Vedic Astrology Report for January, 2021

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By Debra Infante

In January there is great emphasis on the sign of Capricorn with Saturn and Jupiter there, plus four other planets will move through the sign at various times throughout the month. Mars is very strongly placed in its own sign of Aries for the entire month. Kala Sarpa Yoga occurs from January 10 to 28, when all the planets are sandwiched between the nodes Rahu and Ketu. And on January 30, Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks.

Mars, planet of action and assertiveness, began its transit through Mars on December 23, 2020, and will travel through the sign until February 21, 2021. Mars is empowered in Aries, a sign it rules, and can give increased confidence, assertiveness, and independence.  But Mars in Aries can also increase impulsivity, and brash actions. On January 20, 2021 Mars will conjunct Uranus, an outer planet, at 12 degrees Aries, which electrifies Mars. This combination can bring unpredictable behavior or volatility, so a time to be calm and centered.

Saturn has been in Capricorn since January 2020, and Jupiter just recently returned to Capricorn on November 20, 2020.  Now four more planets move through the sign. First, Mercury joins Saturn and Jupiter from January 4 to 25.  Then from January 13 to early January 15, the Moon travels briefly through Capricorn. The Sun makes its yearly transit through Capricorn on January 14 until February 12. Finally, Venus transits Capricorn from January 28 until February 20, 2021. So as you can see, the sign of Capricorn is very predominant in January.

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. So there is a theme this month of heightened responsibility, seriousness, and the need to be grounded. There is a strong focus on career or service, security, and conservativism. Spiritually we want to fulfill our dharma or purpose in life. We can achieve success through patience, perseverance, and practicality. Authenticity in all aspects of life is very important. On the other hand, we can feel unappreciated for all the work that we do, and we find it’s harder to take care of our personal or emotional needs. We are efficient and duty-oriented, but may overwork or take things too seriously. Try to balance these energies by connecting with family and friends.

Kala Sarpa Yoga occurs this month from January 10 to 28, 2021 when all the planets fall between the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. Some astrologers feel this yoga expresses more on a mundane or global scale, and not as much in an individual chart.  Kala Sarpa means “the snake of time” and signifies a period when critical life lessons surface, and we may feel more restriction or less free will in operation. We can also experience feelings of heightened sensitivity. We are asked to be more compassionate, helpful, and act with high moral principles. View your life from a wider perspective, be detached, and have some humor too. In reality, this is a period where we are given a greater opportunity to advance spiritually.

Mercury goes retrograde at 2 degrees Aquarius at end of month beginning January 30 until February 20, 2021. Mercury eventually retrogrades back into the earth sign of Capricorn on February 4, 2021. When a planet is retrograde it is closer to the earth, so the planet’s significations are expressed more strongly.  In the case of Mercury, a mental planet, we have to watch overthinking a situation, or amplifying mental chatter or worry. Do things to activate the right brain which helps us to balance our thoughts. Be more creative, listen to music, meditate, practice yoga, or spend time in nature are great ways to cultivate peace of mind.

Debra Infante is a practicing Vedic astrologer and teacher. She began her studies of Vedic astrology in 1995, and was certified by The American College of Vedic Astrology as an approved teacher (Level I) in September 1999. She has taught Vedic astrology to the students in the yoga teacher trainings at 7 Centers Yoga in Sedona, AZ from 2002 to 2020. Debra can be reached at (928) 639-0623 or dinfante108@gmail.com for astrological consultations by phone or in person. Or contact her to receive her monthly Vedic astrology article. You can also find her at http://ayurveda-sedona.com/yoga-and-vedic-astrology/about-vedic-astrology/