Trump Calls to Ban Muslim Immigration and 8 Other Absurd Reactions to CA Shooting

Posted by on December 8, 2015 in Government, Politics with 139 Comments

trump points his finger

By Tana Ganeva | AlterNet

In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting that left 14 people dead, right-wing media and conservative politicians did what they do best: nativist fearmongering about people who had nothing to do with the attack. Here are 10 absurd right-wing reactions to the shooting and to President Obama's speech Sunday on combating terror.

#1 – On Monday afternoon, GOP front-runner Donald Trump topped a day of fierce Islamophobia among right-wing media with a statement to “Make America Great Again!' by banning all Muslim immigration to the U.S. “Without looking at the various polling data, it's obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension,” Trump opined about the people forced to leave their lives behind to come to America.

“Where this hatred comes from, and why, we will have to determine,” he continued. “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

Over the weekend, Trump also pledged to continue retaliating against innocent people, promising to deploy a more muscular foreign policy—against wives.

“At least I would certainly go after the wives who absolutely knew it was happening, and I guess your definition of what I’d do, I’m going to leave that to your imagination,” he said on CBS' “Face the Nation.”

Trump also attacked the sister of shooter Syed Farook, who said over the weekend that she had no prior knowledge of his plans. Citing no evidence at all, Trump said he didn't believe her.

“I would go after a lot of people and find out whether or not they knew. I’d be able to find out. ‘Cause I don’t believe the sister,” he said.

#2 – advanced its absurd crusade against a child, plastering up a picture of Ahmed Mohamed, the teenager arrested in his Texas town for bringing a clock to school. The Justice Department has launched an investigation into whether his rights were violated during his arrest and interrogation. But Breitbart has the real scoop: “Mosque near ‘Clock' boy Ahmed's Texas Home Connected to Terrorism,” blares the headline—under a picture of Ahmed flashing a peace sign.

The story tries to link the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, whose members were found guilty of providing material support to Hamas, and the Dallas teenager, who was six years old when HLF members were first tried. The verdict in the HLF case remains controversial, with the government basically arguing that in sending money to Palestinian humanitarian groups, the members were indirectly helping Hamas.

#3 – Fox News analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters helped elevate the national discourse by calling the President of the United States a “pussy” on live television, apparently because President Obama didn't instantly flood five countries with ground troops in response to the San Bernardino shooting.

Peters continued keeping it classy by excoriating the president for caring more about “thugs in Guantanamo and thugs in Ferguson, Missouri than law-abiding American citizens.”

#4 – Last week the New York Times reported that a handful of Democratic lawmakers planned to attend the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Northern Virginia, in a show of solidarity with American Muslims.

“After Paris and after the House resolution a few weeks ago, we just thought it was really important to continue to reiterate to the many, many peace-loving Muslim Americans that they were still a welcome part of our community,” said Representative Don Beyer, D-Virginia, according to the New York Times.

The right-wing website Free Beacon responded with a wildly inaccurate depiction of the mosque, calling it a front for Hamas and the “home” of Anwar al-Awlaki, an imam killed in a drone attack in Yemen almost a decade after he worked at the mosque. Although al-Awlaki did work there years before he was targeted by the U.S. government, the Free Beacon neglects to mention that during al-Awlaki's tenure, he was considered a moderate and that the mosque's leadership has disavowed his turn toward extremism, while continuing their critique of America's drone assassination policies, the Washington Post has reported.

The Dar al-Hijrah mosque has experienced repeated threats over the years.


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139 Reader Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Makes me grateful to realise that every country has its idiotic politicians (or wannabe politicians)…

  2.' Sandra Rose Fredriksson says:

    He is absurd.

  3.' Margaret Gallagher says:

    It is all very well to laugh at this ridiculous moron and oxygen thief but, sadly, there are a lot of stupid people out there who are taking him seriously and will vote for him. The whole world is watching and hoping he disappears without trace in the forthcoming election. America is doing enough damage to itself and the world as it is – he would put that process into overdrive. Does not bear thinking about. 🙁

  4.' Barbara Sturre says:

    He is totally crazy

  5.' June Davis Fish says:

    I don’t think he believes what he is saying, I don’t think he is for real. I can’t explain it, but somehow, it sounds to me like a hoax or some elaborate plan to get people’s attention on him, to herd them into doing something else in reaction to him or maybe so they won’t notice something they should be seeing, through fear and hatred … yet again.

