Top Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Crucial

Physical therapy is almost always a positive experience and for some it can be completely life changing. While some doctors will rush their patients to go under the knife if they are struggling with some kind of chronic pain, there are actually many instances in which physical therapy can legitimately help solve the issue better than surgery actually would.

If you are thinking about going through some physical therapy, chances are good you are curious about some of the top reasons why people opt to do so.

If that is the case, then you have absolutely come to the right place. Let us at Irvine physical therapy clinic break down some of the top reasons why physical therapy is so crucial.

Physical therapy reduces pain

When you are dealing with pain in your joints, ligaments or muscles, manual therapy such as soft tissue mobilization can drastically reduce the pain. There are other common practices, such as electrical stimulation, taping or even ultrasound that can improve blood circulation in the injured area in order to promote faster healing. Treatments such as these are also known to reduce recurring issues.

Improve following a stroke

Suffering a stroke can be a highly traumatic moment for anyone. Beyond that, it can cost someone the use of crucial parts of their body. With that in mind, physical therapy can help increase your strength, get back your mobility and control and regain your balance. All in all, physical therapy is considered to be one of the best ways for people who have suffered strokes to reclaim their physical independence following the incident.

Avoid surgery

Surgery should be avoided whenever physical therapy can help fix the issue. First off, physical therapy alone can help many injured tissue issues without ever having to go under the knife. Beyond that, if it is found that you will eventually have to have surgery, pre-surgical therapy is well-known for easing and expediting the recovery time after you have a successful operation.

Increase mobility 

One of the worst aspects of chronic soft-tissue injuries is that they can dramatically reduce the mobility in a specific part of your body. Injuries to your knees, ankles and other parts of your body that depend on high mobility can continue to get worse and worse if you are unable to heal the injury and help your body recover. Luckily, you are going to benefit from a lot of strengthening and stretching of your muscles and joints during your physical therapy sessions. On top of that, your highly trained physical therapist will be able create a personalized care plan crafted specifically to your needs and your injury.

Physical therapy helps the body recover following an injury 

One of the most important things to keep in mind is how impactful physical therapy can be for someone after they have endured a serious injury. Following any kind of injury, either from a sport you play, an accident you have endured or anything else under the sun, your therapist will create a recovery plan to help you grow stronger and avoid re-injuring the body part in the future.