the ‘normal’ from her.

That was a life-changing reading. I had always had major issues related to the expression of sexuality, and using Jessica’s guidance, I was able to begin to work through part of that (there are also multiple issues passed down through my mother’s side of the family).

Jessica was the originator of the Spiritual Group (not the actual name). She had begun to develop it about six years before I arrived on the scene; they already had a core team of committed spiritual seekers, and a well-developed process in hand. I can’t divulge too much here, but the purpose of the group was to help people assume responsibility for the lost parts of themselves, to heal their inner child and to begin to express their true power as human beings. Most people are controlled by their unconsciousness, and the dark (dense) consciousness fields which operate through them as a result of that unawareness. In this sense, “enlightenment” becomes the bringing to awareness of the shadow, and how these energy fields manipulate us through them.

The Spiritual Group was thus no New Age ‘Love ’n Light’ Centre, it was a hard-core gathering of people who were deeply committed to spiritual development. The programme was extremely confronting and demanding, and many people only lasted a short time before they left, or were asked to leave. People were regularly given ‘time out’ from the group when they reached a point where they could no longer process the information that they were being shown. This usually happened when they were exposed to the workings of their shadow, and their ego rejected what they were shown.

I was no exception, and had several periods out of the group when this happened to me. These were extremely difficult times, because the individual had to go away and use the tools to work on the energy that they were failing to assume responsibility for. What was not owned, got projected onto other group members. This became a huge problem. Because the group was working with consciousness at such a deep level, it was constantly being subjected to psychic attacks from negative influences. When people failed to assume responsibility for their shadow, the dark energy used them as a channel to attack other group members. If this sounds scary in theory, I can assure you that it is a hundred times worse in reality!

Needless to say, this all required a level of perception far beyond what most human beings on the planet are capable of at this time in our psycho-spiritual evolution. Yet the necessary clairvoyant and energy-reading skills can be learned, if one is willing to commit heart and soul to the process. The truth is, though, that it really did take an almost inhuman degree of self-discipline. In my case, I sometimes devoted up to eight hours a day doing the energy work, in my own time.

Jessica had cognitive skills that were simply out of this world. She could look at a person and discern whether they had an allergy or a physical problem, for example. She also knew immediately whether someone had a genuine intention to actually do the work required to participate in the group, regardless of what the person actually said, or believed themselves. And she did not need to be in the vicinity of a person to be able to read their energy. She quite literally could check up on anybody, anywhere, regardless of location.

At one time I was trying to work through a particular sticking point, and I was asked to deal with some dark energy that was emerging from my psyche. I went away and worked on it for a few weeks. However, it proved to be immensely difficult and beyond what I was able to handle at that time. I became desperately frustrated, as I began to realise that I just wasn’t able to deal with what was happening. One day, after having done eight hours of grueling self-work, I reached boiling point. I was full of blame and anger, and all I wanted to do was scream hate and rage at the world. That night I went to bed and had a vision. I was looking down into a black, tornado-like vortex of energy. At the bottom of the vortex a single flag was draped over the ground—the red, black and white flag of Nazi Germany. Then a somber male voice said, “Master of Destruction.” At a psychic level, I had assumed the energy of a Nazi.

That vision was all I needed to know to realise that I was really processing some frighteningly dark energy. I got up the next day feeling hopeless, and at about 9 a.m. the phone rang. I walked over and picked up the receiver with a heavy heart, knowing what was coming next. Sure enough it was Jessica. She said that she had been ‘observing’ me and that I had become a channel for dark energy, and this was severely affecting other group members. I would have to sit out indefinitely. This was a devastating failure for me, but one I had to experience. It was a test of spirit.

Though this may sound indifferent or cruel in a sense, these were the requirements of participation in consciousness evolution at that level. The bar was set, and you had to jump that high, or get off. (I did eventually manage to work through that issue, though, and returned to the group some months later).

Jessica wasn’t the only amazing person in the Spiritual Group. There were plenty of others, and all expressed their extraordinary abilities in different ways. Yet all of us were very human. There were times when people got things wrong, even Jessica. With the kind of confrontational work we did, buttons got pressed on a regular basis, so there was no shortage of issues to work through. I didn’t always agree with everything that went on. If I had run the group, I would have changed things a little, and made the process less confrontational. No doubt Jessica would have changed a few things too. But we are all wise in hindsight. With a slightly more gentle approach, we probably could have reduced the kinds of problems witnessed with the woman Lilly. Lilly didn’t get it, and became a destroyer. Then again, that was her choice. I could have become a destroyer, but chose to do the work required to work through the problem.

Yet it is clear to me at this point, fifteen years after Jessica disbanded the group and left New Zealand, that nothing can destroy the spiritual transformation that so many of us experienced there. We were witness to things that are yet to appear on the dominant map of reality of the modern Western world. And what a gift that was!

Perhaps the greatest gift that Jessica gave us was that many of the skills she possessed were passed on to those who worked with her, including me. I make no claim to be able to do all the things that she could at the same level, but I certainly learned to do many of them, and these abilities now express themselves through my particular cognitive aptitudes. I am able to use them to help others in my own role as a spiritual counselor and life path reader.