  6.' Leanne Mullings says:

    He’s right tho Muslims did celebrate 9/11 n if he banning Muslims he shud ban everyone going in cos Muslims r asain black and white

    •' Roberta Hudson says:

      I have some Muslim friends and they and their families did not celebrate 9/11. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    •' Ahsan Butt says:

      Five fingers are not equal ….. some of non muslims have beard and they get up same muslims….and they wanted to a dawn ….. so plz I request you our islam is teach us peace…

    •' Ahsan Butt says:

      We believe in one God and the holy prophet is the messager …..I believe in essa prophet, ibraham prophet, noah prophet, and dawood prophet…. they are all God messanger. Holy prophet is the last prophet in all for world..which are muslims or non muslims

  7.' Lesley Hall says:

    It’s the tiny few that are causing havoc on this earth

  8.' Steve Parker says:

    He doesn’t…it’s pay back for him. That’s how he rolls.

  9.' Catherine Hooper says:

    So Sad

  10.' Pascal Lavoie says:

    You re fired !!!!!!!!

  11.' Jeff Dunn says:

    It is

  12.' Jeff Dunn says:


  13.' Charlotte Wolters says:

    Could he be banned from public airwaves please. Especially Chanel’s that reach Canada. I find even his face an intrusion to my peace.

  14.' Keke Hutchinson says:

    Did he come up with that? What a sad……sad…….sad man! The man is plainly mental I say.

  15.' Joanne Benzenhafer says:

    They’re all a bunch of nut cases.

  16.' Anna Margaret says:

    I wonder what Obama plans are? Oh yeah, bring in refugees, and who knows if they r terrorist. Might as well take change.

  17.' Naïma Abaâkil says:

    Try to talk like he does if you are not a politician.

  18.' Roberta Hudson says:

    Anyone who spreads hate of a certain group, people or religion is a nazi. Don’t be a nazi.

  19.' Rick Lee says:

    It’s still better than what our president is doing about it. Nothing.

  20.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I no people who witnessed Muslims celebrate 9/11 a workman for the council and my daughters farther in Bradford and I used to work for a muslim man and woman and the way they treated me was disgusting and when I left my job I was told us black don’t like to work no not for racist ppl who think everyone else is beneath them

    •' أشواق الهدي says:

      My dear if you want to know Islam read books , and Quran , Islam didn’t teach us to treat any one bad even if it was an animal or any thing else and if we did that my god will put us in hell. And don’t judge it from what are you watching, or how Muslims treated you, I am sorry my sister about my English .and thank you.

    •' Roberta Hudson says:

      Ever heard of the west Baptist church? Not all baptists are bad. Your spreading hate, knock it off.

    •' Patricia Katch says:

      Sorry, this happened to you. You can’t spread Hate! This person was treated badly !! How can you Spread Hate? It’s called mistreated!!! USA is not going to take much more ! I can promise you this !

  21.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Lmao no one is a natzi for statin a true fact of experience and its not hate if its a fact the bible tells of all the shit happening and thing that have happend

  22.' Leanne Mullings says:

    And out of ppl who have been discustingly mistreated slaves have never taken revenge or the Jews and they were both tortured and had evil disgusting things done to them

  23.' Russell Burton Alexander Brown says:

    He should stand in front of a mirror, and tell himself he’s fired. If he’s going the route of getting people to hate him, then he’s not sincere, and true to the sentiment of even being a leader.

  24.' Wanda Kay Johnson says:

    When are we going to start seeing headlines about banning Trump. The media is loving him for stirring the pot.

  25.' Brenda Lynn Roberts Price says:

    He tells it how it is. That’s why everyone’s butt hurt. Truth hurts.

  26.' Rompe CoCo Bestia says:

    ME >>@TRUMP! I Farted Smelly & Loudly! ctfu

  27.' Leanne Mullings says:

    It says in the bible in the last days the devil will roam the earth and he is thru all the war and killings o cant wait till god shows these ppl and gets rid of all the wicked on the earth and it will happen

  28.' Leanne Mullings says:

    And trump only said stop them coming in till they no what the hell is going on

  29.' Leanne Mullings says:

    its like drug takers they steal to feed there habbit if one stole from u wud u let the rest keep coming to ur home to steal more even if u didn’t think there were all like that

  30.' Dave Borg says:

    Immigration in general is a mess. I’m not sure what the expected outcome is with regard to Muslim immigrants. I am puzzled over the lack of muslim countries willing to take in at least some of there fellow muslims. And our willingness to import as many as government wants to given the inevitable clash of cultures, among other concerns.

