What’s Going to Happen To the Planet On September 28, 2015?

Source: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep

 Is the world going to be destroyed at the end of September? There’s been many dire predictions for that window of time. Ralph Smart talks about three of the predictions, what he thinks about them, and offers some practical advise.

Some people are saying that the world is going to be wiped out on September 23 due to an asteroid impact. See: Final Warning: Sept 23 2015 Asteroid Impact Apocalypse.Conspiracy Theorists Predict Catastrophe [Video]

Others are saying that the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 28 will trigger huge earthquakes that will destroy the planet. See: Rare ‘Blood Moon' event in TWO weeks ‘will bring huge earth-destroying earthquakes'

And yet others are predicting that cosmic energies called ‘WAVE X' will impact Earth (also around September 28) and upgrade our DNA, which will result in shift in global consciousness. See: Global Mass Ascension, September 28, 2015, As Wave-X Bombards The Earth!

When dealing with doomsday prophecies, let love guide you, not fear.

Wasn’t the world supposed to end in the year 2000 and again on December 21, 2012?

Is the world going to come to an end? Is there going to be a global mass ascension? Who knows?

What we do know is that people are awakening at supersonic speed, and the old control structures are breaking down. People are finding their true power. That is what is going to happen on September 28. It is already happening right now and will continue to happen.

Let love guide you, not fear.



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  1. 748518438626812@facebook.com' Iral Zetina says:

    is this like how the world was going to end in 2000 and in 2012

    • 989154187774754@facebook.com' Anthony Smith says:

      2000 was a fear computers and such would reset to double zero and technology was gona go on the fritz. 2012 was never meant to be the end of the world, it was the end of the 5th cycle of the Mayan long count calender, and the calender was due to reset. Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world, but they were very accurate with their calender, their winter and summer solstice windows are only a few minutes off to this day. Pretty neat 🙂

  2. 853569408064150@facebook.com' Jay McFly says:


  3. 872259582856744@facebook.com' Danny Young says:

    another great y2k….

  4. 10153063573508531@facebook.com' Jonathan Carson says:

    The Blood moon will mean the world will change – whenever one has happened. A shift in humanity or a big event occurs. Let love guide. Not fear. Also NASA would of alerted us about any Armageddon. Which naturally we hope doesn’t happen.

  5. 826420470811202@facebook.com' Chris Fareed Inambao says:

    Not this again…

  6. 10206425253462520@facebook.com' Steve Elder says:

    Let’s be clear…the only thing that will happen on September 28th is that another date will be floated for yet another doomsday.

  7. 849874361787422@facebook.com' Hamish Berryman says:

    wicked that will be the third end of the world ive survived

  8. 10207948218206208@facebook.com' Lorenzo Imbesi says:

    How can you have a new video every week when we all are not going to be here?

  9. 10200946584542667@facebook.com' Michael Cline says:

    There will be a Mudslide by 9:20 after several Cups of Coffee have been ingested in several parts of the World…

  10. 10153026221581861@facebook.com' Kim Dijkman says:


  11. 10207128767393950@facebook.com' Beng Po Ako says:

    2015 or 2105?

  12. 524066257759022@facebook.com' Kev Hill says:

    C’mon zombie apocalypse ?

  13. 830261070405962@facebook.com' Andy Cho says:

    same old same old prophesy so far none of the end time prophecy came true.. all wrong~ since you & i are still here lol

  14. 10153965241176754@facebook.com' Damo Cole says:

    Eventually they’ll be right ??????might take another couple of million years though

  15. 10205013305792708@facebook.com' Michelle Thomasula says:

    The Pope is returning from his trip to America on the 28th. Flying under the Blood moon with Mercury in Retrograde

  16. 10153550368988808@facebook.com' Christine Caron says:

    Grace Burwell

  17. 10206166328931947@facebook.com' Yiannis Ioannidis says:

    What the f@.k is this shit??… 😛

  18. 1034397616590732@facebook.com' Joanne Buffam says:

    I’ve survived so many of these events I’ve lost count! This is just a bunch of fear mongering rubbish! People who want attention. They need to get a life!!!

  19. 487292014781837@facebook.com' Gin Vega says:

    Nope. Nada

  20. 1001033546616292@facebook.com' Marilou Madera Slagle says:

    Not a darn thing. as usual. oh maybe an earthquake or volcano or hurricane, but they are not unusual.

  21. 10207728370555694@facebook.com' Rick Miller says:

    who will be around for 2105? Really? lmao

  22. 891461040902749@facebook.com' Lizzie McBear says:

    Fs…Sept 28th 2015…will mean to me that i will be a day older from the 27th sept……………….Yo

  23. 10153636882083669@facebook.com' Erik Wilson says:

    Dustin Standridge

  24. 10207725570607421@facebook.com' Drew Worley says:

    The same thing that will happen the day before and the day after…nothing.

  25. 1695992310631661@facebook.com' Nick Hantom says:

    Corrupted to hell.

  26. 10153651507096584@facebook.com' Karl Wolf says:

    Ya, finally Second Coming, too….keep camera battery fresh.

