The Ultimate Baking Music Playlist

Do you like it when the music takes you to places where you can fly in your mind when every job you do is easier and faster finished? Sure, yes, right? A lot of the people enjoy listening to music when doing their thing because it relaxes us helps us to concentrate, and, most importantly, it shuts the world down. When that happens, our focus is on the only thing we want it to be, so we have better results, and we are happier.

Did you ever wonder how music affects our bodies? It’s simple. Our brain is very powerful, and when we listen to something we like, it secretes serotonin, a known hormone for happiness. When we are happy, we are more confident, and when we are confident, we are giving better results. Do you have your best baking music so far? Don’t you worry, see our list and find your favorite style.

1. Shallow, Lady Gaga, And Bradley Cooper

 If you like slower and romantic music, this is the perfect song for you. It has gentle notes, just perfect for romantic soles. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper created a very beautiful song that will last forever with its quality. You will find the compatibility of their alluring voices with your thoughts and relax completely. When you choose your three songs to be your best baking music, whenever you heard it somewhere, your inner-voice will invite you to the kitchen.

2. God’s Plan, Drake

Who, like Drake, knows how his music moves your energy around the place. R&B and rap is great music to have it in the background when you do something and want to stay concentrated. Everything you do it’s like dancing on water. One thing leads another. You achieve flow in every situation.

It’s relaxed, not so aggressive, and just perfect.

3. Say Something, Justin Timberlake

The reason why this song is on the list is that it’s so contagious, so contagious. Justin’s songs are very popular, and each person doesn’t have at least one song that they like. This song is one of those that you start to sing in various situations, came from nowhere, and you don’t know a reason. It’s great to be included in the best baking music playlist.

4. Perm, Bruno Mars

Hello, catchy pop music fans! Here is something great for you. Are you playful when baking, and love to make a few spins and turns around the kitchen? Yes, I know, just like in movies. This Bruno’s song is just the right choice for you; don’t forget to add it to your list.

5. Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

This great hit is evergreen music, and I’m sure that a lot of the people have it on their list. When you close your eyes, you see the movie scene of the romantic gentleman dancing in the kitchen and cooking for his woman. It’s a “must-have “song for the best baking music playlist. And also, don’t forget your moon-dance.


Every person has their taste in music, but here we have a lot of different kinds so you can try to find one or more that suits you best. It is best to choose different kinds because not always we feel the same and not every occasion is the same. The only thing we know for sure is that we love baking and that we love music.

The melody gives our food a special ingredient, and food that is prepared with music is prepared with a lot of love. If you feel stressed and tired, music will help you and find extra energy hidden in you.