Welcome To The New Normal: The Dow Crashes Another 390 Points And Wal-Mart Closes 269 Stores

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walmart closes stores

By Michael Snyder | Activist Post

Did you know that 15 trillion dollars of global stock market wealth has been wiped out since last June?  The worldwide financial crisis that began in the middle of last year is starting to spin wildly out of control.  On Friday, the Dow plunged another 390 points, and it is now down a total of 1,437 points since the beginning of this calendar year.  Never before in U.S. history have stocks ever started a year this badly.  The same thing can be said in Europe, where stocks have now officially entered bear market territory.

As I discussed yesterday, the economic slowdown and financial unraveling that we are witnessing are truly global in scope.  Banks are failing all over the continent, and I expect major European banks to start making some huge headlines not too long from now.  And of course let us not forget about China.  On Friday the Shanghai Composite declined another 3.6 percent, and overall it is now down more than 20 percent from its December high.  Much of this chaos has been driven by the continuing crash of the price of oil.  As I write this article, it has dipped below 30 dollars a barrel, and many of the big banks are projecting that it still has much further to fall.

The other night, Barack Obama got up in front of the American people and proclaimed that anyone that was saying that the economy was not recovering was peddling fiction.  Well, if the U.S. economy is doing so great, then why in the world has Wal-Mart decided to shut down 269 stores?…

Walmart (WMT) will close 269 stores around the world in a strategic move to focus more on its supercenters and e-commerce business, the company said Friday.

The closures include 154 U.S. locations, encompassing Walmart’s entire fleet of 102 ‘Express’ format stores, its smallest stores that have been in pilot testing since 2011. Some supercenters, Sam’s Club locations and Neighborhood Markets will also close, plus 115 stores in Latin American markets. The closures were decided based on financial performance and how well the locations fit with Walmart’s broader strategy, says Greg Hitt, a company spokesman.

We have grown accustomed to other major retailers shutting down stores, but this is Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart doesn’t retreat.  For decades, Wal-Mart has been on a relentless march forward.  They have been an unstoppable juggernaut that has expanded extremely aggressively and that has ruthlessly crushed the competition.

I was absolutely stunned when I saw that they were going to close down 269 stores.  If you want to know if your local store is in danger, you can view the full list right here.

Overall, 10,000 Wal-Mart employees will be affected.  I could understand closing down a few underperforming stores, but if the U.S. economy truly is in great shape then it wouldn’t make any sense at all to shut down hundreds of stores.

What in the name of Sam Walton is going on out there?

The truth, of course, is that the U.S. economy is in great danger.  We have now entered the next great crisis, but most communities around the country never even recovered from the last one.  In fact, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a whopping 93 percent of all counties in the United States “have failed to fully recover” from the last recession…

More than six years after the economic expansion began, 93% of counties in the U.S. have failed to fully recover from the blow they suffered during the recession.

Nationwide, 214 counties, or 7% of 3,069, had recovered last year to prerecession levels on four indicators: total employment, the unemployment rate, size of the economy and home values, a study from the National Association of Counties released Tuesday found.

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting to watch.  The economic fundamentals continue to deteriorate, and the financial markets are finally starting to catch up with economic reality.

As the collapse on Wall Street accelerates, we are going to increasingly see panic selling and forced liquidations.  In the past, it was mostly humans that had their hands on the controls during market crashes, but today the machines are making more of the decisions than ever before.  The following comes from CNBC

The new market age is decidedly different: Rather than that seething cacophony, aggressive corrections like the current ones are directed by a faceless metronome of computer-generated orders, triggering irresistible momentum and trillions in losses.

Amid it all, market veterans are left to ponder when the script will flip and market direction will turn not by newfound optimism among traders in the pits, but rather by algorithms that generate “buy” rather than “sell” signals.

It feels like sell program after sell program,” said Michael Cohn, chief market strategist at Atlantis Asset Management, a boutique firm in New York. “It seems to happen first thing in the morning, and then however the market transpires during the day is how they close it. If it looks like it’s coming back, they’ll take it at the end. If if looks like it’s heading lower, they’ll slam it at the end of the day.”

Earlier today, an article authored by Michael Pento entitled “A recession worse than 2008 is coming” was posted on CNBC.  Here is a short excerpt…

But a recession has occurred in the U.S. about every five years, on average, since the end of WWII; and it has been seven years since the last one — we are overdue.

Most importantly, the average market drop during the peak to trough of the last 6 recessions has been 37 percent. That would take the S&P 500 down to 1,300; if this next recession were to be just of the average variety.

But this one will be worse.

If stocks do drop a total of 37 percent, that would just bring them back to levels that would be considered “normal” or “average” by historical standards.  There is certainly the possibility that they could fall much farther than that.

And of course the markets are so incredibly fragile at this point that any sort of a “trigger event” could cause a collapse of epic proportions.

All it is going to take is a major disaster or emergency of some sort.

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51 Reader Comments

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  1. 1068225196545732@facebook.com' Sobe Livin says:

    Yes! The economy is an illusion if Americans and the world believe that our economy is getting stronger…boy are they in for a big surprise. Dont believe the lies research and find the truth.

