The Power of Love

If you are single, and would like to meet someone, then someone rather alluring could come into your orbit this weekend. Or then again someone you have slowly been getting to know could take on an even more tantalizing aura. This is because one of the most potent planetary angles is triggered an opposition between sultry Venus and power broker Pluto.

A fine line between pleasure and pain

This Transit could see us potentially being pulled into power plays or secretive moves. As far as our feelings are concerned, we may find it more difficult to control our thoughts, compulsions or desires. This could see relationship drama unfold out of possessiveness, jealousy or as mentioned previously, power struggles. To unpick any of these niggling feelings or anxieties we must first try to understand where they are coming from. There could be an old wound or element of mistrust from the past that rears its head, and talking things through with the person close to us could help us diffuse any imminent arguments or the subtle digs that could cause them.

The transformative potential of Venus opposite Pluto

There is an upside to all of this intensity and raw passion, and that is the transformative process that can come from the challenges that Venus opposite Pluto highlights. When we have experienced pain from the past and it comes up in our present – we can feel fragile and deflated. However, knowing this pain could help us to appreciate the real love and pleasure we have and more importantly, we can feel it all the more powerfully.

Let’s keep our perspective

If we do find ourselves pulled towards a secret desire it could be our subconscious actually asking for a change in our lives, a change that can be achieved through sensuality and love. Rather than pushing away from this transformation, we could see how to instead embrace it.

Single or attached

If we are single during this Transit, we must be careful to not let a crush become a full-blown obsession. If there’s someone we have already been getting to know, this might be the period of time when we push to move the relationship to the next level. Equally we could find ourselves ‘ditching’ this potential suitor altogether for what seems like greener pastures. Toning down our lustful desires a little, could help us see the difference between something that has real potential and something that is mere projection.

If we are attached, we must be careful we don’t try to ‘change’ our other half during this process and instead turn inwards on our own individual self-development. We are by nature interdependent, we need each other to survive, this is true, but we also need to focus on our inner worlds if we wish to shift the outer one.

Feeling feisty? What to do?

In conclusion, this Transit can see passions soar, obsessions gaining momentum and even ‘dark thoughts’ occupying our imaginations. We don’t have to let this energy get the better, or the worse of us. We can instead could use this sensual and volatile energy productively and creatively (as long as we don’t see our animalistic nature get the better of us too much) for it is important to remember we also have a soul to care for and protect.


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