Trump Calls for “Closing the Internet,” Says Believing in Freedom of Speech is “Foolish”

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By Jay Syrmopoulos | Activist Post

On Monday, Donald Trump issued a statement advocating “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our representatives can figure out what’s going on.”

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Only hours after calling for a “total and complete ban on Muslims entering the United States,” the Republican presidential candidate forwarded the notion that America should also consider “closing the Internet up in some way,” as a means of fighting the Islamic State.

During a speech, Trump said that children in America are “watching the internet and they want to be masterminds,” and “we’re losing a lot of people because of the internet.”

Forwarding the narrative that the Internet is responsible for radicalizing Muslims, a contentious point, to say the least, Trump called for closing down the Internet, by oddly invoking Microsoft founder Bill Gates as a point man of sorts in his ludicrous scheme.

“We’ve got to maybe do something with the internet. We’re losing a lot of people because of the internet. We have to see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening,” said Trump.

“We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some ways. Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

If you believe in freedom of speech you are a fool, according to Trump.

What’s interesting is that Trump’s idea sounds eerily similar to the “Great Firewall of China,” a censorship regime that only allows websites that are approved by the Chinese government to be available to those in mainland China.

If this is what Trump thinks “Making America Great Again” involves, perhaps we should be content to not be so great!

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The business mogul then turned his ire to those currently in control of the U.S. government.

“We used to call it the quiet majority,” he said of his Republican base. “But people are fed up – they are fed up with incompetence, they are fed up with stupid leaders, they are fed up with stupid people,” said Trump

The real danger of Trump isn’t necessarily his actual policy, as he hasn’t even received a single vote, but rather the incitement of bigotry and encouragement of violence, which is legitimized and encouraged on a pop culture level through Trump’s rhetoric.

While many consider Trump an outsider, he has shown himself to be a skilled politician by stoking xenophobic fear and hatred in the U.S., first using Mexican immigrants and now Muslims as a lightning rod of bigotry.

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Trump obviously knows his audience well and uses his position as a cultural icon and skilled entertainer to embolden his fascist demagogue status… and Americans can’t seem to get enough of it.

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Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, AlterNet, InfoWars, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook atSir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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156 Reader Comments

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  1.' Jatinder Kumar says:

    Now might be a really good time to stfu Don.

  2.' Gus Müller says:

    In their own country there is a ban on freedom of speech. So thats what they want. Apply it in the USA also. Its not their country its yours for goodness sake!!!!!!!

  3.' Sonia Hansen Poole says:

    So tired of Trump!!!

  4.' Bradz Muy says:

    study the qur’an :))

  5.' Allison Latronica Minugh says:

    That ought to get the conservatives knickers in a twist!

  6.' Tyler Millsap says:

    He’s a billionaire crony looking out for his own self interests. As all of them do.

    •' Mitchell Bram says:

      I’m afraid he’s gone beyond that. If it was all about just keeping the status quo for the 1%, that wouldn’t be as bad as the vague plans he seems to have for the country.

  7.' Mark Mitchell says:

    MORON !!

  8.' Manda Salander says:

    Okay he really is playing a prank.

  9.' Mithela Haque says:

    I’ll become a mad if internet is closed.

  10.' Sims Staff says:

    Lol, this man always amuse me

  11.' Veronika Tarnovsky says:

    Mr. Trump is a douchebag. End of story. How is “closing up the internet” going to help prevent violence? Will it prevent all the mass shootings in the USA? Nope. People can still buy weapons without the internet. ?

  12.' Anja Jo says:

    Michael Carey

  13.' DeAnna Everhart says:

    HELL NO!

  14.' Dehlia Jane Cook says:

    Police state here we come…

  15.' Philip Odonohoe says:

    Fascist pig

  16.' Debbie Ford Goff says:


  17.' Ahmed Abdullahi says:

    the man just want attention..against d others contestants..

  18.' Debbie Carey says:

    Adolf comes to mind….

  19.' Rajesh Awtani says:

    Trump= hitler of this century

  20.' Karen L. Lindsey says:
  21.' Karen L. Lindsey says:

    Wow, shut down the Internet and look how mad all these people get lol some people need to live in the real world not social media. I can live without it?

  22.' Ray Clause says:

    Click – Bait.