  27. 1018380208193706@facebook.com' Jesus A. Flores says:

    Nothing a day will come and go

  28. 10153499575245831@facebook.com' Cyndi Kaley Marshall says:

    NO … I booked my flight a day to late

  29. 1149834631711796@facebook.com' Malin Widin says:

    ??I’m going back to sleep

  30. 10205055929818157@facebook.com' Jerry Lawson says:

    To all who want to unload all their earthly possessions in advance of this event. I will take them for you. I will help you free yourselves of these material burdens.

  31. 743581832452387@facebook.com' Dee Harris says:

    School! Yesssss…

  32. 848062368648429@facebook.com' Jelusic Blanche Mia says:

    LOL It might be October 28th, November 28th, December 28th, 2016, 2017, who comes up with this bull !

  33. 10206294485833936@facebook.com' Julie Balazs says:

    I thought it was Sept 15???

  34. 10204663788056921@facebook.com' Paulette Shuffield says:

    I won’t be here..lol

  35. 897660826975160@facebook.com' Joan Wiersma says:

    Jmo. I think there’s too much fear based things being posted.

  36. 1481713895456377@facebook.com' Nicolae Tanase says:

    There is an interesting book about how the world was meant to end since year 1000 — Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

  37. 892788437424626@facebook.com' Regan Love says:

    2105??!! Don’t think any of us reading this need worry as we’ll all be long gone!

  38. 10208162569321884@facebook.com' Steven Van Der Moolen says:


  39. 1001556146572400@facebook.com' Sherry Hicks says:

    Wake me when September ends

  40. 515352625291955@facebook.com' JoeandKayleen Weverka says:

    Nothing will happen

  41. 898277616906159@facebook.com' WanderingHorse Ananda says:

    Dale Young Hicks

  42. 539087136242935@facebook.com' Marian Juskiw says:

    David Hanson here are some of the conspiracies

  43. 10152996235556470@facebook.com' Jello Leon Samson Nicdao says:

    The end of the Federal Reserve… I hope *crosses fingers*

  44. 10204970924258366@facebook.com' Shoyab Hattia says:


  45. 884643741584787@facebook.com' Adam Bamber says:

    Ralph “isn’t so” Smart. His predictions are wrong

  46. 539087136242935@facebook.com' Marian Juskiw says:

    They forgot to mention CERN…

  47. 812477772183451@facebook.com' Mario A Gallardo says:

    Opening of the IXXI Door (911 Door) , and Sept 23-28, 2015 The year of Lucifer :

    As with other major false flags of the 20th & 21st Centuries (September 11, 2001 – “9/11”), for example, the hidden controllers have embedded coded public notice of this false flag in subliminal messages in Illuminati cards, movies, TV, media, music, Bible Prophecy (Rapture), CERN demonic portals, ET invasion/false flag, killer asteroids, Georgia Guide stones depopulation to 500 million humans, One World Religion.

    Here are some examples of ” predictive programming , conditioning, 100th monkey effect, code of honor “, “MY term is black magic (MAG)” call it whatever you like. Besides the Illuminati cards, some of which explicitly refer to the “September 23, 2015” or a portal opening is embedded in numerous popular movies and TV shows [“Evan Almighty flood hoover dam ”; “Ghostbusters portal opens hell on earth”; “Knowing”; “Tomorrowland on the TV date 9/23 clock as well countdown’s to chaos at 100% certainty”; “Deep Impact 9/23 hidden on the wall of the underground bunker [Black President]”;”Left Behind”;”Gone Girl its on her journal”.

    ”Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”; Stargate portal opening,”The Number 23”; ], TV shows , “this is the end movie”. [“3rd Rock from the Sun the great meteor hitting in Sept”; “LOST system failure 922 plane crashes ’; “NCIS do they suspect answer is no on 9/23 phone’], toys [LEGO Dimensions (CERN)], sesame street with wolf blowing down house of cards, Music [Beyonce’; Miley Cyrus]

    500 Days” Until Climate Chaos (May 14, 2014 To September 23, 2015) “Climate Chaos” French Foreign Minister & John Kerry. fantastic 4 movie cern portal opening releasing doom, TV show returns portal opening, hell raiser movie portal opening , teenage mutant ninja turtles 9/23 on the bikes (across the universe) then portal opening also episode the “entity below” the red planet appear during a blood moon awaking the sleeping beasts.

    Little shop of horrors 9/23 opening scene, running man opening scene, gorillaz music video the ramp, sleepy hollow TV show, pixels movie PAC man blood moons and 23/9 high score, Jon Stewart retirement 9/23, house of cards TV show.

    Heroes Reborn trailer reveals that immediately after the rapture event, the persecution of the left behind saints will begin on September 24th. We hear the words “everything changes”, then September 24 is flashed on the screen, and then we see a rapture-like event, followed by persecution and torture. We also hear the words, “It’s coming, and when it does, everything changes.” This is yet another big warning that they are giving to the world of what is coming on September 24, 2015

    September 23, 2015: Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio meets with President Obama in White House. David Letterman’s “Grand Finale” points to 9/24 as the start of chaos .Madonna concert Sept 23 , 2012 gate opens heaven crashes down and opens the veil , DOOM the movie archeological team goes trough the star-gate, nephilim (Fallen angels )and nibiru (planet x) means those who came from heaven to earth And the crossing. The United Nations conference agenda 21 logo has 69 ( cancer is a symbol of crossing) with the USA flag .

