Video of Muslim Schoolgirl Explaining Islamophobia Goes Viral

Posted by on December 21, 2015 in World with 82 Comments

Video Source: Kenton School

A Muslim schoolgirl who was labeled a terrorist after the Paris attacks has spoken out against Islamophobia in a school assembly. Footage of the speech has been viewed thousands of times online.

Isra Mohammed, 15, gave the inspiring school assembly speech after her seven-year-old sister was blamed for last month’s atrocities in France.

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She delivered the five-minute speech explaining the true values of Islam to all 1,900 pupils and 340 staff at Kenton School, Newcastle.

The talented speaker, who is studying for her GCSEs, told her classmates she and her siblings had been bullied for being Muslim since the Paris attacks.

People come to me telling me that because I am a Muslim, I am a terrorist.

I have a seven-year-old sister who came home from school crying, when I asked why, she said people in school were blaming her for the Paris attacks, she said that she didn’t want to go back.

I have a brother in year seven, he got bullied as people were telling him your religion is killing people.

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Isra, who aspires to be a doctor like her father, said people who carry out anti-Muslim hate crimes are doing exactly what Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) wants them to do.

[IS] has one goal. They want countries like ours to reject Muslims.

They’ll be ecstatic and happy to hear that since the events that took place in Paris, France, Muslims have reportedly been threatened and attacked in the UK, America, Australia and all around the world.

This evil organization have in their minds, if they can get Muslims [to be] the enemy of the West, then Muslims in France, the UK, America and Australia will have nowhere to turn, but to [IS].”

Isra said anyone using social media to spread hate is “helping ISIS.”
English and media studies teacher Jessica Griffiths told the Independent the school is “incredibly proud of [Isra].”

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She has inspired so many people, we are just incredibly proud of her.

I helped her a little bit, and her family helped but the majority came from her. She put the work in, she rehearsed it and she spent hours preparing it and she delivered it absolutely brilliantly,” she added.

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82 Reader Comments

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  1.' Sara Mckee says:

    Who gives a fkg sh!t I don’t feel for you.

    •' Trisha Harley McCarthy says:

      Real nice.

    •' Conscious Life News says:

      Sara Keep the comments clean please!

    •' Grazina Wolfe says:

      We have to listen to everyone. Remember we have to listen not with only minds but our hearts. Hate only will bring more hate.Darkness can’t cease darkness, only light can cease darkness.

    •' Kristi Rogers says:

      What is wrong with you? You don’t give F*&#?! That kind of ignorant negative lack of heart is part of the reason this world is the way it is. What if noone gave a F&*# about you, ever?! Or your children, nieces, nephews etc. Seriously-stop the hate.

    •' Jack Marsh says:

      Conscious Life News , et al, it is not as much hate of individuals, but hate of what the ragheads are doing to America. Don’t tell people to keep it clean, you keep it reasonable.

    •' Joel Grady says:

      If she doesn’t want to be hated don’t be part of a ideology that preaches hatred simple!!

    •' Vikki Clark says:

      Okay …because if we don’t agree with someone else’s ideology (that you most likely have zero arguable experiences in researching) it’s completely humanistic to retort to hate when we do not understand something. Pretty sure people twist and interpret the Koran the way people do the bible buddy. Honestly they’re almost one in the same.

    •' Vikki Clark says:

      Okay …because if we don’t agree with someone else’s ideology (that you most likely have zero arguable experiences in researching) it’s completely humanistic to retort to hate when we do not understand something. Pretty sure people twist and interpret the Koran the way people do the bible buddy. Honestly they’re almost one in the same.

    •' Carol Brady says:

      try to not generalise about others as you would wish them to not to do about you …..and to buy into propagandizing thinking that led neighbor to kill neigbor in WWII I tis about fear…..

    •' Kat Lopez says:

      Sara needs some deep healing.

    •' Kat Lopez says:

      Joel Grady that group are not muslims. Islam is a peaceful religion. STUDY IT before you speak.

    •' Joel Grady says:

      Haha Islam is a peaceful religion yeah right have a look at the terrorist attacks going on around the world in the name of Islam don’t be so ignorant!!!

    •' Lena Kash says:

      Said the privileged white guy who is only educated by media.

    •' Joel Grady says:

      What’s race got to to with it?

    •' Kuro Fox says:

      she never even did or said or thought or felt anything wrong, she was just born, she exists like you and me and wishes for the same world we wish for when we look at our babies, our kids, our families…our world…it’s one we all share together…and nothing should ever change that truth…especially not for the innocent and for people who can do nothing but suffer in fear and confusion.

