Are You Witnessing Reality Shifts, Time Jumps, The Mandela Effect? If So, You’re NOT Alone! (Video)

According to Quantum Researcher Cynthia Sue Larson “Reality Shifts” are EVERYWHERE!

The Mandela EffectTen minutes before Hector from Chile, near Santiago actually drove to pick up his nephew who stood waiting nearby, the nephew phoned to say, “Uncle why did you just pass me on the street? I saw you and you drove by and didn’t even stop!”

Hector, somewhat amusingly said to his nephew, “Well you just got to see me and my truck time jump.”

Though it sounds like something out of a sequel of Back to the Future, it’s not. This is real life for Hector. He feels what is called Time Jumps happen to him all of the time.

This is just one story that quantum researcher and publisher of the website realityshifters.com Cynthia Sue Larson recently shared with me during our latest episode of Higher Journeys Radio.

“It looks like we’re reaching a tipping point of consciousness…I think there’s been a jump in awareness [about people] experiencing these things,” Cynthia revealed.

The bizarre and unpredictable nature of reality is a subject near and dear to Cynthia. Not just because she’s been fascinated by and collected hundreds of personal reports of what she calls Reality Shifts, but because she herself is an experiencer.

As much as the masses immerse themselves in what is considered a predictable and unchanging landscape of life, instances of time jumps, reality shifts and also what has now become popularly known as “The Mandela Effect,” remembering a different history than what is considered a historical fact, is fast becoming more of the norm.

I asked Cynthia whether the instances of reality anomalies were increasing vs. the amount of people taking notice of such “high strangeness.” Though she tends to feel it’s the latter, some feel that due to a planetary or frequency shift of energy, the proverbial veil between third dimensional reality and other dimensions is thinning, and therefore making these sorts of bizarre glitches in reality far more frequent. Admittedly, I tend to be in this camp.

Nonetheless, a shifting, plastic and more malleable reality is becoming the new normal.

Other accounts discussed in this episode include a woman from California who personally witnessed specific content from two books she owned disappear into thin air – I then relate my own story about how several days before the death of Sopranos star James Gandolfini, I saw a headline with his picture on a website that had announced his death!

The stories, just get stranger and stranger…

Is this the true nature of reality?

Check out my interview with Cynthia to hear more of this fascinating discussion!

Listen/Watch my last interview with Cynthia Sue Larson – Anomalies of Reality recorded in May of last year.

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