    Isaac Newton’s September 23, 2015 prophecy; September 24, 2015- “100% PROBABILITY” of Asteroid ,the cover of “The Economist” for Jan. 2015. “Scream Queens” (first episode premiers September 22, 2015) depicts hell breaking loose as a Satan-like figure causes chaos and fear. There is also a beheading, showing the persecution of the left-behind saints that begins this September 2015. Dominion Season Finale – September 24 – “Day of Wrath” . Series “Flash” on the CW shows CERN- 9 months till the birth of “Metahumans” official trailer for the series, “Empire” depicts the return of Lucifer on September 23 with vengeance and meteorites hitting the earth.HBO Series “The Leftovers” shows Chaos begins September 24, 2015 ,Navatar ad shows chaos in 2015 a sign appears in the heavens, the earth is burning, asteroids, possible heaven scene, possible Nephilim returning, all-seeing eye, CERN, warning to prepare.
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis shows monster zombie invasion Sept 22-28.

    To finish the article click my name , I’m over 100 likes and shares.

  48. 1057171767628348@facebook.com' Nidia Balderas says:

    Desiree Alvarado Kassandra Alvarado

  49. 1034866536553956@facebook.com' Elizabeth White says:

    The only big world changing event is that people are waking up and will change the way our world is governed. We will kick out the corrupt governments, send the Rothschild’s packing and run things for the greater good of the human race. It’s already started.

  50. 10156088090790287@facebook.com' Megan Zentgraf says:

    Sally Stanford

  51. 10207571114706259@facebook.com' Arturo Ramos says:

    Silly rabbits

  52. 1212044762155638@facebook.com' Jeremy Pezzeca Sr. says:

    They love watching us share our thoughts and opinions over such pathetic bullshit, lol. This to them is equivalent to use sitting in front of the T.V, watching a good comedy.

  53. 10207001986426382@facebook.com' Patrick H. Martinez says:

    Note: Chicken Little is at it again, Matthew, 24: v 36, no know the time, of the End. Maybe Chicken Little; has inside infor.

  54. 10208131837672556@facebook.com' Caroline Rothacker says:

    I love Ralph…make me ? smile

  55. 1491933441125025@facebook.com' Laurie Lotito says:

    Kalah struble

  56. 10156056325925595@facebook.com' Steven Devlin says:

    Today is as good a day as any other to die, if you have being living in the moment

  57. 839469716149570@facebook.com' Gloria Smith says:

    Not again how many times can a world end. Another prediction

  58. 10205057120775388@facebook.com' PJ Abram says:


  59. 10205057120775388@facebook.com' PJ Abram says:

    On my birthday?!

  60. 1491627991132370@facebook.com' Bob Stanton says:

    Jeez , I hope not , way to much on my bucket list

  61. 10203576697058249@facebook.com' Ashley Denise Welden says:

    Stop lying

  62. 1161544063875052@facebook.com' Paul Braxton Hicks says:

    …I’m getting drunk and waking with a bad hangover… …or not.

  63. 10153627981278688@facebook.com' Andrea Ali says:

    I won’t be around in 2105

  64. 10207134566619163@facebook.com' Donna Wolfe says:

    Everyone eats lots of cake and no one gains a pound.

  65. 1028297780522592@facebook.com' Derek Pool says:

    It will be the end of the world for some and new births for many more. It happens every day…

  66. 10207278332187415@facebook.com' Laura Banker says:

    Carolyn Luthern ‘s birthday

  67. 887317787972752@facebook.com' Anna Eliceche Flores says:

    Carlos Flores Jr.

  68. 1626975137562419@facebook.com' Jenifer Mitchell says:

    We not the time nor the hour. the last time someone try to predict the end time what happened to him

  69. 450613938444246@facebook.com' James Mosher says:

    I hope it takes out the republicans

  70. 149974185337488@facebook.com' Kat Lopez says:

    one thing is certain is change and this bus is on a road with sociopaths at the wheel yet there are benevolent forces assisting and much much more. We are not alone and we have eachother. I personally think that it’s time for humanity to grow up and clean up. It’s evolution in real time. All eyes on Earth at this time.

  71. 899548963469469@facebook.com' Bahar Salimian says:


  72. 10153108760918016@facebook.com' Andrea Jachs says:

    Every day brings change. We need to accept that and if you are not happy with what happens day to day then try your best to change what you can. Wether there is a blood moon blue moon full moon tomorrow will come. Until then live each day

  73. 10203318961134445@facebook.com' Bob Gunn says:


  74. 523310317826277@facebook.com' Patricia Jonassen says:

    if it happens it happens ,what the f ck can we do about it

  75. 1626070434339302@facebook.com' Jason H. West says:

    We’ll all be killed! Lol

  76. 10153529926302400@facebook.com' Emma Marie Lennon says:

    Nothing, that’s what!

