Why US Govt. and Saudi Arabia Don’t Want Americans Knowing the Truth About 9/11

Written by on April 22, 2016 in Corruption, Government with 42 Comments

Saudi-US 911 secrets

Source: The Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA) In a rare show of bipartisanship, President Obama and top Republicans in Congress have come together to shield Americans from knowing the truth about who was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, which took the lives of 2996 people in 2001. However strange it is forneoconservative members of Congress to agree with Obama on anything, there is no doubt the issue must be serious if it warrants this level of partnership.

The issue at hand is the classified, 28-page section of the 9/11 commission report, which many experts and politicians with knowledge of the documents have said point to Saudi Arabian government officials’ direct role in the terror attacks. This is why the Saudis put out a stern warning several days ago threatening to dump up to $750 billion in U.S. assets if Senate Bill 2040 becomes law; S.B. 2040 would make public the 28 pages and also allow for victims of 9/11 to sue foreign governments found responsible.

The Saudis’ warning seems to have worked, with Obama now in the nation to “mend ties” with the monarchy and top Republicans sounding the alarm about the 9/11 bill. In an interview with Charlie Rose, President Obama claimed:

“If we open up the possibility that individuals in the United States can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the United States to being continually sued by individuals in other countries,” apparently referencing the U.S.’ own attacks overseas that have taken the lives of countless civilians.

Currently, Saudi Arabia enjoys “sovereign immunity” with the U.S., meaning even if the 28 pages proved Saudi officials were indeed behind the 9/11 attacks, Americans would not be able to seek justice for their losses. The new 9/11 bill would change that, and the Saudi response to the legislation moving through Congress reinforces suspicions the kingdom is somehow behind the 9/11 attacks.

The video below further explains why both Saudi Arabia and members of the U.S. government don’t want the 9/11 bill to pass:

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42 Reader Comments

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  1. 10205736225381004@facebook.com' Dwayne Robbie says:

    When the rich and powerful are trying so hard to keep the truth from the worlds citizens…… you know that what it would reveal would turn peoples worlds upside down and make them question everything they’ve been told.

  2. 1611890355796821@facebook.com' Yian John says:

    usa gov killed there own

  3. 10154070498652095@facebook.com' Mikey Haskell says:

    Still 21Trillion missing.Or did it go to them?

  4. 1287214251293840@facebook.com' Jamiedawn Frair Myiesha says:

    I’m already question everything of the u.s I believe it was inside job that the u.s is the one that did it and believe that the u.s had a hand in created isis u think u are free wrong our governments controls everything in our life’s this land never belong to white man it belongs to the native Indian tribes u.s history is all wrong

  5. 10209225014324855@facebook.com' Haresh Metharam says:

    It is obvious .people know about Saudi and US govt., involvement. They are just helpless. People must revolt.. 3000 civilians, mothers and a fathers have died. Doesn’t Obama care about the people. He is scape goat …..so who runs America……think….

  6. 879472568818068@facebook.com' Karin Impastato says:

    Red Flags about the Saudis from the beginning. Let dump the assets if it means they go too. Someone with integrity has to win the Presidential race. I think Trump might know how to handle the financial crisis the Saudis are trying to inflict on our nation under God! I think it’s time we all realize that no matter who is in office, Demos and Repubs call The US home and won’t allow any more “home invasions” from criminals like “them”!

  7. 10209504948525091@facebook.com' Sheila Hay says:

    Dump away Dump away ….. out comes the TRUTH…..Dump away Dump away

  8. 10205736225381004@facebook.com' Dwayne Robbie says:

    Are you sure you can handle the truth??? https://www.ae911truth.org/

  9. 1177050485645910@facebook.com' Lisa Wilson says:

    It’s called careful who you go to bed with. Lesson yet learned apparently.

