This Is What Microwaves Do To Your Food (and Why You Must Kill Them…Before They Kill You)

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By Vandita | We Are Anonymous

Heating/Cooking on a stove is different from heating/cooking in a microwave. Absolutely right. While conventional ways of heating/cooking your food HEAT/COOK your food, microwaves heat/cook YOU. If this sounds frightening, or very much like an over-the-top statement, read what the US Food and Drug Administration has to say:

It is known that microwave radiation can heat body tissue the same way it heats food. Exposure to high levels of microwaves can cause a painful burn.

While in an earlier article, we shared some of the harmful effects (such as cancer, swollen lymph nodes and a weakened immune system) of using microwave ovens for cooking or re-heating food—and gave you ample reasons why you should stop using microwaves—in this article we will share the work of five scientific studies from across the world, to illustrate what effects microwave cooking or re-heating has on your food…

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1. Way back in 1992, Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine, conducted a study which observed that microwaving breast milk caused a decrease in lysozyme activity and antibodies, and aided the growth of more pathogenic bacteria.

2. In 1998, to clarify the effects of microwave heating on the loss of vitamin B12 in foods, Japanese researchers treated raw beef, pork, and milk with microwave heating and then determined their vitamin B12 contents. Appreciable loss (approximately 30-40%) of vitamin B12 occurred in the foods during microwave heating.

3. Research conducted by the Pennsylvania State University in 2001, concluded that 60 seconds of microwave heating or 45 minutes of oven heating can block the anti-carcinogenic activity of garlic.

4. A Spanish study, which was published in The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in 2003, detected high losses of flavonoids (97%), sinapic acid derivatives (74%) and caffeoylquinic acid derivatives (87%) when broccoli was microwaved. Conventional boiling led to a significant loss of flavonoids (66%) from fresh raw broccoli; high-pressure boiling caused considerable leaching (47%) of caffeoylquinic acid derivatives into the cooking water; while steaming had minimal effects, in terms of loss, on both flavonoid and hydroxycinnamoyl derivative contents.

5. An Australian study, which was published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2008, found thatmicrowaves cause a significantly higher degree of unfolding than conventional thermal stress for protein solutions heated to the same maximum temperature. Several neurodegenerative and other diseases are believed to result from the accumulation of amyloid fibrils formed by misfolded proteins.

To microwave or not to microwave?

Microwaves work by causing water molecules to resonate at very high frequencies, converting them into steam and thereby heating your food. While this might be a convenient way to prepare your food, using microwave radiation in this way actually changes the chemical structure of that food.Microwaving in plastic is dangerous too, because it can cause toxic chemicals (like phthalates and dioxins) to leak into your food.

Though the industry projects that microwave cooking/heating protects the nutrient content of foods, there is plenty of evidence to prove that the sensitive compounds in food, such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients change as a result of microwave cooking/heating – the health benefits of microwaved food remain questionable.

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And even though some “experts” still use the “fact” that “radiation doesn’t mean radioactive” to “givethe final word on whether microwaves are dangerous,” the USFDA recommends taking “common sense precautions,” like not standing directly next to the microwave while it’s on.

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  1.' Matthew Flores says:

    Stephanie Maine

  2.' Dallan Brindley says:

    Kressa Brindley believe me now?

  3.' Lee Moro says:

    Got rid of the microwave…?

  4.' Carol Francis says:

    I have used a microwave all my very long life and have not suffered any ill effects. The hype against them is b.s.

  5.' Russell Burton Alexander Brown says:

    I’ma stop using them just in case. I know what radiation is, and I don’t want cancer, so glhf all.

  6.' Robert Mroczka says:

    I did not know these things, don’t foresee me getting rid of a microwave, but Ill try to use it wiser.

  7.' Greg Clark says:


  8.' Becky Strong says:


  9.' Becky Strong says:


  10.' bonnie says:

    even if microwave doesn’t exist, people still get cancer, some poeple do everything to prevent it thru healthy diet, excercise etc but still get it. there no absolute way to prevent it just because you factor out microwave in your life. I know because I have been around people that have passed away from cancer, and they are the most healthest people I know. you can’t say one thing is the cause of a decease, it could be based on so many factors and sometimes even unpreventable.

  11.' Joey-Danielle Spencer says:

    Tanya Otis

  12.' Susan Slowey says:

    this was one of the biggest arguements when microwave ovens first came out!!! despite the arguement microwaves are still here and still being used. long term studies always let us know how we could die from something we use every day, but duh, i’m still here!

  13.' Elaine Phillips says:

    Also the microwave heats your food in plastic containers. As your cooking your food your melting plastic particles into your food so your then eating plastic and unbalanced food. Our body tissues are now testing positive for plastic particles as Yale & Harvard research has documented recently. Sounds like an early invitation to the casket in my opinion.No thank you.

  14.' Ryan Russell says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah. Don’t breathe the air. Don’t drink the water. Fear of pesticides. Why are people living longer now than any other time? Maybe it’s the microwave, lol.

    •' Carol Jean Welk says:

      Yeah and don’t fly in an airplane or live in Denver or even in a brick house all put out radiation.