  77. 984557221564467@facebook.com' Cindy Aymonetty says:

    We can only wish this is true. I want the planet to survive even if it kills us. Plus im tired of paying bills….

  78. 742563259183412@facebook.com' Morris Albert Moran says:

    Only God knows!!!!!

  79. 1646912602259572@facebook.com' Bobby Bronson says:


  80. 10201269557297636@facebook.com' Skye Marks says:

    It’s ok, most of us won’t be alive in september 2105

  81. 1646912602259572@facebook.com' Bobby Bronson says:


  82. 994907080531563@facebook.com' Daniel Young says:

    I, the great seer and sage that I am, predict that nothing much will happen any different that day than any other day. But who knows. Nobody, really.

  83. 10206378238968005@facebook.com' Laurie Hayko says:

    I’ve survived these END OF THE WORLD THREATS since I can remember. YOULL ALL WAKE UP ON 9/29 as usual PROMISE

  84. 10152990768275755@facebook.com' Benn Nilsen says:

    Jake Nilsen this gonna be the craziest birthday ever

  85. 1069507823083465@facebook.com' Joshuahn Jackstonburg says:

    The world has meant to end 7 times in just my lifetime already ~

  86. 188493601482369@facebook.com' James Payne says:

    Not only will alerting us of impending doom cause histeria, but that would make it harder for the ones in control to get to saftey. This is a human farming experiment and you simply equate to energy to them that converts to work done that converts to a cushoned life for politicians and “leaders”. If you are not in the 1% then you don’t matter and your life is worthless to them. Even people who work for NASA, unless they are the decision makers, just follow protocol set by the invisible hand of the 1%ers. I tell you this though, they themselves will soon find out that they are not in controll! They are fabricating a doomsday to develope further control because the human mind is waking up and evolving, which threatens they’re domination.

  87. 10207474061547208@facebook.com' Will Williams says:


  88. 10206483507957994@facebook.com' Maureen O'Donnell says:

    One that will happen is I will be eating birthday cake.

  89. 932233506838419@facebook.com' Lisa Scott says:

    People have beenpredicting the end of the world….since forever.

  90. 10204957767805990@facebook.com' Bob Parr says:

    I am 71 years old and have survived at least a half dozen “end of the world”.

  91. 884646004952860@facebook.com' Ian Cremin says:

    Give me a call in October, let me know what the Next End of the World date is. I’m collecting them for my Bullshit scrapbook.

  92. 1635368453388176@facebook.com' Brian Koppenhaver says:

    Whats gonna happen .. not a damn thing!!

  93. Nic.champagne@gmail.com' Nicole champagne says:

    The title of the article shoes the wrong year
    Is it 2105 or 2015?

  94. 10153301124273541@facebook.com' Silvana Aparicio says:

    N0thing. L0l just like 2012

  95. 748814138581750@facebook.com' Arnaldo Kauffmann says:

    They wrote 2105!

  96. 10206567196251709@facebook.com' Juan Jose Rivera says:


  97. 10156140799510046@facebook.com' Andres Villa says:

    Back to the heart
    Love is always the answer not fear.. in the face of fears lets really face these so called fear with love in heart
    Transform our reality to a literal heaven
    Now is the time
    So many tools
    So many father/mother opened possibilities
    Love brothers!!!

  98. 10155983550295603@facebook.com' Karalyn Sladka says:

    The US is the only one worry about this. You always have some disaster waiting to happen and it never does. It just takes the focus off the real threat which is the mass poisoning going on via your food, water, medicine, air etc tec tec. Wake up and focus on what is really going to kill you.

  99. 10204995921079363@facebook.com' Rafael Reyes says:

    Can i get a helloooooo there

  100. 1490274677958476@facebook.com' Boni'ta Campbell says:

    No, we are getting the cosmic wake up call

  101. 10200854707727620@facebook.com' Laura Ramos says:


  102. 510426315792647@facebook.com' David Tansek says:

    ??? Realy??…

  103. 1694881430727360@facebook.com' Amy Harbor says:

    Either way whatever happens, people seriously do need to start waking up and stop letting the government control you and take away our rights ! We all need to contribute more to help others and our planet every single day. Everyone is so freaking busy with their heads in the phone and more concerned about how fb is adding a dislike button. To some this is the only thing in the world that matters. America is falling apart , other countries are as well. Everyone is at war with eachother and the media is brainwashing everyone to be racist ! So lets see just how much longer can we all really survive before we bring this world to an end. I bet the majority of people on here have no freaking clue whats been going on recently. After reading the comments its apparent that’s the truth .

    • 1012525028778849@facebook.com' Marian Lord-Bennett says:

      So how are you going to make a difference?

    • 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Llewellyn Love says:

      We are going to enlighten the entire World to the true magnificence of ”Love IS” This is, all that truly matters! Love & Light to all

    • 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Llewellyn Love says:

      Awakening of the masses is happening at a staggering rate now, everything is already in a state of complete change, the guides are here as pillars of loving light to all

  104. 1618770278391770@facebook.com' Shana Wyatt says:

    Who pays these public social media posts to conduct these disruptive experiments?

