US-Led Bombings in Syria Kill 77 Civilians, Including Many Children

Posted by on July 20, 2016 in Government, Military with 92 Comments
The strikes appeared to have been a mistake, with the civilians taken for ISIS militants, a human rights monitoring group said on Tuesday. (Photo: Reuters)

The strikes appeared to have been a mistake, with the civilians taken for ISIS militants, a human rights monitoring group said on Tuesday. (Photo: Reuters)

By Nika Knight | Common Dreams

Dozens of civilians, including children, were killed on Monday and Tuesday by U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria.

The strikes appeared to have been a mistake, with the civilians taken for Islamic State (IS or ISIS) militants, the U.K.-based human rights group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group told the AFP news agency.

Fifty-six civilians were killed on Tuesday by coalition forces, and 21 civilians were killed by the coalition on Monday. The 77 civilian deaths included at least 11 children.

The BBC reported Tuesday:

At least 56 civilians have died in US-led coalition air strikes near the Islamic State stronghold of Manbij in north Syria, opposition monitors say.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said residents had been fleeing the village of Tokhar when they were hit.

An opposition activist network said 90 had died in Tokhar and nearby Hoshriya.

There was no immediate comment from the coalition, which has been providing air support for the Kurdish-led offensive to drive IS militants out of Manbij.

On Monday, France24 reported:

Air strikes by the U.S.-led coalition killed at least 21 civilians in and around a stronghold of the Islamic State group in northern Syria on Monday, a monitor said.

At least 15 civilians were killed in raids in a northern district of Manbij while six others were killed in a village near the city, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The UN Commission on Human Rights warned Friday that 70,000 civilians were likely trapped in Manbij, where the international body believes the situation is “deteriorating dramatically as fighting continues between ISIL and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which is being supported by airstrikes.”

Before the airstrike in Tokhar on Tuesday, Airwars, a website tracking U.S.-led coalition killings of civilians in Syria, said this is the “worst ever week” for deaths caused by the coalition in the two years since the conflict started.

The U.S. has in recent months been intensifying its airstrikes in Syria, as journalist and radio host Sonali Kolhatkar wrote in May.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights, an advocacy group based in the U.S. and the U.K, reported on social media that by Tuesday evening local time the civilian death toll from the day's strikes had reportedly climbed to 65, although the rights group has yet to verify that number:

Airwars reported that nine families were among those killed by the U.S.-led coalition on Tuesday:

Middle East Eye reports that the coalition did not respond to requests for comment on the recent civilian deaths. The news organization added:

Raed Saleh, the leader of the Syrian Civil Defence Force which conducts humanitarian rescue missions in the rebel-held areas, told Middle East Eye in June that he had confronted the U.S.-led coalition about civilian deaths in September 2014.

“Mistakes are likely to happen,” Saleh said he was told at the time.

Airwars estimates that the total number of civilians killed in Syria by the U.S.-led coalition is 1,422, at minimum, to date.

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92 Reader Comments

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  1. Tom Stowe Tom Stowe says:

    I suppose with even the smartest bombs there will still be civilian loss of life. I guess that is the casualties of war. It would be so much easier; would it not, if you could remove all people who don’t want anything to do with war out of the region before bombing commences, and then just blow the shite out of the rest, but unfortunately I don’t think war works that way.

  2. Tom Gerencir Tom Gerencir says:

    To bad , they didn’t worry who was in the World Trade Centers and they didn’t care about the women and children on our airplanes, so fuck them Too Damn Bad.

  3. I think it is time for everyboday to stop mass killing.there is no smart or idiot bombs.the result is the same.what do you think is hapening there.enough is enough.

  4. James Lang James Lang says:

    If we don’t stop doing stupid stuff like this then the next war might be in our own back yard. This is one of the reasons why other countries hate us.

    • I’m sorry to say that but I think that is the only way to stop this… As always the innocent and good people will have to pay the price ?

    • Leona White Leona White says:

      That is the dumbest comment I’ve ever read. If you want to extract or kill Isis you need stategy, allie’s and proper training. This way has been the way of the norm for many decade’s that needs to stop. It’s what created Isil to begin with. If you want war with stupidity like this and your comment it’s exactly what you’ll get and if Trump becomes president also. A man with no care for human life just as long as they can bomb the shit out of the world and have a few laugh’s over it. Time to be humane and do what’s right and this kind of activity and answer’s aren’t the way to solve anything, it just create’s more hate, terrorist’s and war’s!

