Can You Build a Home for Under $500? This Man Did!

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Brooks didn't keep an exact tally of costs but estimates it as "well below" the $500 mark (Photo: Scott Brooks/Brendan McGarry Photography)

Brooks didn’t keep an exact tally of costs but estimates it as “well below” the $500 mark (Photo: Scott Brooks/Brendan McGarry Photography)

The tiny living community is filled with enthusiasts who think outside the box in a bid to turn what’s essentially a shed into a viable home at minimal cost. Pacific Northwest resident Scott Brooks offers a great example of what can be achieved with a shoestring budget under the right circumstances, with the recently-completed Transforming Tiny Home, which was built for an estimated cost of under US$500.

Until now, the cheapest tiny house project we’d reported on was the $489 conversion of a storehouse by two college students. Though he didn’t keep an exact tally, Brooks estimates his home as coming in at “well below” $500. Like the storehouse conversion, this was largely made possible thanks to the use of salvaged and gifted items, which in this case included skylights, a door, a window and a wood-burning stove.

The Transforming Tiny Home measures just 7.7 sq m (83 sq ft), and isn’t designed to be easily movable. It sits atop concrete blocks in a large 8.1-hectare (20-acre) plot of rural land in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The land is owned by Brooks’ friend, who designed the basic shell of the tiny house to use materials he already had lying around, and Brooks and a few more friends then built it.

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