  23.' Christy Van Wagoner says:

    Ummmmm, What!?!

  24.' Karen W Forrest says:

    If he tries to close down the Internet, He might as well forget getting votes for President, too many people & businesses rely on the Internet from day to day!!!

  25.' Mashayach Ben Ahayah says:

    If freedom of speech is the issue, then shut the fuck up Donald Duck! I mean Chump!!!

  26.' Gail Cronje says:

    We were all given the the right to speak read write and think

  27.' Stetson Craig says:

    Trump needs to have his speach freedom taken

  28.' Sam Narvasa Placido says:


  29.' Amy Brown says:

    Jesus, how’s he gonna get any information if he can’t access Wikipedia…it’s like cutting off your hair to spite your head. SMH

  30.' Andrea Vickers says:

    He’s just a twat making a spectacle of himself across the globe.. He’s even funding his own humiliation. Take this opportunity to take note of who his followers are. There are morons everywhere. Lol

  31.' Tom Stowe says:

    Maybe Donald Trump’s rantings are nothing more than a Beta Test to see how much freedom we would be willing to give up for a false sense of security and safety.

  32.' Pat Gallagher says:

    I’m ashamed that he’s made it this far and that so many people are siding with him.

    Our forefathers must be so incredibly proud of us.

  33.' Pice Mangulamas says:

    do it first trump..

  34.' Jimmie Kitterman says:

    Trump is a Dick Tater.

  35.' Roberta Hudson says:

    Here’s an interesting thought. What if Trump is intentially saying these things to make him look bad so you will vote for the other party he is running against because he is in cohorts with them…..

    •' Josie Kemi Grant says:

      Hmmm…That’s an interesting point

    •' Mitchell Bram says:

      I’ve also heard the theory that he want’s to bow out of the race by getting kicked out by the party. It’s all possible, and we’ll probably never know the real truth. I DO wonder whether this guy actually wants to be pres., or just have some fun running for it.

  36.' Viktor Erbleblrbasdf Palm says:

    oh man, USA… ?

  37.' Margo Mase says:

    My thoughts are inline with his cerebral aciticy….NONE.

  38.' Nelson Duarte says:

    We jump down Donald Trumps throat when he opens his mouth and says things that are absolutely preposterous but what I find most disturbing is the amount of followers and believers he has. If it’s one thing that DT is teaching us is that there are a large group of people that agree with his speech, wether it’s hate or not people are agreeing with this shit. DT is just a mouth piece, he will never be president but he will always be the Donald. How does it go, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

    •' Alan Evenson says:

      I’m guessing a large portion of the people in this country are still very racist, as Chump appears to be, and the first black president brought them out into the light. Of course, Chump is just saying what the rest of the republicon party thinks.

  39.' Laura Asselin Puckett says:

    If you repeat something get it right

  40.' Justin Propst says:

    There it is..he want no internet.. No freedoms of speech sounds like he wants to be a communist.. He don’t need to be elected.. But u know the media doesn’t care..BC they get paid to make u watch TV and be puppets

  41.' Rick Lee says:

    Like him or not, Trump’s doing a hell of a lot more to try to save this country from terrorists than the “president” or any of you Facebook warriors. You seem to forget that if America goes down, so do all of us.

  42.' Faizhar Aqbal says:

    He’s bored with his life so he decided to be idiot

  43.' Rob Burton says:

    Out spoken himself, it would give the world a rest from the lash of his foolish tongue.

  44.' Michael MacMaster says:

    Trump is getting goofier by the day.

  45.' Sara Franks-farris says:

    oh, the irony…

  46.' Don Huffer says:

    Trump 2016

  47.' Andrew Barker says:

    I think Trump’s mental illness, which has been hidden has been fuly exposed now that he is able to say anything he wants.

  48.' Charles Barton Lamb says:

    What a total idiot. The man is a hazard to free thought and enlightened thinking everywhere. An absolute menace.

  49.' Bunny Brando says:

    fsck that idiot

  50.' Stacy Chiron Lundquist says:

    He’s a douche-nozzle. Closing the internet will slow down the truth being spread (his intention, I’m sure)…….. He is the closest I’ve ever gotten to feeling true hate for another living being……..