  2. 1068483829842891@facebook.com' Nathan Dunning says:

    Sorry but normal is a thing of the past.The US dollar is being killed off by Obamas crew,the Pope,the Poms and the UN.Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER. They’ve moved to Implimentation stage.Well infront of shcedual.2030 is looking more like 2020. RESIST THE NEW WORLD ORDER 🙂

  3. 1015292671870526@facebook.com' Abby Dobbs says:

    Yadda yadda yadda…

  4. 10207002131965657@facebook.com' Les Cottle says:

    No big deal….just take it back from the corrupt corporate leaches…

  5. 10153866370847497@facebook.com' Madeline Rogers says:

    What debt and to whom do we owe it . They just print as much as they like.

  6. 10153866370847497@facebook.com' Madeline Rogers says:

    We are just slaves . They are controlling us with false debt. They control and print what they want. Everyone is now aware. The dollar men got to greedy. Bye bye dollar. Hello freedom .

  7. 865255813582089@facebook.com' Dinah Briggs says:

    What about their food stamps, greed, more, more and more, nerver enough

  8. 150832248625872@facebook.com' Ricky Salgado Aceves says:

    Ok so if people sell the stock they pocket the money.. So the big corp looses but the middle class wins right.. So why all the fuss

  9. 10207936158706841@facebook.com' Elaine Fosque says:


  10. 10153367524968785@facebook.com' Juliette Banks says:

    stop fear mongering!!!

  11. 1006032719459310@facebook.com' Eruk'Ra Llewellyn says:

    Crash & burn YES <3

  12. 10153746655114734@facebook.com' Fahdi Moore says:

    Josetta Smith

  13. 10153237573168763@facebook.com' Benjamin Jason LaMora says:

    All numbers in a computer the elite move as pleased… You’re all stupid if you think this isn’t on purpose… 1% own the world… They manipulate it and watch the Sheeple dance… Everyone FOOLED to think the numbers on their cell phone bank account app are who they are… It’s all smoke screens… Slaves

  14. 10208179960637932@facebook.com' Rolant Jones says:

    The entire market is an illusion, fir it does not matter if the stocks are doing well or, alternatively badly!.. another form of control.. another way to create wealth for the rich, then take money from the masses! Money is there only to control you and, the stock market is another tool in which to do the same!..

  15. 1530255593931437@facebook.com' Carleone Hogan says:

    The next plan is about 2 take places,ur money wont mean shit,get ur guns,gold n silver.or start ur own army.get ready

  16. 10153885207422733@facebook.com' Ronnit Shanny says:

    I don’t think anyone needs reminding that the stock market is not an illusion. Have you forgotten what happened in 1929? Reasons may be different. I ‘m not interested in seeing people committing suicide after losing their investments.Some people’s portfolios are designed to actually benefit one’s family members (in terms of inheritance). Perhaps to some, it seems abstract, even to myself, but I know first hand how many people’s lives are going to be affected by this.

    • 1051602661527224@facebook.com' Naïma Abaâkil Maurice says:

      Unfortunately you are right. This crisis will be the worst. Analyst warned governments for years now. Money will have less value, this is why many people start buying gold and silver for the last months.

  17. 1556257088032380@facebook.com' Brent Maurice says:

    “The old order is rapidly fading”

  18. 113715278987408@facebook.com' Jeremiah Jennings says:

    If a Republican were President, people would be screaming how it’s the fault of the President…since Obama is on office…*insert cricket sounds here*

  19. 10153710282745861@facebook.com' Curt Eskridge says:

    Most of the closing Walmarts are Walmart Express locations. It’s a failed concept of smaller Walmarts.

  20. 1024163604322559@facebook.com' Vonda Kay Iqbal says:

    Walmart is not closing. They are building new ones and moving out of the old ones.

    • 10153082371867647@facebook.com' Mitchell Bram says:

      You’re absolutely right. I just checked. However, they’re re-facing may from what they see as writing on the wall.

    • 1105262092831920@facebook.com' Daniel Buchanan says:

      They’re also laying off 10,000 U.S. based employees and 16,000 worldwide (not mentioned in this article but it is in most others). So, not exactly a lateral move for Wal-Mart or any of those laid-off workers.

      Also, just because they claim they plan to open “as many as 405 stores” this year is no guarantee they’ll hit that target, or that they really even intend to. Especially if the markets stay where they are – the ripple effects are already being felt throughout the supply chain. It’s being spun as just another strategic business move but it reeks of desperation.

  21. 10153649384586708@facebook.com' Pamela Boyd says:

    Oh boohoo! Now, maybe, in their place, some smaller locally owned and operated businesses can FLORISH! Yay!

  22. 182502215424786@facebook.com' Michael Kowalewski says:

    Good. I feel bad for the people who worked there, but it’s time to go back to small family owned stores. I hope they are forced to close all of their locations. Then small businesses can take their place…

  23. 10153602110616672@facebook.com' Bob Wert says:

    And yet the left media buffers this administration and democrats from this terrible economic news.