    •' Sherry Morrison says:

      The lack of Muslim countries willing to take in their own people says enough for me….there has to be a reason for that

  31.' Oorla Casey says:

    Wot a dickhead!!!!!!

  32.' Michael Day says:

    Conscious Life News…where liberal filth come to sniff their own farts. Look at our country and the absolutely treasonous CLOWN you put in office. YOU are what is wrong with America.

  33.' William Whitaker says:

    Stop making stupid people famous!

  34.' Julie Long March says:

    Have you even been watching what has been happening in the EU? It’s a pretty good indicator of what is coming here. There is no reason to think otherwise. Those were supposedly professionals and college educated people behaving so badly. They can’t help it, it’s how they are raised and their culture.

  35.' Steve Elder says:

    He has to be a plant by the Democrats to make the republican party look so bad that people will think the voice of reason is that lying skank Hillary.

  36.' Jill Robertson Kibbey says:

    I think we should ban all the billionaire thugs that are causing so much strife in the world for all us little people

  37.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I’ve read the Quran and the bible and the torah and I have seen real life my auntie is a muslim and my cousin is a convert I had a child to a muslim so don’t come at me with ur bullshit I speak from fact not fiction

    •' Roberta Hudson says:

      You speak of your personal experiences of a few people. Do not make your perception as fact for all races or religions. The people who do wrong and spread hate under any guise is still wrong.

  38.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I never said all Muslims r bad I said what I have seen and heard from muslim ppl with my own eyes and ears and look at the world today why are these evil ppl using Islam my daughter is half asain I’m no racist but when ur black and lule in a majority muslim area and u see how the look at u and spit on the floor then yes that minority or bad o don’t say or do nething to them god see and knows all every bad sin action from every. Person on earth will be noted and acounted for I don’t decide punishment I leave that in gods hands y r we killing each other and destroying the earth

  39.' Leanne Mullings says:

    America funds terorism and war as do many other countries ppl actualy think its rite to live like this there r ppl in my town that openly say they will fight for Isis I’m not bad for stateing a fact that is true god is whiteness to my speaking and if I am wrong for speakin the truth I will get my punishment on judgement day like ne other bad person

  40.' Leanne Mullings says:

    No but ur Quran says if a man thinks his wife has done wrong he can get other men to talk with her alone in a room And they can slap her about and I’ve also had chats with 3 muslim women about this and they have told me it is right as I thought maybe I had read wrong or misunderstood I don’t believe in Islam but I don’t go around hating all Muslims what I do hate is when muslim boys at my daughters school call her names and the girls aswell becos she isnt muslim and these r 9 yr olds makes u wonder wat and how they are brought up also a muslim famialy in Bradford who were brutaly stacked by the muslim community because the converted to Christianity y stack these ppl ot doesn’t look good does it also a school of majority asain children who do maths and have graphs that say who wears a head scalf who doesn’t who has brown eyes and who doesn’t and who has black hair and who doesn’t I don’t think any of that is right

    •' Rajesh Menon says:

      Islam has no locus standi. It is a cult just like christianity. Follow ‘Sanatan Dharma” ( Hinduism which is eternal). Also, there is no philosophy whatsoever either in the Koran or the bible. BTW, I am not a fanatic. Though a Hindu, I was an atheist. But after reading Bhagavatha Purana an the Gita I have changed completely. This is because our Vedas are “Apourusheya”(Not man made and existing eternally in the mind of God) . Hinduism has “sampradaya( tradition of passing the slokas down over millions of years) . Now you be the judge.

    •' Khurram Raheel Meher says:

      I believe we should not confuse Islam with Muslims.

  41.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I’ve done alot of reading and I was almost a convert myself till I read the truth

  42.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Brutaly attacked in Bradford for converting to Christianity

  43.' Leanne Mullings says:

    They were muslim women who had been badly treated by there husbands and attacked while holding children one was feedin her child from her breast like I said not all r bad but I have seen with my own eyes and read and heard that is all and of Donald trump wants to ban all Muslims he shud ban black white and asain from entering america

  44.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I don’t think it is I believe Jesus is the son of god and died for my sins and everyone else who believes in him wat u belive os ur right and ur choice

    •' أشواق الهدي says:

      I beleave in one god who creat me and you and the whole universe , and jesus is the messenger of god to people and it was eating and sleeping ,and he doesn’t have any partner or one but Allah ,and if it was an other gods it going to be a defect in. Creation

  45.' Leanne Mullings says:

    God is showing me the way I no what is right and I no god is there he has blessed me so much in my. Life

  46.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I will pray for u too I hope u live a happy peacefull life

  47.' Barbara Cooper says:

    Would be nice if you actually had this right…..if your going to report why don’t you get the story right ?

