What Is Your Soul Urge Number — And How Does It Drives Your Desire in Life

Am I right in thinking that this year has brought everyone to a difficult and unclear whole new level? Whatever goals you had for this month have most likely changed radically, vanished, or left you wondering and thinking what should be your next desire?

Hear me out. Your name is the key to a mysterious number known as your heart’s genuine desire number.

If you’ve been looking for a way forward, have not much motivation, or are simply weary of experiencing as if something is lacking in your life, you’ve come to the perfect place. Perhaps, to calculate and interpret soul urge number, a numerologist may be able to assist you.

Understanding the Core of Your Soul Urge Number

Have you ever tried making a wish at 11:11? Or even check on your phone and see a number sign? We, like every number, have our unique vibrational frequency.

But what does a Soul Urge Number mean?

A Soul Urge Number is also derived as a Heart’s Desire Number, which exposes your deepest wishes as well as your fate. Your numerology uses this Soul Urge to extract important information from your numerology chart. Aside from that, we all have a Life Path Number, which helps us understand our path better, a Destiny Number, which enables you to find your special abilities, and other number signs you could use in numerology reading.

Why Is It Useful To Know One’s Soul Urge?

When you calculate your Soul Urge Number, you would not only discover your life meaning, but you’ll also gain a greater grasp of your validity. Every number has a different interpretation, whether you belong in Soul Urge Number 3 or Soul Urge Number 6. Below are some benefits you need to consider when discovering your number.

1.    It motivates you to achieve your personal goals

With that being said, your life path will begin to make sense, and you’ll be overtaken by strength and tenacity. Each person has a unique Heart’s Desire Number that helps them figure out who they are and what their life’s purpose is. Your Soul urge reveals your sole objective, giving you deep strength.

2.    Allows you to work with narrow decision-making

Discovering your Heart’s Desire Number allows you to work with your heart and Soul instead of simplifying your mind. As such, it increases your enthusiasm, courage, and capacity to make decisions. With a sense of purpose in life, you may take a stronger stance and make more informed judgments.

3.    Gives Spiritual guidance

Internal guidance and aim can be quite beneficial in providing one’s life meaning spiritually. Aside from that, this Heart’s Desire Number calculation reflects what truly motivates you in such emotional and spiritual aspects, as well as the goals you’re drawn to. And it can also help you determine what you’re meant to do if you’re lost.

Figure Out What Your Soul Urge Number Is

The Soul Urge is part of a complex combination of numbers that includes your date of birth, expression, and personality. And so, here are ways you can calculate your Heart’s Desire Number.

Soul Urge Calculator

You can figure out your Heart’s Desire Number on your own. However, it is better to get expert assistance from a numerologist to ensure that you receive accurate information and learn how to check your reading correctly. A Soul Urge Calculator available may help you to find out what it would be.

Calculate it yourself with a chart or manually

You can calculate your Soul Urge Number by determining the letters in a full name. To manually find, remove all consonants from your name and utilize the values supplied from each vowel that remains.

Take note that the vowels in such letters are used to reveal your beliefs. And consider an aspect in determining whether you belong in Soul Urge number 1, Soul Urge number 2, or until Soul urge number 22.

The number of each vowel is shown in the table: A = 1, E = 5, I = 9, O = 6, and U = 3. Next, add the values for the vowels in your name once you have them. Then lastly, reduce the number to a single digit if it is a two-digit number other than 11 or 22.

Aside from the seven vowels, Y is sometimes used as a vowel in some names. As a result, the number 7 is allocated to Y when it is a vowel. To determine whether you should utilize the letter Y to find your soul number, look for it before a vowel and another vowel sound.

Take Your Numerology to the Next Level

Finally, you can learn more about yourself by looking into what numerology has to say about you. A numerologist will assist you in rediscovering your magic so that you may make a difference and live to its fullest.

Got yours now? Know your desire and believe in yourself that you can manage any situation. Continue to show yourself how capable you are.

Interpreting your Soul needs means that you will be the master in your world. After all, what a relief it would be to know that you can completely trust your own intuition and that insecurity will no longer hold you back.