  51.' Linda Richards says:

    W.T.F. All the same underneath, very insidious.

  52.' Daniel Coleman says:

    Still the land of the free?

  53.' Deborah Ritter says:


  54.' Frank Garciarubio says:

    Trump = American Hitler

  55.' zef rose says:

    What we are witnessing here is the radicalization of Americans.

  56.' zef rose says:

    It is the rise of Radical Americanism.
    We are in a very real sense becoming Jihadists ourselves.

  57.' zef rose says:

    Actually it was our very own Jihad that began in earnest after 9-11
    that started all this anyway.

  58.' Greg Smith says:

    No he called for closing some parts of it. Mainly whatever Isis are using to recruit. Stop taking words out of context from a speech and twisting them.

  59.' Shawn Noonan says:

    I think porn should be censored if you have kids you should have that option to be able to censor that on your computer

  60.' Shawn Noonan says:

    I believe in free speech I believe in this country I would die for this country that I don’t believe in all the crap that’s on the Internet

  61.' Shawn Noonan says:

    Is ruining all of our kids minds why do you think they mass shooting every week in this country

  62.' Shawn Noonan says:

    a lot stuff should be deleted like child pornography should not be allowed on there

  63.' Shawn Noonan says:

    Their is a difference in free speech and theirs a different when a crime is being committed

  64.' Shawn Noonan says:

    And yes I’m more scared of big brother the shadow government

  65.' Shawn Noonan says:

    Our freedoms are under attack every day

  66.' Zahoor Ahmed says:

    mad man can say anything just listen, do not react, see the result

  67.' James Butler says:

    … speaking as a Donald J. Trump supporter (since he’s the best candidate who appears to share some of my same interests), I’m not sure what he meant by making these statements and would really like to know more about what he meant by them. But, I do believe he is mainly referring to blocking access to known terrorist recruiting and funding sites. In general, this is not one of my interests shared with Donald J. Trump, but we should welcome his free speech, even when we don’t agree; I’d rather listen to other people’s ideas, even if they oppose my own, because you never know if maybe there is something to be learned through the process. The bigger problem is when others twist the statements of another, with intentions of slander, to gain some political advantage they are not able to obtain through their own ideas.

  68.' Kelvin Lee says:


  69.' Zaida Fontes says:

    Soooooo nhe needs to shut up ASAP ….. to much crap comes from him ……… jeeeezzzzz its really ignorant

  70.' Manuela V. DosPassos says:

    We don’t need a narcissist in charge..

  71.' Dani Clifton says:

    OMG – I should have put down my coffee before reading this post! Trump is a daily source of my amusement!

  72.' Mickey Edwards says:

    Lol, what I say to that is: go ahead, close up the Internet to us. Watch how corporate banking systems that rely on the Internet are damaged. Watch as retail corporations revenue fall dramatically. Watch as NSA staff are looking for new jobs. Watch as their profiling is rendered obsolete. It’s all fear. They need us on the Internet more than we need the Internet. Let’s call their bluff and watch as they scurry to try and entice us back on

  73.' Emma Woodman-Doyle says:

    Go home Trump, you’re drunk.

  74.' Steve Elder says:

    He’s a plant by the Democrats….

  75.' Pineapple Mageo says:

    I love this man everytime he open his mouth.

  76.' Jeb Jebberson says:

    Hate him!

  77.' Wendy Hardin says:

    He wants to be a dictator. If he is unimaginably elected. This country will become a police state. People rant about Obama abuses of the constitution. Trump will throw that document out. He was to be Supreme Emperor Chump!!! This is not what America is! And if this nightmare does happen? The rest of the world will want to destroy us.

  78.' Richard Cavalier says:

    I think he has ingrown hair!

  79.' Kelly Halberda says:

    If he means closing down Internet to Isis are where they are fighting that might be good so they can’t communicate but also the government can watch peoples internet so closing it down would stop communication that can help prevent an attack so closing Internet is a bad idea

  80.' Patricia Jonassen says:

    Some body wants to put this “Parasite “out of his misery

  81.' Pamela Holland says:

    Someone should blow a trumpet up Donald’s rear end!
    He may speak his mind & plenty may be all for his views; but as time goes by more are realizing what so many already know. He is an egotistical back in of a jack ass.