    •' Jess Wild says:

      Islam does not teach hate, so much ignorance out there. Please educate yourself! It’s America & the elite attacking Muslims & people of other faiths. People like you Sara, is whats wrong with the world. You seem to be full of hate. Get some compassion & a brain!

    •' Lana Meme says:

      Didn’t Catholic priests rape vulnerable little boys and destroy their lives. .

    •' Tupu King Agafili says:

      What is it with trying to compare which religion did worse than the other Lana? Ffs. &Joel. Please. Before you continue with saying the Muslim religion is an ideology that teaches hatred please remember that there would be none of this terrorists groups things if America didnt set up Al Qaeda to fight the Russians trying to invade the middle east. Then the Americans faked 9/11 just so that they would have an excuse to go over and steal all their wealth. Your ignorant ass is one of the hundreds of millions that comment without thinking for yourself first. Blame your media that keep spreading lies to get you all on the one side to hate on these people that did nothing but be bombed because they country have a lot of oil nd gold.

    •' Juzor Ville says:

      Trump wannabe

    •' Lana Meme says:

      I like human beings Tupu. I’m not down talking Muslim . My point wasn’t angry and violent in tone as your comment. My point is religion is a belief .a personal belief. The freedom to practice you’re belief is a privilege in USA and a Right. BUT violent acts are not . I don’t give a shit under what Religion you seek Righteousness.

    •' Joel Grady says:

      USA or Israel tupu?

    •' Victor Osawe says:

      I don’t believe “islam” is a peaceful religion but ,there are alot of Muslims that are peaceful & don’t believe in the ‘hate doctrine’ that Boko haram & Isis are preaching!
      For this little girl to have spoken up; the victimisation & bullying has really had a negative impact on her! Pls, lets not create more ‘wounds’ simply because we want to ‘Cure’ an injury!

  2.' Cameco Tathenia says:

    ?Hateful skank??

  3.' Ellia Nazira says:

    Totally unfair. They shouldn’t bully this girl and her siblings. Not their fault.

    •' Colin Smith says:

      Well just maybe their death cult should not be savagely murdering children, fathers, mothers, people who have taken them into their country and clothed and fed them. it’s not about bullying it’s a human defence mechanism and i assure you mine is on full power!

  4.' Carol Madden says:

    Sara and Cameco, you are obviously the sort of nasty , unpleasant, type of people who are bullies ! This girl is worth a thousand of you! She is intelligent, bright and fearless ! Doesn’t matter what you think, she will be a valuable member of society and the likes of you will always be a waste of space !

    •' Colin Smith says:

      ha ha ha ha ha this girl is a member of a death cult that will rape and stone your children to death, slice your fingers off while your alive and commit the most satanic evil sins against you in the future. i wouldnt be putting them on a pedastal if i was you madam

    •' Ami McKee says:

      You really have been brainwashed by the fear and war mongering campaign. This little girl’s family will not slice anyone’s fingers off or any other nonsense you just described! It’s time to stop organized religion and hate mongering. Be the change, not the problem!

    •' Carol Madden says:

      Lets compare the words of this girl and yours on this post Colin . . .and then ask which person is more likely to carry out an act of violence, which one is the terrorist ?

  5.' Mary-Anne Jacobs says:

    A must watch for all the bigots out there

  6.' Cameco Tathenia says:

    Carol Madden I wasn’t talking about this young lady I was talking about hateful Sara Mckee

  7.' Carol Madden says:

    My apologies Cameco ?

  8.' Andrew Cronin says:

    Islam is cool
    People are not

  9.' Vince Lendway says:

    Insread of knocking the people Who know what islam is all about and calling them phobes, she should knock the evils of islam! The type of evil that drove those terrorists to commit acts of terror to begin with. Why blame the supporters of the victims and not blame the ones who are aggressive?

  10.' Sam Ross says:

    Spot on …. 🙂

  11.' Heidi Smith says:

    Unfortunately the main stream media likes to exploit the extremists in all religions and the majority that are good get a bad rap.

  12.' Ruth Kurilich says:

    So proud of her for standing up. She is so right ISIS is getting us to hate Muslims so we will turn on them. Then ISIS will use our hate of Muslims to recruit them.

    •' El Benny says:

      i dont beleive this at all !