  105. 1135822176431118@facebook.com' Maria Theresa Rivera says:

    What are you doing? Am getting high

  106. 1618770278391770@facebook.com' Shana Wyatt says:

    We’re fucking doomed.
    It’s going to be horrific, because on that day, everybody will live.
    Just as its always been. ???

  107. 1468113036850970@facebook.com' Bradley Appelhans says:


  108. 1486686658324080@facebook.com' Ocop Baun Nida says:

    No onè can predict end of the world

  109. 10152708538587537@facebook.com' Ash Corinne Kelley says:

    Unsubscribed as of now

  110. 1676957472527517@facebook.com' Ralfh Decano says:

    why people like to say it is end of the world…? your sick

  111. 992362044154116@facebook.com' Caroline Perkins says:

    You know what’s going to happen on that day? Nothing.

  112. 957601090973568@facebook.com' Gilberto Chan says:

    Landrie Allegrini?

  113. 10206039685129030@facebook.com' Chantal Gerbaud says:

    That was a huge waste of my time.

  114. 907153559366001@facebook.com' Donna Mclain says:

    A bunch of bull

  115. 10153514737540944@facebook.com' Tom Northey says:

    Elizabeth Hajdu

  116. 719979524773943@facebook.com' Marlene Wheeler says:

    September 28 of 2015 means to me my Mom will be 81 years of age and has survived cancer for over a year now. And hope she lives many more year to come. Amen.

  117. 10206910988827810@facebook.com' Helen Sefsik says:

    Hummmmmmmm……Not very important to anyone alive today. 2105 is 90 years in the future.

  118. 1072703686085914@facebook.com' Kabir Man says:

    No i dont think so its a big joke.
    Its a kind of chater box

  119. 10204492369740264@facebook.com' Janine Monet says:


  120. 1671297233086536@facebook.com' Brenda Riggins says:

    You do known a thing just God know

  121. 977500428980055@facebook.com' Viktoria Filias says:

    Here we go again! We all gonna die BS all over again! Aren’t you fucking tiered to hyper up gullible neurasthenics? We had already 2012 , November 11 2011[11/11/11] and absolutely nothing ever happened! I think you’re experiencing some sick please mocking all this idiots who for some strange reason believe you.

  122. 877261115672359@facebook.com' Keith West says:

    Nothing? Same ‘prophecy’ in August 2013, by the way…

  123. 10207314918174687@facebook.com' Joseph Mcconnell says:

    If anything….mass arrests of our govt, bankers, Monsanto, etc.

  124. 10207314918174687@facebook.com' Joseph Mcconnell says:

    Trust that there is nothing to fear!!!

  125. 1502950006694120@facebook.com' Robert Kimes says:

    I’ll sea you on the 29th at Popeye’s

  126. 10207633318370374@facebook.com' Sarah Stein says:

    *grabs popcorn*

  127. 1222028957823212@facebook.com' Benefits Lolz says:

    Here we go again

    • 1694881430727360@facebook.com' Amy Harbor says:

      beautiful <3

    • 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Llewellyn Love says:

      Love & Light precious One 🙂

    • 1694881430727360@facebook.com' Amy Harbor says:

      Love and Light to you as well my friend 🙂

    • 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Llewellyn Love says:

      We are one, I see you as a sister now, I am your brother & you are on the right path, know this

    • 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Llewellyn Love says:

      Know I’m here & speak anytime! You hear 🙂

    • 1694881430727360@facebook.com' Amy Harbor says:

      I got the wake up call !!! I have struggled with not my belief of God but with the amount of energy I have put into praising him and loving myself. I am waking up from this corrupt world and trying to help others do the same.

    • 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Llewellyn Love says:

      True light angel girl! Most have walked that path, its for a reason, as without it, you would not be where you are now, not so? Indeed our intentions are the same, awaken the World! Save the World & make it the way it is meant to be & YES WE HAVE THE POWER, KNOW IT WITH YOUR EVERYTHING! Lately I have found so many soul family 🙂 wondrous & magnificent times are truly upon us

  128. 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Llewellyn Love says:

    That’s what resonates best with me, if it feels good, know it is so. At the rate of awakening of the empire taking place, limitlessness is truly a reality! Love & light precious Ones

  129. 941155209264286@facebook.com' Diego Aleman says:

    Everybody wants to be god n see the world how they want to see it.

  130. 1902022223355352@facebook.com' Gloria McLeod says:


  131. 10207683170776079@facebook.com' Dawn Cruickshank Kaasalainen says:

    Never fear – “He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved”. Psalm 104:5

  132. 1701837573383754@facebook.com' Joe Hernandez says:

    You Chicken Little’s are so f-ing boring

  133. 982690451753155@facebook.com' Christian Rafael says:


  134. 10153212301856985@facebook.com' Maria Inez Martinez says:

    Corri Jene ?

