The Top 5 (Surprising) Energetic Secrets to Manifesting Abundance and Success

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by Sage Kingsley Goddard

If you’ve been a student and practitioner of the Law of Attraction, you’ve probably noticed that some of your desires manifest easily while others take a loooooong time. No matter how many affirmations you say and Vision Boards you make.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of my top success secrets that I personally used to go from bankrupt and homeless to making 6 figures doing what I love. I always share empowering tools and techniques that go beyond typical LoA, so you can really experience the transformation you need deep within, and really live your dream life.


Radically. Radiantly. Unconditionally. No. Matter. What.

“But I DO love myself, really, I do!”

Ah, my friend, but do you love yourself ENOUGH?

Happy woman with heart-compressedLoving yourself NMW (no matter what) means you love, cherish and celebrate your YOUnique gifits and beauty, and you KNOW beyond any doubt: “I 100% deserve, desire and welcome all the best things in life.”

It means you RECEIVE and GIVE in a balanced way.

You treat yourself to enough “Me Time, Be Time” along with doing and producing (work) time.

And it means healthy self-love guides you on a daily basis so you make healthy choices for self-care, you do what you love with people who totally GET and celebrate you, and maintain healthy boundaries..

If your self-love is not deep enough or not fully expressed, this impedes your manifestation powers, not only for attracting love, but also for doing joyous meaningful work you love, and magnetizing MONEY.

(For more about self-love, check out Radiant Radical Self-Love here)

SECRET #2 – 

“Raise your vibration”
“Align with what you really want”

These are buzz-phrases these days, but HOW do you really DO that?

The full answer to that question would require more space than I have here, but for starters, it helps to be aware that there is much more to this than most people realize.

Clearing and aligning your energy field means making vibrational adjustments – both larger huge shifts such as you get from a powerful healing session or retreat – as well as having DAILY PRACTICES for clearing out the negative and bringing in the positive ENERGY.

Your approach needs to include:

chakra flowChakra energizing
Aura healing
Connecting with the Divine/Guides/Angels/Highest Self
Intuitive development
Healing past lives, ancestral patterns
Forgiveness & Choosing Love Over Fear
Harmonizing frequencies

Does this sound like a lot? It is. The good news is, there are proven practices that can help you master the flow of energy within you and in your life.

Here is a mantra for you:

“Everything is energy, and energy is EVERYTHING.”

The next secret to success is probably the MOST commonly overlooked & misunderstood of all…



Does even a teensy bit of you believe any of these…?

Rich people are ruining the planet.
Money is evil.
Money causes stress.
It’s not spiritual to be rich or to charge a lot for what I do.
The economy sucks nowadays and it’s hard to make a good living.
I’m not good with money.
I can attract money but it’s hard to keep it.
No matter how much money I have, I worry that it’s not enough.

If any of those beliefs triggered an inner response, it is ESSENTIAL that you clear out those B.S. Beliefs to Shift and — lean in, this is the most important part – not only at your conscious mind but at the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL.

“Aha!” you say. “So THIS is why saying affirmations a bajillion times and making a pretty vision board was not enough.” Exactly!

Your subconscious mind governs 95% of what you think, say and do.

Modern neuroscience confirms this. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, best-selling author of The Biology of Belief, the renowned cellular biologist and scientist who discovered “epigenetics,” the power of our BELIEFS is so unlimited, we can even override our genetic makeup.

If you want to know what limiting beliefs you have, just look at your life — especially the PATTERNS.

If you see yourself attracting the wrong clients (or not enough right clients), financial problems, feeling stuck at your “Golden Handcuffs” job, bouncing from one idea to another but going nowhere fast, these all indicate B.S. to replace about money.

So how do you access your subconscious to change your beliefs?

Here’s the key: The Theta brainwave is the record button for your subconscious mind.

We all go in and out of Theta brainwave several times a day, especially just before and after sleep. One way to change your subconscious beliefs with Theta brainwave is to listen to 100% POSITIVE abundance statements just before bed and while sleeping. (The Aligning with Abundance audio is a fantastic Theta brain entrainment tool.)

To reprogram your beliefs, you can also:  work with a qualified hypnotherapist, learn self-hypnosis, improve your meditation skills…. The key is to REPLACE the worst beliefs you have about money, and consistently reprogram them.

Affirmations can be used, but most people do not know use them properly, or they use the wrong affirmations (which can do more harm than good).

When you consistently master your energy & beliefs, you master your money & your life!
For example, one of my clients had limiting beliefs about the value of her message as a speaker. She felt, “What can I say that other people haven’t already said?”

