Best “Voice” Performance Ever: Jordan Smith’s Rockin’ (and Moving!) Queen Tribute

Written by on December 8, 2015 in Art and Music, Entertainment, Films & TV, Media & Arts with 186 Comments

We all know that music, really good music, has the power to move us emotionally. For me, Jordan Smith’s performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” on The Voice last night did just that – and more. He blew me away! Watch for yourself and you’ll see why. It’s probably the single best performance in the history of The Voice.

Joined by a full choir, Jordan rocked the stage. I believe Freddy Mercury would have been proud. Most of the audience was on their feet throughout the performance, and he was greeted with a standing ovation from all four coaches at the end.

How good was it? The numbers speak for themselves. It took less than an hour for Jordan to take the top spot on the iTunes singles chart. The 21-year-old's performance beat out record-breaking Adele for the number one spot just minutes after he left the stage.

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186 Reader Comments

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  1.' Yvonne Morgan says:

    Was the choir singing live ? At the end you can see one guy behind Jordon chewing ???!

  2.' Barbara Jean Bundy says:

    How will you ever top this?

  3.' Chris Friend says:

    Very powerful voice love it

  4.' Teetee Weisel says:

    Amen!!! And Amen, Again!!!!!!

  5.' Sherry Elliott says:

    Goose bumps! This is the 3rd performance in a row I have literally got goose bumps with this anointed vocalist! He is amazing with a God giving talent for sure. My vote is for him for the title win

  6.' Robin Cameron says:

    Good – but not quite “Freddie” enough, sorry.

  7.' Nancy Belycia says:

    He is good but don’t think he is the win.

  8.' Linda Rieson West says:

    Wow! Loved this!

  9.' Bob Hardy says:

    the boy can sing

  10.' Elaine Sain says:

    OMG What a GOD given voice.

  11.' Bernardine Shipley says:

    That really shows just How amazing his talent is !, no doubt!,,

  12.' Mickey Best says:

    This was the most beautiful song and he knocked it out of the park

  13.' Moehammad Aarmien says:

    Along with Boston two of my favourite rock and roll bands¥

  14.' Andrea Vassallo says:

    This is a WOW!!

  15.' Kelly French says:


  16.' Kelly Humpherys Bailey says:


  17.' Peggy Boyd says:

    Jordan has been my guy since day one He is amazing

  18.' Beverly Outlaw says:


  19.' Dennis L Stevens says:

    What an incredible performance !!

  20.' Sander Houtman says:

    Arno Duijndam. Kippenvel. Ook al blijft Freddy koning??

  21.' Merica Monahiem says:


  22.' Vicki Bohannon says:

    He was amazing!!!

  23.' Ginger Marlowe says:

    That was AMAZING! Fantastic!

  24.' Jacquie Myers says:

    He will win!!!!

  25.' Jacquie Myers says:

    Debbie Pokriots Franko

  26.' Kristy Are says:


  27.' Kacey Strovers says:


  28.' Jennifer John Raitz says:

    pipes of gold

  29.' Kathy Barnes says:

    Wow it was awesome it gave me chills

  30.' Elaine Arsenault says:

    Loved it

  31.' Patricia Norman says:

    He done an awesome job.

  32.' Kat Kristina says:

    Absolutely Wonderful,unbelievable performance!!!!

  33.' Juanita Melendez says:

    He’s my favorite!

  34.' Denise Selnes says:

    He is the best on the whole show,hope he wins….

  35.' Sylvie Lavoie says:


  36.' Deborah York says:


  37.' Jeanne Freedland says:

    It was Freddie, not Freddy. This guy is not him, not close

  38.' Karen E Laine says:

    He was awesome

  39.' Erica Davis says:

    Denise Frotten Dorney

  40.' Sandy Shriver says:

    Love, love, love him! Uber Talented Jordan Smith!

  41.' Steve Warsh says:

    Quite Good!

  42.' Christine Fionda says:

    He is just amazing. The depth of his singing and hitting all those noyes is incredible. What a performance. Way to go Jordan Smith.

