The Holy Gift: What My Thailand Trip Taught Me About Trust & Truth

Truth, Trust & Thailand (Part 2)

There is so much to say about what my whole Thailand trip experience taught me, please forgive the unclever titles as I label them part 1, 2, 3 etc. I have tried with great effort to pull in the many subtle dangling contributing storylines that make up this huge life experience and teaching … I assure you, everything interrelates.


We’ve all heard the saying “it’s the journey, not the destination” …. well, in this case, it was both.

In the journey as I wrote about in Part 1 there was a magical gift  …and here in Part 2, there was a major glitch.  (go here to read the first part so you know what I am talking about)

Remember when I wrote that 5 minutes after I had said “God’s got a thousand ways to give it to me” I received a phone call with a gift for the exact amount of the airlines tickets??

I saw that as a holy moment.

It was in direct response to the statement I just made AND I had accepted the gift. A HUGE breakthrough for me.

In that moment, I had dissolved my shame for needing help or for receiving it. I had re-written what all of these meant in my life.

Great Power-compressedI had re-written in my heart that ANY gift that comes to me was really from God. The person who was selected by God to offer that gift was simply that, the person selected. The gift… all gifts, come from God.

I was no longer going to turn away God’s gifts.

Two weeks later, right after my friend Nargis booked all our tickets to Thailand, I found out that the gift offered to me to cover the airline fare for my family was not to be.

My heart sank. Fear and panic started taking over.

I was now already committed, the tickets were bought.

While my head was still screaming a very logical “You’ve got insurance, cancel your tickets” everything inside my body still kept quietly saying “You are all to be in Thailand.”

Every time I would start to feel anxious, Nargis would just calmly and confidently say “It will all work out.”

Every time panic came up in me, I silenced it with her certainty.

But, I couldn’t shake the hurt and confusion that the gift of the airline tickets was suddenly pulled away. The moment was so holy…. It was so healing… what went wrong?

I couldn’t make sense of it.  What was the purpose of it all?

I started to ask myself some questions…

Do I know in my heart that the kids and I are to supposed to go to on this trip?  Yes.

Do I know in my heart that I was to cancel my speaking tour and rest?  Yes.

Did the offer of the gift in that moment enable me to say yes. Yes.

Was that a holy moment? Yes.

Does it not coming to fruition make it less holy? No.

Is the trip still supposed to happen? Yes.

Can I take this leap of faith? Yes.

I understood then that the gift was the catalyst that I required to say yes at that time. The gift was the observable experience for me to see how much I had grown in my receiving channels.

The gift was not about the money received. The gift enabled the whole experience to unfold and allowed me to experience my new self.

It allowed me to know that I could receive with delight (and not the subtle shame that I used to hold myself hostage with).

The gift was holy.

It’s true purpose had been achieved.

I knew myself as new.

If you are feeling a bit gnawed up inside about something you thought would happen, ask yourself some questions to uncover the hidden gifts. I assure you that the TRUE gift was indeed given.

I love you.


PS – That was a little more about the journey… wait til I tell you about the destination! wrawrr!!

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