  10. 1053748554663194@facebook.com' Martin Wollenschläger says:

    You can publish the paper and it will not change!
    The planes where one sees on TV do not have to do with the collapse and it was all a very bad theater!
    The sad is that people still hope the truth to know and the truth that everyone can recognize themselves but no one wants to understand by itself

  11. 1740227616193004@facebook.com' Timothy Crumpton says:

    The issues at hand shouldn’t be classified. Our government has something to hide if it is . We the people could care less about Saudies, or Middle East intrest. .betrayal, is what’s up. Building don’t free fall without being touched…..building7.no need to blame another country when most know the culprit . Intentional doings, what’s next? That will be done by our own system, resulting in Americans fearing their own gov.. Sad. We all know better.

  12. 10153657933766902@facebook.com' Belinda Moloney says:

    Someone call Julian Assange please

  13. 262615117406914@facebook.com' Katleen Kenny says:


  14. 10153463808804654@facebook.com' Tom Smith says:

    Smokescreen. What’s really going on that they wanted our attention diverted away from?

    • 1076688419063248@facebook.com' Vincent Stewart says:

      Hahaha. The smokescreen is definitely up. Haven’t figured out why yet. Hopefully nothing bad is coming down the pipe although it looks as though the fix is in for the general elections…..Bernie is beating Hillary yet she’s getting pushed forward, Donald is winning his races but apparantly the powers that be want Cruz to thwart his efforts. “The greatest form of slavery is to make them believe they are free!” Crazy world! Anyone with common sense who saw 3 controlled demolitions of should have know it was all a lie then! Just amazing!

  15. 10154045471077052@facebook.com' Morad Saberi says:

    Not just 3000 ppl died on that day,but the destruction of 4 countries, and killing of 2 million innocent people and all miseries which is not counted.

  16. 1017188338357709@facebook.com' Mary Hedl says:

    Take a guess who was the good friend to Bush senior and….remember the millions offered to NY after?

  17. 10208252842055384@facebook.com' Warren Paterson says:

    Dave Smith

  18. 10156255910150268@facebook.com' Karrar Siddique says:

    Truth is a plane made up of fiber and aluminum can’t even dent a building as strong as World Trade Center

  19. 10154104133749268@facebook.com' Tanya Vo says:

    Robert Celestino

  20. 10209009244578289@facebook.com' Derek J. Hunter says:

    Listen,our government its teaching us that it’s ok to do these things. I say fuck you. Trump should push it, get other works powers and demlish Arab, we should pass it let the money go, we make up I no time

  21. 486366754903897@facebook.com' Ruby Centura says:

    Always suspected the Arabs were involved.
    Let them dump $750 billion of US assets then US will be FREE again.
    Obama recently got a multi million dollar mansion in Saudi….hmmm interesting. He kissed the Saudi kings ring on a visit too.
    Who really owns and runs the US?

  22. 466990636816652@facebook.com' Doug Elam says:

    Saudi Arabia is a RED HERRING.

  23. 1690398044513735@facebook.com' Nelson Thomas says:

    Yup all Saudi’s like the those funding ISIS…

  24. 1046058512093711@facebook.com' Peggy Deardorf says:

    Well enough for them to threaten us with 750 billion in assets….sounds like a guilty to me…..why don’t you ask George?

  25. lpecevich@att.net' Yankee Lady says:

    So, looks like Michael Moore was right.

  26. 378470915656653@facebook.com' James Mtaita says:

    I believe 911 Was a Crime with a motive.

  27. 826906984088408@facebook.com' Della Hartley says:


  28. 10207578964450355@facebook.com' Allan Harm says:

    I don’t need to speculate on the content of these 28 pages – however I can state the fact that the next step for SA (after dumping the 750b useless T-Bills) will be that they will demand that any future payment of oil will have to be in the currencies of Euro, RMB and RUB – and that my dear friends will lead to the utter destruction of the US economy who depends on their fiat-money called Petrodollar to continue funding the US current deficit and debt. US is bankrupt and they will even start a war to stop the Saudis from moving ahead with their threat. This economic fact is also the reason for the Obama administration current propaganda and war-mongering against China and Russia – and the BRICS in general.

  29. 1094359770595468@facebook.com' Denise Epstein says:

    Scary how evil is allowed to run rampant in our world!!! No one wants to look at it…deny it exists because for most, it is the only way they can sleep at night!