  82.' Abe March says:

    What would he say if he was prohibited from making speeches?

  83.' Diem Marseille says:

    I believe he wants to start another civil war in this country and divide the US. He’s also a hideous man with a hideous toupee!

  84.' Nathan Dunning says:

    He’d have to be better than Barry

  85.' Jennifer Marie says:

    If he doesn’t believe in free speech maybe he should shut his ugly mouth. He’s not the president he is a nobody. He by his own words has no right to speak. Gtfo trump. Bye !

  86.' Sheila Goodger says:

    He is a fascist. Racist and if he ever had any real power would be a dictator as well .

  87.' Dan Snoek says:

    Sadly a symptom of a culture where pride and ego are considered virtues instead of the abominations they are….reaping those seeds seems a terminal harvest.

  88.' Coleen Cahill says:

    Do the Democrats pay this ignoramus behind the scenes to boost their campaigns? Even us South Africans are laughing…

  89.' Dressler Tara says:

    “Close the internet”….hahaha, yeah – like that will EVER happen. What an idiot.

  90.' Paul Dicioccio says:

    Too many people have been brain-washed, in the name of political correctness, they see these ideas and actions as extreme, when in reality I’m beginning to think does in fact at least some of the answers! the guy opens his mouth all in the sake of protecting America, and everyone cries wolf, bigot, fear- mongering, fascist, Hitler! wtf? 99% of the people here, even those of you who claim to be highly educated are retards and haven’t a clue what’s going on in the world!

  91.' Michael MacDonald says:

    He didn’t say shut down the entire internet but certain parts.

  92.' Jazz Ribar says:

    As an Australian I wonder how on earth this man has any supporters???? Then again we do have some wacko candidates as well lol

  93.' Jim Cobb says:

    eliminate money…take their power…then its not “too costly” to protect the planet…and the creatures that inhabit it…its up to the people

  94.' Jerry Ayon says:

    We are losing it if we don’t fight back.

  95.' Phil Brown says:

    N-A-M T -O-L-P E-H -T G-I-N-S-O-O-L

  96.' Greg Heckaman says:

    Spoken like a true American,,

  97.' Christopher Witehira says:

    No its wrong! Its a Step backward. An open well of info is required. Fb or internet polling with a govt open book policy is more efficient. Knowing issues concerning humanites future with govt pros n cons can giv d pop understanding if govt believes the entire pop is wrong then they just over trump the pop but at least a transparent govt is better in my view fuck!! Sorry. . . Umm what else? Oh yeah! Monkey politics of stepping backward is equivalent to cave painting Mr Trump!

  98.' Melissa Chen says:

    If it’s the only way to end terrorism, then be it for Americans safety.

  99.' Patricia McCarthy says:

    The idea of closing the internet just can’t be done, so you ignore that and he is entitled to his free speech, the important thing is not to take it seriously. But they can closed down the bank accounts of ISIS receiving money from the CIA and many others and block their accounts on social media easily!!!

  100.' Annette Love Hatton says:

    Not entirely true. Which makes the story False

  101.' Mernie Whitted says:

    i cant even respond, this is beyond absurd

  102.' Russ Ridlington says:

    He is saying what a lot of Americans are thinking, who knows, it may be a majority. Americans no longer think for themselves

  103.' William Whitaker says:


  104.' Ginger Palme says:


  105.' Mona Ahmad says:

    I just said the same on another post regarding Trump. Sharing it here as you ask for an opinion on him.
    I feel it’s time we should all silently take a long look at ourselves rather than taking a look at others.
    Truth be told! This is the face of many. It’s a Human trait which humanity has suffered since the beginning of time. We are all one in this ugliness. Because we have this face.
    Fearing the other is a global trait. We will find it trickling in our very own veins if we look closely. Yet we keep a check and floss our brains. Some forget to do that

  106.' Ruth Swindle Horton says:


  107.' Diane Mazzaferro says:


  108.' Mitchell Bram says:

    Most of what The Donald has to say is half-baked, seemingly not thought through, and never backed up with any specifics, If find it hard to take him seriously.

  109.' Jeffrey Adams says:

    Maybe we should ignore his speech

  110.' Juwan Couch says:

    Maybe people will start living again.