    •' Colin Smith says:

      Ruth it’s called takiya, the moslem lies to the “infidels” to gain power, if you don’t think islam is to blame then please read the koran I’m pretty sure you will be convinced then

    •' Ruth Kurilich says:

      Colin I have actually read the Qoran so therefor I doubt you have. I was raised as a catholic to love everyone. However 99% of Catholics only love others who are Catholic or of very, very similar religions making them hypocrites. So in search for a better understanding of God I have explored nearly every religion as well as exposed my children to them. You would be amazed at how similar they are but simply worded different which makes it hard for some to understand that they are pretty much all aiming for the same goals. Not one said KILL, KILL, KILL. Through my research I found I don’t truly care for any religion because the people who free and those who follow. As 99% of them and though they have good intentions are hypocrites. So i have decided not to follow any religion but simply follow what they all have in common which was love. This young girl is sharing what she has learned from her parents as well as the Quran. What she chooses to do with it is up to her, at some point she may become a hypocrite of her own religion just like the other 99%. But at this time she knows her stuff and seems to following her religion adamantly and truthfully.

  13.' Benjamin Chibundu says:

    Hey girl put the blame on your pathetic religion. You’re beautiful anyway.

  14.' Dennis Lake says:

    Wasn’t your profit Muhammad or whatever his name was a pedophile?

    •' Angela Kessler says:

      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not a pedophile. He has been called one because he married a young orphan and they all married young back then. The idea of marrying an orphan is acceptable in Islam so they can be taken care of.

    •' Angela Kessler says:

      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not a pedophile. He has been called one because he married a young orphan and they all married young back then. The idea of marrying an orphan is acceptable in Islam so they can be taken care of.

    •' Harsha Mahingoda says:


    •' Dennis Lake says:

      Muhammad was a bigger pedophile than those who work in the English parliament and Vatican. He had sex with a 9-year-old girl and married his adopted son’s wife (after arranging a quick divorce). On top of that, Muhammad had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex – sometimes on the very days in which they had watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.

    •' Dennis Lake says:

      Sounds like a nice guy.

  15.' Grazina Wolfe says:

    We have to listen to everyone. Remember we have to listen not with only minds but our hearts. Hate only will bring more hate.

  16.' Michael Hartigan says:

    for every victim of Islamic terror–there are 50 Muslims who complain about possible islamaphobia–its wearing a bit thin

  17.' Cheryl Lynn Gibbs Bowen says:

    This is what Muslims do, blame others. Google Muslim leader conferences and listen to their beliefs. Their religion is not about peace and this comes not from me but directly from the words of Muslims. There are no moderate Muslims, they all believe the same things, punishment to anyone outside their religious beliefs. It isn’t wrong to not support a religion that promotes violence against others. I also don’t believe in children being bullied either but this religion has put them in this position. Schools should be safe places for children regardless.

    •' Kristi Rogers says:

      Oh Seriously, and Christianity and The Catholic religion is so innocent.

    •' Cheryl Lynn Gibbs Bowen says:

      Kristi Rogers So that makes it ok? Who would support ‘any’ religion that promotes hate towards others? You? You can not live peacefully together with people you can not trust. Anyone that stands before others complaining of being persecuted while secretly or openly persecuting others is twisting the truth.

    •' Jerry Cardenas says:


    •' Kristi Rogers says:

      That is getting so old. If I live by worrying what religion or person that I can or cannot trust then I am really wasting precious time for living. Everything is out of our hands at some point. What I can do is live and trust my faith, intuition and heart.

    •' Cheryl Lynn Gibbs Bowen says:

      Kristi Rogers Then why did you waste your time replying?

  18.' Don Huffer says:

    Phobia I don’t think so. I just hate the maggots.

  19.' Graham Thompson says:

    Did she shit can all the stinking goat loving Muslims that are murdering innocent people all over the world if she doesn’t like it go back to the middle east were she will be treated like shit

  20.' Chris Edwards says:


  21.' Ramiz Kastrati says:

    There´s no Islamophobia,there´s only a Retarded Sick Religion called Islam,and Western Civilisation doesn´t want it in their soil.That´s all.

    •' Vikki Clark says:

      But it’s all good because Christians didn’t force native Americans to convert to their language and ways of life or else shed their blood on this land, and Christians didn’t burn women at the stakes for believing they were “witches” and Christians didn’t form hate groups such as the KKKS who burned crosses and hung innocent people here….but please go on how we don’t want any sick religions and their sick semantics in western civilizations.