  135. 10206629944420697@facebook.com' Terri West Silvester says:

    *it’s spelled “advice”…

  136. 761168673995583@facebook.com' Surendra Aditan says:


  137. 10207563923118635@facebook.com' Yaz Zie says:

    -.- it’s going to be just another day on earth

  138. 10206129651973135@facebook.com' Ron Zrebski says:

    First it was the 15th, then the 23rd. Care to try for a date in October?

  139. 988491204548278@facebook.com' Jenette Theron says:

    HE done it all for me! I’m in HIM and HE in me. He overcome this world already!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus Christ!

  140. 10200940364347167@facebook.com' Kim Taylor says:

    Stacey Goff

  141. 10153351755973071@facebook.com' Monica Boulanger says:

    Well said

  142. 1153379291343343@facebook.com' Edward Hernandez says:

    We are not going to be destroyed on september 25.

  143. 774021049411178@facebook.com' Alan Smith says:

    At least wait till the 30th my birthday

  144. Anonymous says:

    People think the world will be destroyed this month? First time I’ve heard about this one.

  145. 10200940364387168@facebook.com' Michele Martin says:

    There are many biblical things to take place first. Read the book 15 days in September. Excellent book

  146. 415054348685043@facebook.com' Jo Ang says:

    Nothing is going to end people…don’t let fear drive you. Earth is a learning ground to help our souls evolve. The only thing that is going to end or needs to end is our egos. Yes, things are ever changing but that is part of life.

  147. 749138815214060@facebook.com' Mike Reed says:

    Tim Chipp

  148. 10107285322701724@facebook.com' Eustaki G Garcia says:

    Nothing, it will be just another monday.

  149. 915575851849095@facebook.com' Shawn Mcbride says:


  150. 10206315808288316@facebook.com' Mindy Thiel says:


  151. 10200975051136079@facebook.com' Jacci McIlroy says:

    Perfect song for the day before: “Do you remember, the 21st night of September..”.

  152. 963460123697583@facebook.com' Jason Smith says:

    Lisa Smith

  153. 10203573166528093@facebook.com' Dawn Parr says:

    Our anniversary!!

  154. 10205111844861122@facebook.com' Molly Rossmiller says:

    The world ‘dies’ every day as we know it and recreates itself every day as we know it…..prediction? yes of course

  155. 945187558888435@facebook.com' Krishna Tej says:

    Let it happen and let me die.. I will be very happy 😀 😀

  156. 10204756086157265@facebook.com' Hayley Dean says:

    I hope not !!
    That’s my birthday ?

  157. 10201024648095766@facebook.com' Joseph Rosario says:

    if this is true , good

  158. 10201024648095766@facebook.com' Joseph Rosario says:

    we as a human race deserve to wiped the fck off the planet

  159. 10201024648095766@facebook.com' Joseph Rosario says:

    the ignorance , the stupidity , the arrogance , the selfishness , the GREED . deserves to be destroyed .

  160. 980259642037094@facebook.com' Shiela Arellano says:

    Gary Mars

  161. 815194181931899@facebook.com' Brent Been says:

    What a fucking crock of shit.

  162. 1142567012423421@facebook.com' Mernie Whitted says:

    a new earth has begun…love will cover all

  163. 10207637267472638@facebook.com' Alexis Happi says:

    Daniel S Reynolds

  164. 10207972404096498@facebook.com' David Nora says:

    I am predicting absolutely nothing will happen on a global scale, we keep trying to predict a day of magic change instead of being the change…

  165. 1270615179631422@facebook.com' Theresa Hanna says:


  166. 694533200683121@facebook.com' Syed Affandi Fandi says:

    Lynn Underwood

  167. 694533200683121@facebook.com' Syed Affandi Fandi says:

    Jasreen Underwood

  168. 10152993562137352@facebook.com' Fredrik Kongstein says:

    Edgar cayce only mention that east and west coast USA will perish. Earthquake in the West and East maybe struck by la Palma when it erupts some time in the future.

  169. 1497727897192904@facebook.com' Lynne M Thomas says:

    Don’t spout rubbish

  170. 10204921760065588@facebook.com' Stefan Sierra says:


  171. 490730747755387@facebook.com' Sonii Limbu says:

    Gurung Pritika

  172. 887461837990316@facebook.com' Twon Jack says:

    Who gives a shit we all go die one day until then enjoy wtf

  173. 835033516604926@facebook.com' Vortex Quantum Universe says:

    Conscious Life News We making this extra! Becouse you don´t help Just for your Fantasy Ma.Na.

  174. 10206580550464444@facebook.com' Maxentius Caesar says:

    i have survive er… 3 End of the World.. and i cant survive the latest. not a meteor shot but Idiot shot

  175. 10207158948959668@facebook.com' Philip Kotze says:

    2105 wow, pretty sure if I ain’t dead by then, I will be too old to care

  176. 10153257310439735@facebook.com' Mark W. Mitchell says:


  177. 969397176459467@facebook.com' Edgardo Cabos says:

    its safe to say its not the end of the world trust THE Lord GOD

  178. 1903575856533611@facebook.com' Amber Ramsey says:

    I am going to get some good shit for my birthday

  179. 1169790813036362@facebook.com' Jocel Banagua says:

    i will die virgin 🙁

  180. 1145473958800749@facebook.com' Em Cee says:

    i’ll just meditate . ??