    Thank you for letting your readers know.

  24. 10208062889751225@facebook.com' SB Stolley says:

    Well, the unemployed workers will probably make out better on assistance…………

  25. 10207282733653831@facebook.com' Dan Joseph says:

    As the price of oil falls and falls so will everything else
    80 % of the world’s economy is directly tied to oil
    Things will get worse and worse
    Stay tuned

  26. 10156024604865504@facebook.com' Innesa Burrola says:

    Leonel Burrola

  27. 1509604056007239@facebook.com' Jacki Bates says:

    They are closing 29 walmarts here in Missouri.

  28. 1046362165374071@facebook.com' Jared Ó Súilleabháin says:

    its a holographic theater.

  29. 1680842562161366@facebook.com' Michael Hale says:

    if you keep pumping out bullshit this is what you get and the socalled poor have nothing to lose ha ha

  30. 795418173937927@facebook.com' Alicia Hall-Kuntz says:

    They’ve been monopolizing for years n.getting by with it….they sucked everyone in by selling “made in the USA “. Those days are long gone ?

  31. 10205441770992034@facebook.com' Monique Yvette Wafford says:

    Thats a whole lot of walmart’s- they are not losing any business as far as I can see, lines still long…..but they will need warehouse’s to hold people, food and water hostage…… Very interesting

  32. 1092514967428226@facebook.com' Jeff Kay says:

    its all by the design of the top 1%

  33. 1479406425694589@facebook.com' Audrey Anne Gotts says:

    Strange It Wasn’t Mentioned. Lol

  34. 10153082371867647@facebook.com' Mitchell Bram says:

    THEY ARE CLOSING STORES – BUT IT MAY NOT BE WHAT THEY ARE IMPLYING ABOVE … https://news.walmart.com/news-archive/2016/01/15/walmart-continues-sharpened-focus-on-portfolio-management

  35. 169349983430746@facebook.com' Carla Doha says:

    Philip Bannor

    • 10208541665924189@facebook.com' Philip Bannor says:

      Why is Walmart closing 269 stores? ‘Cos they’re fucking greedy – most of their employees need food stamps just to survive on the ‘wages’ Walmart pays them. But just check how much the owners are worth and how much their shareholders earn…. 🙁

  36. 1123136087713767@facebook.com' Ivan A Hernandez says:

    Rene Vela Jr.

  37. 167182616983041@facebook.com' John King says:

    I sense that most will become military stations.

  38. 1501017143552052@facebook.com' Vanessa Novak says:

    Maybe people are shopping local!

  39. 10207567477364235@facebook.com' Brian Bartholomew says:

    I have my own theory on what has happened. In 93 Nafta gave the corps a big surge as they took advantage of slave labor overseas. The US trade surplus plunged to a trade deficit in about 1 year. Check the long history of the dow, S&P. Suddenly its flat lining again and investors are sqwacking, ‘my money just sits there’. Our problem is corporations have a board that is responsible for to their stock holders to keep making money. Its the same problem with union reps have to their union members. How to fix the problem?

  40. 943196532441740@facebook.com' Elizabeth Escher says:

    The world will be better without WalMart. That store has killed the retail centers of many a small town. Now people can concentrate in developing local economies, in their own communities, where it counts… not in importing cheap goods made by workers working at slave wages.

  41. 470185079819312@facebook.com' David Middlemiss says:

    We Are Thankful As We Are Care Takers Of These Wonderful Treasures
    Let Care Open Our Hearts To The Beauty Of Each Jewel,
    Yet We Covet Not, Or As A Snowflake It May Melt,
    Although The Beauty Will Not End
    But More Vibrant It Becomes When Greeted And Passed Forward, Heart To Heart With Ultimate Grace, Gratitude,
    That All Now Shine And In, And Through The Light Do Thrive/Grow
    Empowerfully Glorified The Innocence Of All In Complete FREE LOVE

    We In This Moment Dissolve, Transform And Overwrite All Prior Unhealthy, Unfair Agreements, Associations, Interactions,
    That All May Create As, To, For Through, Ultimate GOOD Progression For All and Everything
    We In This Moment Dissolve, Transform And Overwrite, All Unhealthy Co Dependent Agreements, Relationships We FREE All Beings To Play And Interplay AsUnlimited Ultimate Good
    This Creation Is Protected To Be FREE Eternally In The Wish Of FREEing All, Thank You Thank You Thank You

    Ubuntu Or Super Symbiosis
    The Honest Non Judgemental Ascertainment And Celebration Of All GOOD, ALL Organisms, All Consciousness And The FREE Sharing Of All GOOD For True, Honest, GOOD Progression, Healing FREE Unity, Healed Unified Freeing Of All Good Potentials To Play And Interplay, Heal, Creation, Heal Healers And Create/Co Create All Empowerfully, Selflessly Perpetuating, Selflessly Sufficient, Multidimensionally, Energetically Enhancing All And Everything With Limitless Multi Frequency Gratitudinous Familial Grace, Love, Respect, Fun Reverence
    Happy New Present Moment

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