Winds of Adversity

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winds of adversityI've always felt that the shift in consciousness taking place could go essentially one of two ways: either enough people wake up quickly so that the Great Realignment could happen more smoothly; or else the matrix escalates the way it is, for a while, in which case, you drive the global situation into volatility. At this time, it looks like the second option: with escalating violence in the Middle East; the unpredictable Ukraine confrontation; increasingly chaotic climate change; and the inexorable growth of debt-fueled consumerism, it looks like the ‘mainstream' is sleep walking into darkness.

So for the ascending group, what shifts can we intuit are taking place and what can we do?

Our synthetic reality

In my perspective on reality, all of the darkening clouds currently descending upon humanity, are caused by one common denominator: unsustainable, catastrophic consumption, by the mainstream, on a global scale.

Why are these apparently diverse events, all a part of a connected sequence?

A synthetic reality is practically upon us – an almost complete over-ride of the natural harmony of life, which Gaia and Benevolence are now ‘fighting' to realign. The take-over has been so effective, you'd have to assume it was designed that way. And unfortunately, the majority have acquiesced to it. However it's no surprise when you consider the intricacies of it: Homo Sapiens is a hybrid being, specifically adapted for this system – that's why even when you're awake, there's still a dependency on it. That's why only a full evolution into a new form is going to suffice. Hence the new “Divinicus” work we feel compelled to bring forwards – the Rise of the Divine Human.

Global exploitation of the eco-systems cannot continue the way it is, without some major shift, some major ‘re-ordering'. The planet cannot sustain seven billion people living the way they are, which the-powers-that-be who control society know only too well. Right now, they're going into over-drive: increasing security and control; GMO and chemtrail geo-engineering; unsustainable energy plundering (like fracking for example); and high technology designed to exploit ever more.

The problem we're facing, is that not enough people are prepared to change the way they're living. Because of the ‘hybridised' conditioning, the majority are not yet ready to turn their backs on the corporate giants. Like for example, the food chain – particularly the meat and dairy industry – the number one culprit of global greenhouse gas emissions, larger than the sum of all others put together…

Yes, there's few that will tell you this very inconvenient truth. Even organisations such as Greenpeace shy away from it for fear of losing membership: the meat and dairy industry accounts for a whopping 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. Right now, the Amazon rainforest is losing the equivalent of three football pitches every minute (shocking isn't it!) – the primary reason to create grazing land for cattle.

This rampant, consumeristic beast that the unseen powers have created, is now running away with itself; the powers-that-be are struggling to control it. It would seem that newly contrived, ‘false-flag' situations are required to induce some new order, some ‘global economic reset'.

The Politics of Fear

So despite the inequity of the ‘have' and the ‘have-not', why isn't the mainstream changing fast enough?

What governs society – and the mainstream mindset – is the ‘Politics of Fear': create something to divide and distract, something to scare; such as the build up of the “ISIS” state sweeping across the Middle East – one which, it appears, was initially incubated by the West in Syria, by supporting the ‘rebels' there. And then we have the Ukraine: what would Russian separatists possibly have to gain by shooting down a passenger airliner? We've also seen the heart-rending situation in Gaza, with the young and innocent being pounded by high-tech weapons. Then you have civil war breaking out in other Middle Eastern countries – violence spilling over into western ‘democratised' states, like Libya for example. That's not to mention the very virulent African ebola outbreak, which seems to me, to have very coincidental timing.

These events may appear random, but you can sense that they're converging in a particular direction. In part, the energy field itself is unraveling and mirroring back the bottled-up, karmic density humanity contains within. But you can also sense there's an unseen degree of ‘orchestration' too: a building excuse to re-order and control; to break down the old system and introduce something new. In fact, in many ways, it's already upon us. The majority's very acquiescence to the blatant atrocities happening are indicative of that.

So what can we do?

Above all, we have to realise these events are merely the outward reflection of repressed inner consciousness – these darkening clouds would mostly all go away, if enough people took back personal sovereignty, consumed consciously, and stopped fueling the industrial military complex through unconscious behaviour. The trouble is, that the majority are so addicted to the system, it's all-too-easy to turn a blind eye, especially when constantly distracted by the day-to-day challenges of living in the matrix.

So the system is not going away any time soon; it is the outer reflection of that darkened karmic consciousness – the lack of personal responsibility and sovereignty; the absence of the constant conscious choice, which is escalating global conusmerism. And until the mainstream addresses this within, the system itself may change, but will only morph into something similar; the likelihood being through some ‘global economic reset', in order to write off the debt mountains and tighten austerity.