  181. Joymwells@Hotmail.com' Joy says:

    Out of all the prophecies in English here just out of curiosity if you had to guess, which one do you think is the most likely to be true just humor me. Also if the world was ending I would hope that I could get my hands on you just want because you are so fine

  182. 937379596340908@facebook.com' Daniel Parker Richardson says:

    It’s been nearly 3 years since the world ended in 2012! The world will really end when our sun dies, oh well I’ll be long gone

  183. 910164722352652@facebook.com' Charlene Mc Dillon says:

    Scary 2 hear all this,But our Father is with us

  184. 1689938474571595@facebook.com' Selena Tamati says:

    Things happen everyday

  185. 717103145092407@facebook.com' Chaithanya G says:

    let’s enjoy the dream 🙂

  186. 10207494983038326@facebook.com' Sue Lyall-Watson says:

    Beautiful soul,xx

  187. 10203766837531760@facebook.com' Terrie Bankhead says:

    But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father

  188. 512273325603105@facebook.com' William Sage says:

    A new dawn, a new day, a new thought, a new process, a new way from a very old school.

  189. 966702413387108@facebook.com' Catherine Aset Cosmosa says:

    waaaaake me uuuup wheeen september eeeeends ! ! !

  190. 966702413387108@facebook.com' Catherine Aset Cosmosa says:


  191. 10207574485500482@facebook.com' Elena Scire says:

    So Sorry! I don’t have anything to unload! I am infinite higher self, Spiritual Christ Consciousness to become oneness higher frequency energy vibration shift to shine my unconditional love up so below and off I go!!

  192. 10207701079867913@facebook.com' SooriaKumar Madhavan says:

    Paul Chodas, manager of Nasa’s Near-Earth Object office, said: “There is no scientific basis – not one shred of evidence – that an asteroid or any other celestial object will impact Earth on those dates. “That’s the rumor that has gone viral – now here are the facts,” it said in a press release entitled ‘NASA: There is No Asteroid Threatening Earth’.
    “If there were any object large enough to do that type of destruction in September, we would have seen something of it by now.”

  193. 10207701079867913@facebook.com' SooriaKumar Madhavan says:

    https://www.nasa.gov/jpl/nasa-there-is-no-asteroid-threatening-earth NASA: There is No Asteroid Threatening Earth
    Numerous recent blogs and web postings are erroneously claiming that an asteroid will impact Earth, sometime between Sept. 15 and 28, 2015. On one of those dates, as rumors go, there will be an impact — “evidently” near Puerto Rico — causing wanton destruction to the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States and Mexico, as well as Central and South America.

    That’s the rumor that has gone viral — now here are the facts.

    “There is no scientific basis — not one shred of evidence — that an asteroid or any other celestial object will impact Earth on those dates,” said Paul Chodas, manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

    In fact, NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations Program says there have been no asteroids or comets observed that would impact Earth anytime in the foreseeable future. All known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids have less than a 0.01% chance of impacting Earth in the next 100 years.

  194. 10205001954316368@facebook.com' Alun Buffry says:

    what again?

  195. 10207701079867913@facebook.com' SooriaKumar Madhavan says:

    NASA: All known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids have less than a 0.01% chance of impacting Earth in the next 100 years.

  196. 966332646746398@facebook.com' Tin Villamero says:

    I would just have to look up always.

  197. 1412691052327740@facebook.com' Universal Unity says:

    If the world was truly going to end or have any other devastations for the masses then the plethora of beings from all over our galaxy would not be tuning in to celebrate our achievements in this ascension process. Predictions in the negative manner are boiled to stir emotion and fear, we have the free will to buy into it, or move with grace and love as the masters did and create our reality the way we truly desire. This is how profound we are~you either give in to fear and those that support it, or you become the master you are and create your reality any way you desire. We are holographic, and what we do here counts. These end of world issues are 3D old world energy, I know, I choose, I am new 5th D vibe~and so it is! https://universalunity.ca Joanna L. Ross Intuitive Visionary, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth

  198. 1056813317697297@facebook.com' Jacob Ndung'u says:

    2105 or 2015?//

  199. 10206223197073059@facebook.com' Neil Carolan says:

    September 28th… The ultimate Monday

  200. 1264057957067913@facebook.com' Anoop Chakravarty says:

    Some scientists and astrologers spread fear in common by their misleading verdicts. Calm down sis n bros, nothing negetive is going to happen on earth. You all are creations of only one almighty, he is always there. We all have to do only one thing and that is to follow nature’s rules. Rest leave on him.

  201. 10207900737382184@facebook.com' Troy Brito says:


  202. 10206983467256381@facebook.com' Paul Ham says:

    Nothing whatsoever. Nothing will happen.