After just 2 sessions of working on shifting that B.S., she landed multiple speaking gigs and when she spoke from her heart about her story as a cancer survivor, she made a huge impact on people’s lives, stepped up and launched her business, quadrupling her income within 2 months. She’s now a prosperous business owner, speaker and healer!


Image from

Image from

Getting clear so you can get in gear means clarifying your vision of who you are, what you desire, what are your gifts and mission, who are you here to serve and what do you help them with.

You don’t have to have your entire life planned out (it’s all in the journey)… But as the old Jewish proverb goes, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’re liable to end up where you are headed.”

Put your AT-tention on your IN-tention.

I like to say to myself, “Hocus pocus, FOCUS!”

If you are not as clear as you’d like to be, and need to be, about your life purpose, your niche and mission, two great next steps would be to get a personal reading with an INTUITIVE who is an expert on life purpose and right livelihood, and/or get more intuitive TRAINING so you can perceive divine messages directly from your Source. I believe we are ALL intuitive. Sometimes it helps though, when we are immersed in our own emotional stuff, to get guidance, or to clear the static.

So let’s say you have enough clarity. Getting in gear, actually taking the right actions in the right order, in the right way and at the right time…

For this part of the process, you need a plan of action and manageable small steps that will move you toward your Big Dream.

In the Espritpreneurs program, we use a process called D-G-A: Dreams… Goals.. Action!

Don’t be afraid to have a really BIG Big Dream. This is your mission on Planet Earth. If you could be, do and have anything and everything you desire, if you could make the BIGGEST IMPACT you could imagine, what would that be?

Then focus in on 3 goals for this month, and concrete action steps you can take today / this week.

By clearly understanding your gifts, your passions, your Big Dream, then focusing every day on specific steps that will move you closer to your Dream Life, you will steadily and joyfully get there!

SECRET #5 – Get the RIGHT support

Can you identify and reprogram your limiting beliefs, get clear and in gear on your own? Possibly. However, having a supportive, successful, accessible, encouraging, knowledgeable COACH and COMMUNITY can help you achieve success much more quickly.

Seven Signs That Someone Is A Member Of Your Soul GroupMulti-millionaire coach Jack Canfield (best-selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and many others) has said, “Everyone needs an accountability partner.”

Be selective, though, about with whom you work, because there are so many choices nowadays. Many people go a little crazy signing up for too many programs that just have a slick sales page or pitch. (I call this Bright Shiny Program Syndrome.) Many of my clients and students had already invested (sometimes they feel they wasted) thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on coaching, conferences and other programs that promised them the world, but didn’t deliver.

Tips: Look for a coach/healer/intuitive/mentor who is personally successful. Who inspires you. Who serves from the heart and works intuitively and energetically, so it’s not just head-based fluff but goes deep. Choose a coach who is accessible and responsive, not one who hides behind gatekeepers and “assistant coaches.” And Google them before investing any money to make sure they have positive reviews.

Connect too with a community (come-Unity!) of like-minded, conscious, heart-centered people who GET YOU and CELEBRATE YOU, who hold the vision for your success, who raise you up every step of the way. This will synergistically help you stay on track and en-JOY your journey much more too.

So go ahead, engage and enhance all 5 of these energetic secrets:
2-Clearing & Aligning Your Energy Field
3-Reprogramming Your Beliefs (subconsciously as well as consciously)
4-Get Clear and In Gear, and
5-Get the Right Support = Coach + Come-Unity!

And get ready to leap into YOUR Dream Life of Abundance!

Want more great articles and re-Sources for your abundance and spiritual path? Would you like to EXPERIENCE intuitive business coaching powerfully designed to help you create a joyful 6-figure soulwork business fast?

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Sage-170x200Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, The Prosperous Goddess™is a 6-figure Abundance Acceleration & Business Coach, award-winning Law of Attraction expert, and gifted Archangel Michael Channel. Sage manifested her Twin Flame soulmate, now husband of 18 years, using the techniques she teaches. Sage uniquely integrates intuitive aura & chakra readings with hypnotherapy, shamanic energy healing & Spirit-guided coaching to help her clients manifest the Love, Joy & Abundance they desire. Sage is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, Money Reiki Grand Master, #1 best-selling author and dynamic catalyst for transformation. Through ESPRITPRENEURS ™ and other programs. Sage passionately empowers Lightworkers to monetize your joyful soulwork, PROSPER, THRIVE & SHINE!


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