Virtual Reality Tech Lets You ‘Teleport’ Back in Time


By Jeanna Bryner | Live Science

The feeling you got when you first saw your newborn’s face. That glorious moment when the entire family was laughing over dinner. The epiphany you had when you reached the peak of your favorite mountain. If only you could travel back and experience those instances again.

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A group of engineers is hoping to do just that with a virtual reality (VR) system that lets you take 3D videos with your phone and an accompanying virtual reality headset that lets you experience those memories again, whenever you want.

“Family started the idea,” said Justin Lucas, one of the technology’s creators. “Viewing 2D videos is how we look back at past moments. We wanted to create a more immersed feeling when viewing those favorite past moments.” [Best Apps for Virtual Reality Newbies]

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And they wanted to do it on the cheap.

“We wanted to create something affordable that anyone with a smartphone can use,” said Lucas, adding that current technology to take 3D videos and then experience them through VR already exists. However, that existing technology costs thousands of dollars, he told Live Science.

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Called Teleport, the new system includes an aluminum 3D camera with two lenses, each of which acts like one of your eyes to capture the images from a slightly different perspective. Like your brain, the camera then combines these two views into a 3D picture.