So what about those of us who are on the Spiritual Path, but as yet, are in the minority?
How can we work within this darkening situation?

Rise of the Divine Human

There's an approach I've considered in my new book DIVINICUS. It's a universal one, applied by spiritual beings in higher dimensions:

If you yearn to break energetic imbalance down,
but are at first over-powered by it,
be not afraid if it initially succeeds,
because control over-extends itself
and floors itself by its own ‘success'.

You don't blatantly oppose, that just simply sets up a fight mechanism. The more evolved way is not to comply. It is to engage, yes, but to use every opportunity to shine the higher light. It's your expanded consciousness that will have the greatest effect, engaging with the system, but rippling through it the higher truth. Over time, even the hardest heart can soften.

In a world of turbulent change, no matter how long it takes, ultimately, only those that evolve will thrive.

Reclaiming personal sovereignty

Whatever now takes place, even if the system morphs into something more controlling, it doesn't prevent us reclaiming individual sovereignty as beings of light. It doesn't prevent an approach of ‘non-compliance': choosing the foods that serve us best, living as consciously and compassionately as possible, consuming less, steadily turning away from the corporations, staying aligned with the natural flow.
There's also an influx of higher conscious souls. And the old world consciousness will be stripped away in time – over a period of decades.

The poisoned consciousness will ultimately be stripped from the Earth (again I explain how in the book), the balance of consciousness will steadily escalate. And as the old, fear-based ways are increasingly challenged by climate change and dwindling resources, the system will keep fragmenting and reordering, until it finally expires.

As the karmic shell shatters, it will provide an inordinate amount of mirrors – reflections of how we've lived and how out of balance the majority of humanity are. The mainstream's way of life is passively aggressive to all other life; it's been sanitised and neatly packaged as ‘acceptable exploitation'. Well in universal terms, it is not acceptable. That's why Realignment has to happen over time.

Looking into the Mirror

For someone being conscious through this process, there is nothing to fear. It appears to be turning darker. Let's be honest about that. Hiding one's head in clouds full of bliss does nothing to improve the situation down here. So let's be honest, then there's always a place to begin.

We can then look into the mirrors the matrix is providing as it crumbles over time. We can see the reflections of the collapsing biosphere and accept our own responsibility. We can ask for forgiveness and also forgive ourselves. We can increasingly make all our choices aligned and at-one with the divine – doing only those things that have a sense of rightness in the heart.

In short, even though the old world reality may be ending, you can still plant that metaphoric apple tree today. In so doing, you're making a statement about the longevity of your own soul.

So the times may be turning darker yes, but fear not, because a kite rises against the winds of adversity.

Finally, I felt to share this heart-warming video about the power of human compassion. It shows that when the ‘chips are down', some people really do rise up and demonstrate inordinate compassion for other sentient life.

This, is the forging of the soul. This, is the opportunity…

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  1.' bumpercrop says:

    Unfortunately, one of the problems is the reluctance of those who subscribe to New Age religion to become aware of those responsible for manipulating nature and natural law. There has been a concerted effort over the last 50 years in the New Age religion to avoid any discomforting information as “negative”. Anyone who is aware of “negative information” is seen as a pariah, and feeding into “negativity”. New Agers think they can just pray, meditate, affirm, and visualize, and an “outside force” will do all the work. Those who put themselves on the line and make efforts to confront evil, are seen as “negative” and “feeding into duality”. This BS needs to be called out for what it is, if we are to survive as a species. It is apathy and cowardice, and harkens back to the Messiah complex, that an outside off-planet savior will make everything work out OK, and one need do nothing to prevent global destruction. Now isn’t that precisely the attitude that the cabal would prefer for the masses? I am waiting for the Messiahs of the New Cage movement, people such as Depak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and all the other rich, New Cage gurus to come clean and tell the truth. This feel-good obsession with ascension in the midst of ongoing species annihilation, is beginning to look more pathetic everyday. Our species might go down, but at least we could have one last blast of golden truth burst forth amongst the lies and manipulations. Sophia Gaea herself has recorded every event in history, within her natural domain and knows the ones hell-bent on her destruction. Why not a global prayer for truth? Praying for the Palestinians is a beautiful idea, but why not a global prayer for isolating the evil force that is murdering these brave human beings? I would suggest that all who read this site, take a listen to Mark Passio, a true man, balanced both right and left brain, and has the guts to call out the BS, that permeates the cultural creative movement, those who weaned off the teat of Abrahamic religion, but were hi-jacked by those who would do us harm.

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