    •' Jeremy Ravezzani says:

      Carol Jean Welk are you suggesting the composition of brick is radioactive?

    •' Graham Perrins says:

      Fact. We are polluting the atmosphere with our industries, technology, exploitation of the planets energy, minerals etc. There are contaminants getting into piped water all over the world and some countries medicate with fluoride which does more harm than good to the body. We should be knowledgeable about pesticides. Monsanto have legal actions now being taken against them for spaying crops with poisons which then end up in our food. All they care about is profit. People are only living longer because of better health care. Our scientists tend to be funded by parties with a vested interest in a particular outcome that does not damage their capacity to make profits. It has been known for some time that microwaves give out unshielded harmful energy which is why people with heart conditions have been advised not to stand too close to them when they are in use. Wake up people to the damage that our materialistic society is doing to the environment and all life on this planet.

    •' Hartley O'Connor says:

      They’re keeping you alive to consume more drugs.
      Why is there more cancer, heart disease, athsma, liver and kidney disease etc.

    •' Ryan Russell says:

      Your doing more harm to yourself by worrrying about things that are totally out of your control. Unless your a Senator, or in Congress, your just driving up your blood pressure and stress levels with no change in sight.

    •' George Lafflin says:

      Ryan Russell is right stop worrying so much. I don’t use a microwave except for baked potatoes cause they take too long and rarely anything else. Not because I’m worried so much but because I am a good cook and no good cook would dare use a microwave to ruin their taste of their food

  15.' Kim Rice says:

    Haven’t used one in months – and don’t intend to go back to them.

  16.' Adrian Flemeau says:

    You can make microwaveable food in an oven,takes longer but tastes better anyway

  17.' Bertha Telema Mafiejor says:

    Will stopping to use microwave oven stop people from dying? or will it reduce death rate?

  18.' Gui Chaves says:

    Matheus Wienen

  19.' Nathaniel Johhnny says:

    What the hell. Earth is a shitty place anyway so I don’t mind

  20.' Eli Villa says:


  21.' Taryn Barrow says:

    Ruby Tui

  22.' Shaun Sorrentino says:

    Michelle Sorrentino

  23.' Cory Borne says:

    Mary Borne

  24.' Dan James says:

    Sara Dawn

  25.' Hayley Cutler-Gribble says:

    Ditched mine and found I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly things actually heat on the hob. I only miss it for my porridge.

  26.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    Microwaves are an essential way to communicate with the alien android clones.

  27.' Joe Winslow says:

    Katie Winslow

  28.' Kelley Evtushek says:

    This isn’t true. Microwaves heat the water in the food…. which in turn heats the food…. It doesn’t leave radioactive anything in the food. It’s fine.

  29.' 李寶童 says:

    How dangerous using something tools is

  30.' Julie McCarthy says:

    Deirdre McCarthy

  31.' Tania Sassi says:

    I just got rid of mine! It’s really not much of a hassle:)

  32.' Candice Smith says:

    Liam Perkins

  33.' Barbara Cooper says:

    If you don’t want to use your microwave that’s cool …..move on

  34.' Don Lang says:

    It’s a fucking microwave people…it heats your food…that’s it.

  35.' Mehak Bharti says:

    Vaishnavi Subramanian

  36.' Lisa Gwynne says:

    Justin O’Kane?!

  37.' Candie Hilton says:

    Thankyou Ryan Russell so tired of this crap Ive been using a microwave for many many years im still here so I will continue to use it I dont believe everything I see.

  38.' Abrahams Child says:

    Hopefully next year.

  39.' Che Leonard says:

    Just dont put your body tissue in the microwave. Unless you want it heated, then you should put your body tissue in the microwave. Where do you get a microwave big enough for a person?

  40.' Robin Cameron says:

    This article is absolute nuts and scientifically incoherent. What it fails to point out is that, to a degree, ALL forms of cooking will degrade some nutritional components of food (such as Vitamins). Microwaves are not special or uniquely bad in this respect.
    As for the strap-line “we should terminate the use of microwaves before they kill us”, is just plain wrong and shocking content writing by Conscious Life News. There is absolutely nothing in the article to suggest a microwave oven could do anything fatal.

  41.' Shell Corica says:

    Felipe Pileggi why we don’t have one !

  42.' Dave Jones says:

    there was a study done years ago from a scandanavian country that told of terrible things coming out of the vessals used in microwaving ,microwave safe only means the dish will not melt or blow up

  43.' Ross Malaney says:

    James Malaney Elizabeth Keith

  44.' Garrith McLean says:

    Dangerous science, yes microwaves heat body tissue, but so do Bon fires; don’t get to close to Bon fires or you could get burned!

  45.' Jayman McLeod says:

    Not one in our house, kids used to run out to the camper/trailer and use the one in there for popcorn once in a while. Oh ya, than one day the microwave would start on its own, no one within 10′ of it. At the dump now.

  46.' Matt Millerd says:

    Michelle Millerd

  47.' Aprrajita Sharma says:

    man, this is so annoying, people are collectively dumb. Its a dumb mob, very dangerous and against itself.

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