Which Types of Hair Extensions Are the Best?

The hair extension procedure is very popular today due to the development of the fashion industry. In the modern world, the fashion business does not promote only one actual style. On the contrary, the latest fashion tendencies urge not to be afraid of changes. It is possible to use and change any detail of your image, even your hairstyle, to express your current mood. So, if you have a bob hairstyle but sometimes want to become an owner of the long hair, you do not need to wait for the hair to grow back. There is a much faster solution for you Russian hair extensions.

Which Type of Hair Extensions Are Best?

Russian hair extension is the best option for European and American hair types. Chinese and Indian hair is too thick and hard; so, it does not suit every hair structure. Additionally, unlike Russian hair, other types are quite difficult to dye due to natural dark tone.

However, due to the popularity of hair extensions, it is often difficult to make a choice. Because of the large number of propositions on the market, there is a risk to receive a low-quality product. So, it is necessary to know what type of hair extension is the best.

The leader in the industry is Russian human hair. There are some reasons why this product is first-class:

  • Natural human hair. Russian hair extension implies the use of only 100% natural products. Hair delivery is regulated by special organizations in Russian Federation and Ukraine.  
  • Long lifetime. Due to the naturalness of Russian hair, it is known as durable. With proper care, it is possible to use the product for up to 1 year.  
  • Hair shine. Presented hair has an excellent healthy look. Moreover, its gloss is ensured by professional storage.  
  • A great diversity of shades and textures. The collection of Russian hair includes different colors (blonde, red, etc.) and textures (smooth, curly, etc.). 

Furthermore, Russian hair extension does not limit you in your self-expression. You are free to change your look according to your preferences. For example, you can dye and tone Russian hair and do hairstyles with a curling iron.