  30. 936761326391022@facebook.com' Dan Gee says:

    Here’s your 9/11 plot…

    Rather than starting at the end and trying to figure out the conspiracy theory, try it the other way.

    How did it come about?

    The US government wanted to attack its own citizens. For what reason? Justification for war? But America often goes to war without killing 2000 Americans. And if that was the case, why implicate Saudis and not Iraqis?

    Here’s how the planning must have gone down…

    I want a war with Iraq.
    Ok sir, let’s do it!

    But I want an excuse this time.
    Hmm… Not necessary but what’s the plan?

    Let’s destroy four American buildings full of people…
    Ok… Sounds a bit over the top, but you’re the boss. Let’s make four really big bombs.

    No. I want to use thermite.
    Are you sure? It’s really complicated and bulky. Why not park trucks full of explosives inside the basement car parks and blame the Iraqis?

    No. I want thermite. And I want to frame the Saudis, but attack Iraq. And I want to blow them up half way up the buildings.
    But that means we’ve got to use extra people for several weeks to you the buildings. People might see. Why not in the basement?

    No because it has to be where the planes hit.
    Planes? What planes?

    We’re going to hijack planes and fly them into the buildings.

    Erm ok. But why bother with the planes at all? Why not just blow them up with the thermite?
    Because planes look cool crashing into buildings.

    Right. Ok. So we’ll hijack four planes then.

    No. Only three.

    Huh? Four buildings with three planes?
    No four buildings with TWO planes and we’ll crash one in a field for no apparent reason.

    Right… So what about the other two buildings?
    We’ll use a missile for one.
    But why not a plane?

    Shhh. This is MY plan.
    Ok… And the last building?

    Oh that. Just let it fall down. Nobody will notice.
    Right. You know this will involve thousands of people?

    Yeah. But none of them will say anything… You know how secure intelligence is in Washington.

  31. 712803132194586@facebook.com' Christina Manly Tuala says:

    Americans have never been free Nd will never be free.. those who choose to look past the elite government who call them free Masons Illuminati whatever. U are all ignorant. U are the reason y the truth isnt being spread because of ur lack knowledge and tunnel vision thinking . The us army is a gang it’s self I mean cmon. Think about this why is it that world wide music icons always talked about the corruption in their government – tupac.. the elite controlling the music industry killing off legends that spread the truth like Michael Jackson. Nearing his death he always spoke about Illuminati wanting him dead.
    Just remember ‘people are power’ !! Isay a big heart felt FUCK U to the us government Fuck U Obama nd ur mf mama. America was born to kill. Stripped land from the american indians and slaughtered them. Not all! just left enough for easy control. And thats how it will always be. The movie 13 hours based on the true story of benghazzi soliders on a special op to protect american high people in the middle east. Why were these men told to stand down why were these special op soliders told not to protect their own. Because in the end there is no one but obama. Obama will be the downfall of america..

  32. 10208517732760133@facebook.com' Carl Hudson says:

    Sure, I’ll speculate: It’ll be another bunch of BS and lies continuing the story we’ve all been fed so far. Nothing to see here, move along.

  33. 10209243510352832@facebook.com' Bea Bianchi says:


  34. 10153646456554701@facebook.com' Bradford Davis says:

    False flag terrorism to justify further US involvement in the Middle East as well as to stabilize the petro-dollar while also giving capitalist war profiteers a handsome ROI?

  35. 935119556570639@facebook.com' Dusty Whitney says:

    $750 billion is alot of money…obviously, some seriously revealing information is written on those 28 pages…ya think?

  36. 10206017519172310@facebook.com' Lynda Plotnikoff-Brost says:

    I feel so so bad for the men and women had to die there, they all had family’s, I hope it bothers the people who did this to them

  37. 10206128318262261@facebook.com' Francisco J Torres says:

    Open you eyes ppl is a lot goin on not just this ….. this call control of population any one tha have good thinking know that those tower some day got to go down and tha was the easy way and make money out this than lose money moving ppl miles away to do inplosion and ge it down you imagine how much money they will lose by doin in the normal way …… think ppl

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