  111.' Helen Lo says:

    Luv watching #FuckfaceVonClownstick self destruct

  112.' Tim Sheaffer says:

    If what he said is true he should listen to his own words and shut the hell up

  113.' Rebecca Escobedo Rios says:

    He has balls , something not many have .

  114.' Jeff Hill says:

    Donald duck is a better public speaker, it’s true everybody says so.

  115.' Gary Asatryan says:

    Patrick Avas When your rights are all stripped away. You’ll understand why this guy is a complete cock sucker.

    •' Patrick Avas says:

      Thats the media twisting his words , no matter what a president will be selected he has the best ideas out of all of them

  116.' Tony Godwin Jr. says:


  117.' Sanda Puscau says:

    Yeah, let’s go back to the Stone Age!!! This is called Trump-ism!!!

  118.' Mary Wang says:

    Closing up the Internet might be a great idea. Yet ban on Muslims is a lousy one.

  119.' Joe Michaels says:

    Translation.. Closing ISIS websites. Are you against that?

  120.' Don Zeigler says:

    Trump and his followers are foolish.

  121.' John Mcleod says:

    Don’t ya love how the internet becomes yet again the favourite whipping boy of the “elite”…

  122.' Sammy Hertecant says:

    In his case I would agree .. so lead by example and shut the fck up asshole!!!

  123.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    Woopty doodle.

  124.' Kay Alcorn says:

    Haha! He’s trying every way he can to get out of this presidential game he’s been playing and they still keep supporting him. Sounds like it’s it’s right out of an Adam Sandler movie.

  125.' Mark D. Jones says:

    Nazi Trump is simply a sick man that needs to locked up in a mental institution and keys thrown away. He is not fit to be a president!

  126.' Aizen Sasuke says:


  127.' Bobbi Gould says:

    He’s a JOKE.

  128.' Bobbi Gould says:

    Fact: More uneducated people favor Donald Trump. Fact: Education is important. GO GET ONE!

  129.' Paul Dicioccio says:

    The last laugh will be on you Bobbi. Thx for your enlightened comments! But I would suggest an education too. Cheers 😉

  130.' Paul Dicioccio says:

    Who doesn’t LOVE apples?!

  131.' Darren Walshe says:

    Donald duck needs to climb under a rock the fool

  132.' Paul Dicioccio says:

    Furthermore, if even one more death occurs from the Syrian refugee immigration, on N. American soil, it will fall on the backs of you brainwashed, politically correct nimrods

  133.' Paul Dicioccio says:

    You idiots… are idiots. When the bombings start happening in America from newly homegrown Syrian refugees, you’re gonna pray you voted for Trump. Alas, it will be too late, and us (supposed) un-educated types will sit back… if we’re still alive… and aim our blame right back to you… but you won’t have any place the run… because by then, the takeover will have been complete! Think about it… or don’t comment, don’t have time for this nonsense.

  134.' Gabriela Filkin says:

    He’s not just nasty, but extremely stupid, the internet and the freedom of speech is that allows him to splurt out his vitriolic trash!

  135.' Jim Templeman says:

    To funny! You guys are useful idiots! HE SAID ‘ close it to DAECH !” ( Isis )
    You know the people running chopping heads off! Keep up the part of being useful idiots! I geuss Russia can drip nukes like they said they might do ..its ok because lets not think outside of socialist propaganda . Idiots!

  136.' Bernadette Pamplin says:

    Donald Trump is amongst all existing offensive words, a hypocrite. He uses his freedom of speech to call for an end to freedom of speech…whilst subjecting us to opinions which are ludicrously ignorant and the product of being so immersed in a system, that he has lost all touch with reality. What concerns me, are the amount of people that listen to him and actually agree.

  137.' Morag McGoldrick Baillie says:

    Donald Trump is a legitimate example of somebody who has more money than sense.

  138.' Shirley Willis says:

    We are in sooo much trouble if they vote this guy in……communism at its finest….

  139.' Lee Mackenzie says:

    He is a very dangerous man the ammount of whackjobs who love him is terrifying ?

  140.' Frank Green says:

    He has been reading ‘Mein Kampf’ and how you control the masses.

  141.' Shawn Komarynski says:

    Propaganda alert!!!!

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