    • Leona White your comment makes no sense. The US probably started Isis just to get to their resources and pretend to fight against Isis. Your own people apparently destroyed the twin towers. Your country is power trippin

    • Val Constantine its been more than a decade that the innocent muslims are paying the price. Last yr. Morethan 1000 people were killed by the US Air strike. Many are hospitals. Many doctors, nurses, mother, and their babies died in that bombing. According to repovrt, it wasn’t intentional but howcome US intelligence did nt know of it. Tony blair ang George Bush killed innocent Muslims.

    • Ravi Teja Ravi Teja says:

      Bro it is the only way to stop terrorism! If we wont do this we will face them in our own country!

  5. Terrorists opperate in civilian ares to maximize casualties to make us look bad if we bomb. They know we’re there so they can get out of the way.

  6. Erik Albert Erik Albert says:

    Mind you, there is no morality to existence, because you can´t label energy. Having said that, not acting according to your true will, will eventually trigger for you having to face yourself. By all means, your current performance on planet surface, is a direct result of mass indoctrination. It´s basically a programmed gangbang. Nothing wrong with that, as long as it´s what you actually had in mind.

  7. Jeff Dunn Jeff Dunn says:

    Its done on purpose..take out there leader more destabilizing

  8. John Higgins John Higgins says:

    Well if you’re not calling the shots and have put that trust in the hands of others good or bad you have to respect the decisions they make.

  9. Joe Bizumo Joe Bizumo says:

    The no 77 again comes around

  10. Gent Hodges Gent Hodges says:

    Would this be considered a terrorist attack if it happened here? Just thinking out loud……….

  11. Dropping freedom and democracy the banking cartel way

  12. Mithun Kumar Mithun Kumar says:

    Saudi puppet creating instability in syria just for oil business race

  13. In my opinion blow up water ports and airports and all modes transportation. Yeah mistake bombing then what you call the twin towers on 9/11. “Oh sorry we was trying for Empire State Building; whoop our bad”. When we keep our nose out of middle east. Problem all started with Bush; Clinton, Lobbyists and every Secretary of State we ever had.

  14. Casualties of war, alas!

  15. Shut the hell up! America is a for profit country so take you money and keep your mouth shut.

  16. Marius Mars Marius Mars says:

    No i am Syria as far as i can see….

  17. Anum Abbas Anum Abbas says:

    Leave them alone .. people are fighting USA , isis or whom …

  18. Naseem Abbas Naseem Abbas says:

    Americans say “We are the Nation”
    We say Americans are the nation of No moral values, Ethics and without Norms
    Like father less child

  19. Stop with this drone bullshit! Just creating more hatred of America and it’s citizens.

  20. I agree with James… it will make its way here one day.

  21. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Happens in war zones…..

  22. Nathan Minty Nathan Minty says:

    watch eye in the sky

  23. Jim Chambers Jim Chambers says:

    Wait, who’s the terrorist’s again??

  24. Shane Z Ried Shane Z Ried says:

    What happens when a horrible , government hides behind women and children

  25. T.m. Twilley T.m. Twilley says:

    Still wondering why normal citizens become “terrorists”?

  26. There are no innocent people in these country’s. All generations are raised to hate and kill.

  27. The struggle is real world peace

  28. Now this is where I get a little concerned,and mind you I can’t say I agree with the enemy but when they say stop killing our woman and children I wish we could accomplish this by somehow getting them to safety beforehand but where is the fine line how do we know that these children weren’t being brought into the jihad as well as the women,Isis seems to go out of their way to show us their children going off on missions as a suicide bomber,as well as decapitating people!

  29. But now, most of the war starts in Social Media.

  30. Allan Hvolby Allan Hvolby says:

    Usa never makes mistakes and kill civilian. They allways hit the bad ones and only the bad ones…. According the them self…… Only the russians makes that kind of error….

  31. OMG, this insanity has to stop.

  32. Anna Lloyd Anna Lloyd says:

    Who’s calling the shots

  33. And this is not terrorism ffs???!!???

  34. If this was the other way around it would be called a terrorist attack.

  35. Sif Hitmi Sif Hitmi says:

    Everyone knows that US has nothing to do in Syria,some of military are criminal because they don’t make the difference between civil and daech

  36. Phil Harris Phil Harris says:

    Why is human live valued so little?

  37. I wonder what would happen if every country just minded their own business! !!???

  38. One word… Venezuela! !!
    Whilst we read about Nice and Syria do any of you know what is happening in Venezuela?
    Observe that I have no connection what so ever with that country. ..