  203. 1679914258896069@facebook.com' Kassidy Bernard says:

    Mariah Bernard……

  204. 973164492747645@facebook.com' Debbie Buxton says:

    2105 thats miles away

  205. 893536050693630@facebook.com' Akanksha Dagore says:

    Then should I study for my physics test or not?

  206. 1501832723466511@facebook.com' Mike McIntyre says:

    Something makes me think you like to shop!

  207. 10153324666353768@facebook.com' Rachille Nabua says:

    Thats my bithday!

  208. 520746254767630@facebook.com' Jan Gupta says:


  209. 523310317826277@facebook.com' Patricia Jonassen says:

    Ja Right

  210. 1638983613045178@facebook.com' Marife Tugonon Anasco says:

    Only God knows

  211. 909108939157953@facebook.com' Billy Clarkson says:

    Good grief!

  212. 10204968945526764@facebook.com' Stephanie Derejko Paetsch says:

    LOL – here we go again – worry about crap – and even if it happens this is totally out of our control. What a joke!

  213. 1172996946049340@facebook.com' Saif Deeps says:

    no one knows

  214. 957191074320208@facebook.com' Eddie Kokars says:

    Again ?

  215. 1709826269238467@facebook.com' Raymona Davis says:

    It’s September 23rd you fools, and if nothing happens after that date, then fuck this shit.

  216. 10153616142564935@facebook.com' Beata Giggle says:

    I thought it was the 27th?

  217. 498744703640481@facebook.com' Toshiya Tsunoda says:

    Heh, funny

  218. 871763316276407@facebook.com' Jim Lund says:

    “Let Love guide you, not fear.” Well said.

  219. 1021457814565758@facebook.com' Jodelyn Baaclo says:

    Only our Lord know this

  220. 950407181669631@facebook.com' Slim Mouton-Francis says:

    Roxanne Williams

  221. 10204875917726396@facebook.com' Jeremy Phillips says:

    Nothing is going to happen they’re idiocy is really getting both old and annoying. Everyone remember Y2K? Need I say more?

  222. 10156040300565464@facebook.com' Sutherland Dave says:

    Ancient Cree prophecy: when a star falls from the sky, the sun will leave us and the rich man will beg at the poor hunters door, dogs and crows will be fed on, babies will cry all through the night, and rivers will flow with broken villages. Fire will not keep us warm.

  223. 10203394738908183@facebook.com' Abel D. J. Vries says:

    At least we will not be alive. 2105 is way beyond our life span! Lol.
    I know I konw! It should have been 2015.

  224. 10153683423167053@facebook.com' Sandip Banerjee says:

    Ooh My GOD, it will be bright and sunny here in n Bangalore, India

  225. 859852860750189@facebook.com' Raja Muhammad Abu Bakar says:

    Yeah Yeah, Who gives a FUCK :p

  226. 10207741955045796@facebook.com' Tom Steele says:

    The start of the newest new world order! Dummies haha

  227. 10153073944036603@facebook.com' Art Frantz says:

    Lol nobody knows what will happen, the world will not end though.

  228. 724966644274339@facebook.com' Irene Roe says:

    its in GODS hands not ralph!!!!!

  229. 10207741955045796@facebook.com' Tom Steele says:

    Or maybe i finally get this ‘wake up’ that everyone is pressurising me in to. How many times do i have to tell em! I cant even open my eye yet. And theyve taken everything. Maybe i get my life back 23 v’s 32

  230. 10153073944036603@facebook.com' Art Frantz says:

    Lol but if the world does end… At least it will be my day off of work

  231. 887430094626894@facebook.com' Suzanne Schuurman says:


  232. 10153683608337053@facebook.com' Marymson Williams says:

    With everything the humans have done to the world,don’t wait for it to let you know it’s coming to an end,it will end when it gets tired of you without a warning. Boom?

  233. 10154357751589947@facebook.com' Debbie Bradley says:

    My sister Caroline Starkey will enjoy her birthday….✌️

  234. 10156041079400223@facebook.com' Ksenia Jag says:

    Oh puhlease! It as supposed to end in 2001, then in Dec. 2012. Having said that, we humans are destroying our own habitat at an alarming rate, so we don’t need astroids to do it for us, unfortunately.

  235. 859037304145757@facebook.com' Christina Derejko Kolanko says:

    Well then I should have waited to get my plumbing fixed for a leak under my slab and saved the $$ to get buried wth. Hehehe!

  236. 538320749677538@facebook.com' Angela Dijos Alvarez says:

    Chris is his what u were talking about

  237. 587559434715597@facebook.com' Rob Toma says:

    2 1 0 5 party over out of time
    So tonight I’m gonna party like its September 2105… Lol
    Prince is behind this rumor inorder to promote a remake of his 1999 hit.. lol

  238. 10153886291773455@facebook.com' Bryan W. Wilson says:

    im eating bacon that day so do not disturb me

  239. shanidshanu123@gmail.com' shanidshanu says:

    it is possible but also impossible………………………………….let us face it………………………………………………………ready………………..

    • shanidshanu123@gmail.com' shanidshanu says:

      it is possible but also impossible………………………………….let us face it………………………………………………………ready………………..

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