  48.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Yes ur right . There is bad and good in all religions alover the world but for the bad god will punish just as he said

  49.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Who’s reporting?

  50.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I believe the same only I don’t call him Allah

    •' أشواق الهدي says:

      You have just a few steps to the right , and if you still search about the real truth you will find it and in the end you will find Islam is the real relegation

    •' أشواق الهدي says:

      But don’t look to the people and just ask Allah to chow you the right way

  51.' Leanne Mullings says:

    And I also believe god has no religion

  52.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I’m staying on the path I am on and on judgement day we will all no who is right and who is wrong life is a test. We can only go the way we think is wright be kind to each other and never kill lie or steal

    •' أشواق الهدي says:

      I swear by god if you read you will find all what are you looking for in Islam ,I know it and I study in islamique University and I didn’t find any thing on it makes me say why Allah did that or makes say that’s not fair, and I thanking Allah about Islam , but just take the information from the real source

  53.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Ur belife is ur belife and mine is mine I cant change u and u cant change me

  54.' Leanne Mullings says:

    If a person is close to god they will no if what they do is right or wrong everyone knows its wrong to kill but some people do it obviously thatis wrong thou shalt not kill

  55.' Leanne Mullings says:

    I don’t spread hate I just said to the girl ill pray for u too ur belife Is ur belife and mine is mine n wen things happen to ppl that is fact its not spreading hate its stating a fact and truth hurts weather its a small minority or not iys not something to be egnored and people need to wake up a realise what’s goin on in the word instead of being scared of evil stand up to it and it will end ppl r just feeding it even more n making evil more powerfull

  56.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Y are u teling mw to read Islam in not telling u to read a bible that’s the difference in not pushing u to belive something so y r u trying to push me to something im happy with my life and my beliefs im not bad to people and I don’t hurt ppl jeez all I said is ban muslim black and white from America if he’s gona ban ppl flippin ek

  57.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Lets end it there cos I didn’t wana get into the Islam thing that ur thing the bible is mine gud nite leave it at that

  58.' Leanne Mullings says:

    An I did say b4 I have read the Quran didn’t find peace but do in the bible

  59.' Leanne Mullings says:

    God bless u too

  60.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Good night god bless

  61.' Jerri Lynn Hinds Murphy says:

    Go go go Donald Trump you got my vote. It’s about time one of the people run this country.

  62.' Jerri Lynn Hinds Murphy says:

    Not the whole world just your world lol

  63.' Mishi von Dessauer says:

    Trump is a bigoted sociopath…if folks can’t see though that. The people are the problem not Trump. Stop giving this asshat airtime. Case closed. The non to minuscule time that I have personally given to this vapid human being begins & ends at this comment. ?

  64.' Glen Clark says:

    if it looks and sounds like a jackals it’s gotta be a jack***

  65.' JB Beckett says:

    Got to have high starting point in this country becuse of so many concessions a strong start may at least leave good strong hard line middle to contain the worst of them.

  66.' Marc Lemieux says:

    There’s The Cause of Global Warming. His mouth is opened, and when it is hot air leaks out and pollutes every one and everything within the sound of his voice, which with the Internet is Global. What a jerk, what a racist, what a waste of sperm ( his dad’s). One million sperm cells AND HE WAS THE FASTEST. Ouch. Somebody should tell him to go buy some cheap property on Mars so we can get rid of him. ( my apologies to all Martians, your turn to deal with him). And I’m Canadian and this wingnut scares me. He should terrify you, my American neighbours. For the love of all that is American, please don’t let him into the White House, either by front door, or back door. ?

  67.' Barbara Tims Halbert says:

    if this guy actually wins…I am giving up my citizenship and moving to another country!

  68.' Mike Panicc says:

    we need to close all borders or open all borders but this pick and choose shit is absurd. Trump thinks he’s a doorman at a night club

  69.' Grecy Baviera Cooper says:

    It’s time to get a passport. If Trumps win, I’m moving to another country.

  70.' Linda Martin says:

    I still think he has a brain tumour.

  71.' Rick Camise PE says:

    Your the ridiculous moron!

  72.' Joo How Loh says:

    America has enough trouble. Stop importing more. 1per cent of 100000 is a lot of blood for us to shed.

