The Rise of the Popularity of Bingo Bars Explained

Bingo bars have existed for some time now, but like micro-pubs, they’ve recently garnered major popularity thanks to the cult following these bingo bars attract. You know the drill – it happened with online bingo and bingo games in general before bingo bars. Something rises in pop culture and then hits the mainstream.

And, usually as a society we like to point towards that one subculture that makes everything go viral: hipsters. In the case of why we’re all playing bingo games in bingo bars now more than ever before, this point rings true. But one other point worth noting – hipsters are usually within the age range of millennials, which means more millennials are playing Barbados Bingo games than before.

What to expect from bingo bars

So, you’ve tried all the bars, restaurants, and clubs your city has to offer. You’ve played golf, ping pong, tennis – heck you’ve even cooked your own food in a restaurant for something a bit different. Including paying way too much money to drink a cocktail out of a teacup. That’s where bingo bars come in.

Bingo bars are more or less what they say on the tin. It’s a bar, where you can play bingo. But it’s not the same as going to some other bar and playing games. At bingo bars, the atmosphere is more light-hearted and fun, and it’s pretty much the only bar you can go to and leave with more money than you entered with.

The appeal of bingo bars now

What’s not to love about bingo bars? In addition to all of the above, sometimes in bingo bars the way bingo games are played offer something a bit different and special. Instead of the regular format of bingo games – 25 numbered squares which you need to cover, you choose what you get to cross off. Of course, bear in mind stick to stuff you’re going to see out and about, and in bingo bars.

So, when you’re playing bingo games in this setting it means you can select words instead of numbers and when you see whatever it is you’ve selected, you cross it off. You keep going until at least one person in the group fills every box and wins. It could be anything – a moustache, a dog, a mojito, you name it, you can cross if off in bingo bars!

The rise of bingo bars and what it means for online bingo

It’s clear to see why bingo bars have risen in the ranks over recent years. Bingo bars offer a truly different experience – not only in terms of going what the British like to call “Out, Out,” but also with the experience of playing bingo games.

But what does all of this mean for online bingo? The answer isn’t really clear. Bingo bars and online bingo are quite different beasts with their own set of pros and cons which are suited to different customers. One thing, however, is clear – Bingo bars are set to stay.