What to Expect From Your Everyday Expectations

The greatest thing I have ever learned in my life (dare I say, remembered…) is that everything is energy. And with that knowledge that SO awesomely is pretty main stream these days; we also know that nothing is truly solid. Matter only appears unmoving and compact, but on a molecular level we are now fully aware that the majority of our composition, of everything’s composition is pure, cosmic, universal energy.

The realms

We have so many different ways to get this energy moving in all of the realms, planes, etc. that reside within our 3 dimensional world of existence we call “Earth”; (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric) and many methods of transporting this energy in motion…

In the physical realm we could get up off our chair and talk a way outside. Our muscles, blood vessels, and even the air around our bodies would be methods of transportation. We could simply observe birds in a tree. Our optical nerves and eyes would be the vehicles for the energy in this case. This is manifesting and moving energy in the physical world.

In the mental realm we could start planning tomorrow’s schedule on our mind’s mental chalkboard, and in this case our thoughts and intentions are the vehicles. We could think about someone we love and think amazing thoughts about a speedy recovery for a neighbor down the street. Again our thoughts, but also our virtues of love and compassion become the containers here. This is manifesting and moving energy in the mental world.

In the emotional realm obviously our feelings are the transporters and how we react to them would be the release or containment of that particular energy. We could shout at someone getting on our nerves or we could choose to be patient; either way we are moving energy. And this is manifesting in the emotional realm.

In the spiritual realm our magnetic heart space energy would be at play here. This is the good stuff that when you move it, it moves you right back in all the right places. There’s no wrong way to connect to it when in your heart space, in fact that is the only way you can. That doesn’t mean this energy is not heavy and dark at times for that is often where our greatest growth and lessons leading to the light reside. This is manifesting and moving energy in the spiritual realm.

In the etheric realm of the aura field, this is where energy tends to “hang out” if we aren’t actively moving it in the other worlds of our very own human existence. This is why it’s very important to regularly clear your aura (simple aura sweep) and to always brush your aura after an energy healing session to move any residual energy hanging around.

So, what does moving energy have to do with our expectations? Much more than you might imagine. I wanted to set the groundwork for you to imagine all of the different ways you are putting yourself out there to the world each and every day and all the millions of different ways that you can manifest in any given moment. All of the realms are giving you clues to how well you are managing your life and perhaps the simplest one to use to check in with yourself is to ask, “Am I happy?” If you are, you shouldn’t have to ask that question, but let’s play along here.

If you can honestly say you are happy then there’s an awesome chance that your expectation level is on par with how much you are willing to contribute to your OWN happiness! TA-DA! Isn’t that crazy how that works? 🙂

We sometimes take for granted those around us whether it be family, friends, new friends, colleagues, partners, spouses, kids, etc. Over time, we seem to have this idea in our heads of who they are and what to expect from them on a daily basis. If they show up a little differently one day, we might tend to get uncomfortable and judge them (hopefully that’s not the case, but hey it happens). We might try to mold them into something WE want them to be, rather than just letting them be. And lastly, we might presume we stand at a certain point in their lives, but it's always wise to check and make sure that point wasn't self-appointed to avoid any hurt feelings later on.

Expectations can be healthy when they come to holding yourself accountable for going after something you want. They can also be healthy when certain boundaries have been set among people and all parties lie in agreement. They can all expect of one another to honor the agreement.

But what about when there is no agreement and we put expectations on people anyway? I truly believe that set expectations that are not talked about are the number one causes of misunderstandings in all relationships. If you expect someone else to do something for you simply because of a story you are telling yourself in your head (mental realm manifestation lol), then you cannot get upset and offended when they tell you “no”. Well, you can get offended all you want, but we all know that doesn’t make it right, right?

In this case, you can expect people to question your motives, push back, and explain their stance and take on the situation. From there, it's on you if you want to respect their reaction and understand where it came from, or if you want to ignore it. Each choice tells it's own story, but luckily free will allows each party their own perceptions.

I think too often social conditioning has us believing that things have to be “this way” or “that way” and fit nicely into a certain box or it gets tossed out. I have always lived my life another way and people either love or hate that about me. I am the type of person where if you put an expectation onto me, where it’s something that is not honoring yourself, I most definitely will push back and challenge you to handle it yourself. Most would not see the love in that lesson, but a few special friends of mine have and continue to walk this journey with me. 🙂

Regardless, I am guilty of having my own expectations. I expect the best from people. But not for them to give ME their best, but rather to give THEMSELVES their best! I’m too busy giving myself MY best; I don’t have time to take offense to words or actions I may have misunderstood. I am just seeing levels of awareness and growth now in people instead of “rudeness” and if the fire gets too hot I simply love from afar instead. And man, how peaceful my world has become…

I EXPECT you all to have an amazing weekend! 😉 Much love… XOXO


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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  1. 10154270289619119@facebook.com' Edward Salaz says:

    Just Play….Eric Eric Hesse

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree one’s heart and understanding is certainly different among the world and languages especially here 🙁

  3. 10206695449842757@facebook.com' Stacey Blais says:


  4. 1204757132873793@facebook.com' Pamela Wade says:

    So true.

  5. 925503330832346@facebook.com' Cheryl Lynn Gibbs Bowen says:

    Expectation is also the root of all great achievements 🙂

  6. 885893601508519@facebook.com' Shah Saud says:

    Expectations is the main root n any platform but someone can use that for wrong decision sooo

  7. 10208624617799128@facebook.com' Michelle Topazz says:

    If u put the constraint of expectation (rather than the freedom of intention) on anything expect that dissapointment will result

  8. 10153839920037650@facebook.com' Inês Flôr Plancta Franco says:

    Rafael Zamith Pereira

  9. 10208110502703595@facebook.com' Carmela Mae Clanor says:

    Marineth Hondrade Leyesa

  10. 1242533479107085@facebook.com' Gan Lee Chian says:
  11. 1242533479107085@facebook.com' Gan Lee Chian says:
  12. 1242533479107085@facebook.com' Gan Lee Chian says:
  13. 10208017076963337@facebook.com' Steven Michael Marlowe says:


  14. 10201368953022832@facebook.com' Kennedy de la Pena says:

    You gotta have some expectations of people if your interested in developing a satisfying relationship

  15. 138538019849490@facebook.com' Aisha Alhakim says:

    Sometimes, great expectation Lead to great disappointment ?

  16. 10154160277687796@facebook.com' Wendy Koh says:

    Jenny Wong

  17. 10201242013530468@facebook.com' Barbara Cooper says:

    Oh no it’s not

  18. 1504350783227805@facebook.com' Sathya Kumari says:

    perfectly said

  19. 1036334856431055@facebook.com' Linda Guerrero says:

    Expectations of other people across resentment!

  20. 131333006984626@facebook.com' The Baby The Mother and The Goddess says:

    and not knowing the value of the word “no.”

  21. 10207946154836126@facebook.com' Angela Pannell says:

    Don’t expect – anticipate.

  22. 10154400236229746@facebook.com' Mary LeCleir says:

    Florence Kirby does this mean you are not going to get the ziploc bags bahahahah

  23. 157354094626843@facebook.com' Florence Kirby says:

    you r very intuitive

  24. 10153308040653603@facebook.com' Corrine Edwards says:

    Expectations are pre meditated resentments.

  25. 781059598689226@facebook.com' Charlie Friend says:

    You need to have expectations if your in a relationship. My . Belief is if you dont you cant grow in love or trust etc.

  26. 10207101480367310@facebook.com' Jennifer Clayton says:

    Daniel Wilson

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