  73.' Nadia Smith says:

    there already there

  74.' Chaturvedi K Praveen says:

    Must ban the ones can create terror and have terror links directly or other indirectly.. National security is TOP agenda… World wide terror and terrorist are known to world do any one need to publicise it.. Do it.

  75.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Wat a nob head lmao

  76.' Darren Walshe says:

    To ban all Muslims is brain dead and that might be running America! That is enough to turn decent Muslims radical, he is breathing hate with hate he should be praising decent Muslims and asking them to stand together against the radicals what a mess of a man

  77.' Darren Walshe says:

    Why is nobody trying to talk to these people, dialogue is the answer

  78.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Muslims follow Islam christians follow Christ. How can u say don’t confuse them

  79.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Omg how do I get out of this debate or what ever it is lol ppl r crazy

  80.' Stephanie Nuzzolo says:

    I agree with Trump on this issue. I don’t care what you say.

  81.' Dave McCloskey says:

    A radical Muslim wants to behead you.

    A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to behead you.

  82.' Mashal KhaliqZada says:

    He elected him self in presidecial election but even he doesnt have enough information about USA . Because Muslims population are morethen 2000000 peoplein US and by its act he abused muslims and i congrates him that he can not be winner always……

  83.' Mashal KhaliqZada says:

    He elected him self in presidecial election but even he doesnt have enough information about USA . Because Muslims population are morethen 2000000 peoplein US and by its act he abused muslims and i congrates him that he will not be the winner for always……

  84.' Randi Sisk says:

    I don’t agree with trump. What I want to know is where all these constitutionalist were when the patriot act was implemented, when the enemy combatant act was implemented, when homelessness was made illegal, when the JSOC was enabled to invade b sovereign countries without congressional oversight or even being aware of it. According to the Constitution America is not to go to war unless it is in defense and war has to be declared which hasn’t happened since WWll. Where was the outrage then? The last time I checked the Constitution was meant to protect American citizens rights and values across the board.

  85.' Carol Webb says:

    He’s right…. Our borders should have been closed a long time ago

  86.' Bart van Hoeck says:

    In some parts of the World they rather NOT See them come unto there country since most are causing nothing but trouble. Other rather see to it NO radical groups Will take over in Europe since This is what extremists are after forcing People with the use of Will power & fear. Banning ALL muslims will just NOT help anyone NOT even in the U.S only more trouble every muslim Will have To learn & understand that in the West NOT everyone HAS the Same believe system or Same living conditions or attitudus

  87.' Christian Giovanni says:

    Finally a future president worth assassinating. Just kidding guys. Bernie’s gonna win. And if he doesn’t then I’ll know for sure that politics are rigged as fuck and it really is a people for the government. Get ready to hear megaphones on the streets

  88.' Sonya Swinea says:

    I can’t wait till he wins and all of you “haters” look like the MORONS you truly are. But that’s how Karma works isnt it? Swift and accurate. don’t even know what hit ya till its too late. LOL.. #lovintheshow

  89.' Patricia Katch says:

    Not good! We are really going to get it now. Even though we can wipe them off the face of the earth , still we do not need Trumps smart-trashy comments…….

  90.' Paul Earl says:

    Trump wants muslims banned and is a racist, bigoted, Islamaphoboc cunt.
    Muslim lands arrest/kill/outlaw homosexuals and it’s just a cultural difference.
    Love liberals.

  91.' Anwar Enting Bin Maliga says:

    Stupid action…tsk..

  92.' Leanne Mullings says:

    Am actualy getting sick of this don’t you people see what the muslim exstreamist post alover fb about how the will take over America and rape daughters of 13 and make it an Islamic state the whole world needs to wake the fuk up stop protecting the evil. Devil worshipers

  93.' Leanne Mullings says:

    We cant just go to Saudi Arabia and live there can we no y cos were not muslim and we cant all go take over Pakistan or India wale the fuk up people

  94.' Muhamad Rodzi says:

    This man should remains in business rather than being a president candidate. What a shame to Americans!

  95.' Judy Jones says:

    hes right

  96.' Shane Higginbottom says:

    1939 Germany all over again.

  97.' Joan Cuylaerts says:


  98.' Juanita Wigsmoen says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe this may be what is needed to get ANY religious group that lives in this country to start showing or proving that they really do appreciate being an AMERICAN by turning in ALL RADICALS in regardless of religion, or race.

  99.' Barb Jordan says:

    Lots of equally as challenge d folks who think that the Muslims are not going to run over you and you will donate your city to their ways. Look at Michigan’s cities that have been overrun. Little Poland for example

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