    •' Colin Smith says:

      Vikki Clark people regardless of religion or not committed heinous crimes in the past but eventually found and embraced civilisation. moslems never have and never will be a civilised species so like a terminal cancer they need to be terminated

  22.' John Cox says:

    If you don’t like the rep. your religion has then get rid of the heretics within it and speak out against them. I don’t feel sorry for you!

  23.' Jack Marsh says:

    They are just trying to tell you to get the fuck out of America. NOW LEAVE !

  24.' stuart says:

    What a brave girl and briliant speech. Well done to Kenton school also for letting her have her say

  25.' Ray Clause says:

    Ask boko haram. Most countries refuse to educate women. Do some research.

  26.' Johnny Walker says:

    The Republican Party has become a caricature of its most extreme elements. A hysterical, hateful, hyperbolic black hole of ignorance. It would be a waste of time to brand them as homophobic, or xenophobic – they are omniphobic: afraid of damn near everything that doesn’t look and sound like them. That’s very bad news for a party dominated by rich old white guys, in a multicolored, multi-faith, multicultural nation like America. Like the dodo and the dinosaurs, there is no place for them in the 21st century.

  27.' Wendy Brinn says:

    this thread is scary. if anyone here wants to learn something really interesting I recommend some information that helped me “recover” from some of my own trauma/fear:

  28.' Clare Norvill says:

    Thanks Rachel

  29.' Jerry Drawhorn says:

    Yes really nice

  30.' Vs Prince says:

    On one hand they condemn these terror attacks of these terror groups and say that they are unislamic and on the other hand their flags are welcomed in mosques….

  31.' Kimberly Ann Walker says:


  32.' Kimberly Ann Walker says:

    Zzzzzz.. waaaa

  33.' Andrew Liem says:

    How about christian in a country with majority moslim? we got bully . Every day since I kid. So its sounds make sense for me. No extraordinary if that happen to minority lives in majority. Live is hard so what?!

  34.' Colin Smith says:

    Maybe she should be preaching to her fellow moslems and NOT the people who have housed her, fed her, kept her safe and the very people her death cult savagely attacks on a daily basis. ZERO sympathy!

  35.' Amanda Woodward says:

    All Muslim people are not the same…. Doing exactly what Hitler did when it comes to these people… whom I know from experience are loving and kind… If you look up the amount of deaths caused by Americans since the gulf war that may also provide a hint as to why there is so much going on now…. God is Love Compassion and forgiveness. .def not judgment for all because on a few extremists. .. I will not be checking this again..just wanted to say there is a bigger picture here and thank God to those of you whose eyes are open…. Love and Light… in a world full of hate…xx

  36.' Carol Madden says:

    Colin, what cloud do you live on ???? US and allies have been bombing and slaughtering Muslims for years !! Civilised behaviour ??

  37.' John Ryan says:

    She took chapter 32 of the Koran out of context. Read chapters 32 and 33 for the truth. Jus’ sayin’…

    It’s paramount to her argument and often used as tiqqiya.

    •' John Ryan says:

      The verse she used was a reference to Jews. Here are some translations of verse 33 referring to Muslims.

      Qur’an | Word by Word | Audio | Prayer Times | Android | New :
      __ Sign In Search

      Verse (5:33) – English Translation
      Word by Word
      Quran Dictionary
      English Translation
      Syntactic Treebank
      Ontology of Concepts
      Quranic Grammar
      Message Board
      Java API
      Welcome to the Quranic Arabic Corpus, an annotated linguistic resource for the Holy Quran. This page shows seven parallel translations in English for the 33rd verse of chapter 5 (sūrat l-māidah). Click on the Arabic text to below to see word by word details of the verse’s morphology.

      Sahih International: Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,

      Pickthall: The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom;

      Yusuf Ali: The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

      Shakir: The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,

      Muhammad Sarwar: The only proper recompense for those who fight against God and His Messenger and try to spread evil in the land is to be killed, crucified, or either to have one of their hands and feet cut from the opposite side or to be sent into exile. These are to disgrace them in this life and they will suffer a great torment in the life hereafter.

      Mohsin Khan: The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.

      Arberry: This is the recompense of those who fight against God and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement,

      Quran Recitation by Saad Al-Ghamadi
      Verse 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 36 | 37 | 38
      See Also
      Verse (5:33) Morphology – description of each Arabic word
      Dependency graph – syntactic analysis (i’rāb) for verse (5:33)
      Language Research Group
      University of Leeds __
      Copyright © Kais Dukes, 2009-2011. E-mail: This is an open source project.
      The Quranic Arabic Corpus is available under the GNU public license with terms of use.

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