[Video] How Manifestation is Linked to Your Life Purpose and Soul Purpose

In this video, I talk about how manifestation is linked to your life purpose and soul purpose and tell a true story to illustrate the point. The way the law of attraction is often presented is an over-simplification and does not reflect the multi-dimensional power of universal consciousness and the role of your higher self in determining what you manifest in your life.

Because we forget why we have incarnated in this lifetime, we are not aware of our intentions for this lifetime, but our higher self is and can manifest things that our conscious mind is not even aware that we desire or intend.

I can tell many stories of how people have manifested in my life to point me to the next piece of information I need to learn more about the nature of the universe and how it truly works. I have been led to read certain books and be blessed with connections that can help to clarify and validate my purpose – for example when I was introduced to the lovely Debbra Lupien of Akasha Unleashed, who was a guest on my Cosmic Creating Show and who graciously gave me a soul-profile and Akashic records reading which confirmed my purpose to assist in conscious evolution and the ascension process.

I was also introduced to a person who asked me if I knew of Dolores Cannon, who developed QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), and that led me to her book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” which also revealed to me that I am a ‘first-waver’ and that I am here to assist in raising the vibration of people and the planet.

I can tell many more stories of manifestation – both conscious and unconscious, and I will share more in future posts and videos. I encourage you to step back and consider what has shown up in your life, aka manifested, and how these things/people/information are linked to your life and soul purpose.

If you have yet to discover your life purpose and soul purpose, watch another video of mine below, and in the description on YouTube, I offer you a FREE Life Purpose Formula to help you discover your life purpose. I also explain how your life purpose and soul purpose are connected.

I’d love to get your comments either here or on YouTube and hear about your experiences with manifestation and whether you recognize the link to your life purpose and soul purpose.

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