  39. 9-11 had civilian casualties no one batted an eye. Us bombs areas they know terrorists are hiding and do their best not to have civilians killed everyone is in an uproar. I hate the fact innocent lives are taken like that but people you have to understand the enemy isn’t hiding in the open they’re hiding behind children and women innocent people. They’re cowards. War isnt let’s see who picks the most flowers wins crap this is what war is. People die and that is the true tragedy because these terrorists won’t fight they hide. So don’t blame the us for all this.

  40. My sympathy cup is empty….sorry.

  41. Tayla Matthews
    where the line drawn on right and wrong?

  42. We aren’t turning a blind eye to it. But something needs to be done. Not all the decisions will be spot on, not all the attacks will be spot on but we MUST do something to stop what is happening around the world.

  43. Ken Usher Ken Usher says:

    Fucking Americans,…why don’t you mind your own business…when was the last time you had a decent President…wankers

  44. Blame Obama, right?

  45. America dropping some more freedom i see

  46. I dont think this are mistakes, americans militaries they said they are perfect.

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  48. Glenys Horne Glenys Horne says:

    possibly because they use women and children as human shields.

  49. Rui Machado Rui Machado says:

    Do you think the Russians are doing the same?….

  50. You were wondering who was the prime suspect in the hospital bombing some time ago? Well it seems to be the genocide machine itself, focusing on killing civilians, women, children, and even doctors and sick people.

  51. Jim Untun Jim Untun says:

    This is why stuffs like this never ends ???

  52. what about if same happens in USA

  53. but the tv is owned be the bomb makers

  54. Nadir Fisher Nadir Fisher says:

    They call it Collateral Damage, perhaps if they were members of their family they’ll call it Murder!

  55. Liz Connolly Liz Connolly says:

    After The Chilcot enquiry & this country making the worst decision ever by going to war, why doesn’t Britain put her hands up to making a mistake & not make anymore hasty decisions. The least Britain could do is call for a ceasefire in Syria & try & do something positive for a change & to promote PEACE for a change. War costs money & does not resolve anything

  56. When those who would do harm to innocent people around the world (Terrorists) and then be cowardly to hide behind women and children….then someone tell me what are we supposed to do…but before you answer..remember the 84 men, women and children who were killed in Nice France …the ones killed in Orlando….and the many more terrorists crimes committed against innocent human beings…then they run and hide among women and children..

  57. USA the real Terrorist

  58.' Phyllis says:

    I can’t believe all the comments that have nothing to say to help.

    I have read that the Rothschild family is the cause of all these wars because they think a one world government/religion is the best for all. They think they have to bomb countries to take their resources as a part of this plan.
    I learned this because I was severely abused as a child by this Rothschild plan.
    That person that was supposed to be my mother was so stressed out from just living in the U.S. that she was violent and distant. She went through the 1929 stock market crash, which I understand to be the creation of the Rothschild family.
    This Rothschild family and everyone that agrees with them, wants to take over the world. They have been the only reason there have been any wars and any stock market crashes. These greedy people don’t care who they have to hurt to add to their trillion dollar bank accounts. People call them illuminati, Satanists, the cabal, Nazis, etc.
    These greedy people think that 95% of the world’s population should be gone. My understanding is that all the false flags that lead to wars are their creations. That includes 9/11. Barbara Honegger has created youtubes explaining this to us. Watch “Behind the Smoke Curtain: The 9/11 Pentagon Attack”. She names the Nazis that bombed the pentagon. Seems like they were trying to hide the records of the 9.1 trillion dollars they have stolen from America’s people. Judy Wood wrote the book “Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11” Do nuclear bombs explain the dustification of all those steel beams? I think that since her book was deleted from Wikipedia, then this means she knows exactly what happened. How about all those fires in northern California this past October 2017? The pictures look like the houses were taken down with laser beams. Too many green trees were left for there to have been a forest fire. Cars were melted and flipped like the ones during 9/11.
    My life has been hell because of these greedy people. Medicaid does nothing to help me. I am 63, one of the useless eaters on social security. I heard about “useless eaters” in the utube documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”.
    I wish I had never been born.
    The only reason I am still here on earth is because I thought I had something to give. In my 20’s I learned to heal myself and others real fast by changing my thoughts to positive instead of negative. I have read about 200 books on quantum physics and healing. But I have found no family, so I think that nobody wants me. I have learned that we are not solid. What is called solidity is actually energy that pulsates, rotates, oscillates, spins, coils, resonates and bursts forth as quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons. I read these words in the book “The Quantum World” by Ford. Then there is the book “Hands of Light” written by the NASA physicist Barbara Brennan. She says we are eternal, multidimensional, electromagnetic, holographic energy/light/love beings. I would have gone to this college, but I could find no grants.

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