For a decade I didn’t dare teach these skills. To be honest, I was scared of them, because they do carry great power, and they can be abused. But I am now at a stage where I believe that it is right to begin to teach—but only with those who are prepared to do the work, and commit to spiritual evolution at a high enough level. My writing of the book Discover Your Soul Template was the first step.


photo marcus Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of the human mind, writer and spiritual adviser. His web site is His new book is Champion of the Soul.

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  1.' Jeff says:

    I love you people.

  2.' Chas says:

    What an intriguing story. This is the first time I have ran across you, or your work. I will have a closer look at the links you provided in your post. Thank you. “Our dreams disturb us because they refuse to pander to our fondest notions of ourselves. The closer one looks, the more they seem to insist upon a challenging proposition: You must live truthfully. Right now. And always. Few forces in life present, with an equal sense of inevitability, the bare-knuckle facts of who we are, and the demands of what we might become.” ~Marc Ian Barasch

  3.' bob says:

    I kept reading, hoping to hear about the disappearance of Jessica….And nothing…? I will check out your books tho. Thank you.

  4.' CJ says:

    I am sickened an appalled by the content of your article and that you are praising ,endorsing and calling.this method spiritual ! What you are doing is opening your mind body and soul to be taken over by demons and allowing yourself to be used as a puppet to recrute others into doing this also. You praise and are amazed at what this woman knows and you have allowed this person to manipulate you and to become yet another one of Satans followers ! Does this suprise you ? I suggest you seriously educate yourself on possesion and manipulation by demons . Do you honestly think this person cares about your welfare and salvation ..? Educate yourself and you might want to pick a new name : Look up the history on Marc Anthony in the biblical era ( not the singer!) and I am not stretching.the truth when I say he was.a truly HORRIFYING individual !!! And you calling yourself a “spiritual advisor is very misleading indeed! There is nothing spiritual about what you do !

  5.' Sorgfelt says:

    I am guessing where you are coming from, and, while on the one hand, I agree that caution is always necessary, I think you need to do some self-reflection yourself.

  6.' Sorgfelt says:

    My last comment was directed at the one mentioning demon possession, not the author of the article.

    To the author, Marcus, of the article, thank you for being honest, but something that I don’t understand is that you seem to be affected by your material ancestors of several generations ago. I have had several psychic and mystical experiences, including several out of body experiences, and came to know that I was a spirit, not a body, and it is only my own other lives that affect me, not those of my physical ancestors. So I am perplexed that one of your remote ancestors had such an effect on you, unless that remote ancestor was actually you. Could you elaborate on that?

    • All I can do us report my own understandings, Sorgfelt. We are embedded within complex layers of consciousness that are not limited by time and space. Another issue is that the term “clairvoyant” does not grant a person omniscience. Many clairvoyants, for example, have done little or no work on the emotional body, and are disconnected from parts of their psyches. In fact that dissociation can create some psychic experiences. Out of body experiences, for example, tend to stop once a person becomes more deeply connected to their emotional body. After I began inner child work, mine completely stopped, but I became far more aware of the multiple layers of the psyche, including how consciousness moves through space and time. We are all greatly affected by those we are emotionally and karmically connected to. Patterns of energy form, with their associated beliefs, motifs and dark/light properties, and they do not easily dissipate. Typically, physical death does it dissipate them, for example.

      BTW, I do not recommend my specific training experiences with Jessica to others. They are simply too confronting. While CJ above is wrong to believe that awareness of such things can lead to possession (in fact it’s prime function is to frees from darker energy structures), it does make life far more complex. It is not a comfortable ride by any means, and requires intense self-discipline, immense courage and absolutely brutal self-honesty.

  7.' Jay says:

    Greetings. I’m 31 and around 7yrs ago I started to awaken spiritually. Where I might lack in concetration or psychic powers, I believe that I’m more honest with myself than more people I come across. I don’t turn away or run from my dirt or darkness. But I need guidance. Because of that I’d be willing to ‘test’ myself and go through with the methods you experienced. Another reason I’m interested is that my inner child is blocking a lot of my energy… Do any of those groups operate in UK? ( Apologies for sounding blunt. This is not my 1st language)

    • Hi Jay. No need for any “psychic powers” to allow your spiritual journey to unfold! I suppose this article may have given the false impression that I advocate clairvoyance as the prime aspect of spiritual development. Actually I don’t. It’s more important to learn to be fully present in the body. And that’s also how you connect with the inner child. As you relax fully into the body, the emotional body begins to make itself known to you. It’s more complex than I can detail here. I’m not sure about what is going on in the UK – I’m based in Australia at present. But there are bound to be people working in related areas. I work online via Skype if you are interested (, while Leonard Jacobson has a whole heap of good stuff on Youtube and his web site, The key is to find a process that fits your particular journey. Most of us have some issues with the inner child, so that is a significant aspect of the journey for a large number of people.

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