  43.' Denise Frotten Dorney says:

    Yeah…the winner right there.

  44.' Evelyn Ramos says:


  45.' Sherry Aunty says:

    Jordan has an unfair advantage imo since “he” was once or is a she. Not bashing….anyone can love who or what they choose. But in a voice competition a male voice can only do so much unaltered and I believe the high notes being performed are proof enough alone. Other attributes can be pointed out but wont go there out of respect for this human and artist.

    •' Ashley Sielky says:

      A great singer is a great singer, no matter their gender, sex, race, or whatever. If you did respect Jordan as a human and artist as you claimed to in your last statement, you wouldn’t have made the remarks you did. The only unfair advantage this beautiful soul has is pure awesomeness!!!!!

    •' Suzie Jaeger says:

      I agree with Ashley. There is NO unfair advantage at all! Seriously just shut up, your ignorance is showing!

    •' Devi Parvati Dombkowski says:

      It sounds someone is jalous…

    •' Sherry Aunty says:

      The judges have commented on the “crazy high notes & range” and commenting as I did as a musician there is in fact an advantage. Male vocal cords vs female are biologically different like it or not but a fact

    •' Tanya Krickan says:

      have you all forgotten that this is not a competition of male vs female…it is about the voice…

    •' Sherry Aunty says:

      Men have an Adam’s apple women simply dont……..which coupled with vocal cords has an effect on tone or depth of ones voice. Jordan is a good singer, definitely NOT a Sam Smith who I love to listen to for hours. Jordan belongs in top 9, top 4……we shall see. My prediction is Braden Sunshine or Emily Ann to be in finals. You assholes who like to bully behind a screen cant handle people having their own opinions and ideas really might be helpful for you to get a life!! And read all words if you are able to read instead of brewing up your own negativity. We all have opinions, you dont like it fine, disagree!!! Name calling and posting shut the fuck up…….how old are you? & hope you didnt recreate!!

      •' Laura T says:

        Braden Sunshine was the worst singer in this competition- Lord – Jordan is a man dummy – Michael Sweet from Styper and Dennis DeYoung from Styx have the same high Tenor voice like Jordan, you are a complete idiot

    •' Ann Marie Haley Rotter says:

      Sherry Aunty…Freddie Mercury hit these high notes and soared vocally. He was a male. Your assumptions and conclusions are erroneous. It’s about the VOICE! Jorda rocks it…is he a winner? Not sure, but I did vote for him!

    •' Sherry Aunty says:

      Freddie mercury was male. Not trying to sell a male voice born in a female body…..naturally for Freddie is the difference and would not be an unfair advantage in a voice competition. Or be proud and own it!!!

    •' Geoffrey Donne says:

      Wow, where are you getting this from?

    •' Dawn Tipton says:

      Where do you get that he is transgender?

    •' Sherry Aunty says:


    •' Angela Boone says:

      Sherry, Adam Levine sings high himself. I suppose you say he is a girl.It really doesn’t matter, he is awesome. He was picked on and bullied most of his young life. It is really sad that adults feel they have to judge and hate and bully as well. Besides I really don’t think you know him well enough to make such accusations.

    •' Sherry Aunty says:

      Is that an accusation or assumption on your part?? My comment was not bullying………read ALL my words……IF you are able to read that is. Have a nice day 🙂

    •' Andrea Dobbs says:

      Yeah where did you get the idea he is transgender?

    •' Geoffrey Donne says:

      Yup, going with idiotic, baseless assumption. Stunning. Not.

    •' Cindy Snow Samora says:

      Sherry Aunty, please do, share your source.

    •' Jay Creek says:

      High notes?…. Freddy, prince, Michael Jackson ….

    •' Marcia Edwards Guthrie says:

      He is not transgender and that is do wrong to post that. Shameful. He is a talented person who deserves to be there.

    •' Sherry Aunty says:

      Shameful to post ignorant comments to my comments…….why obscess on certain things / aspects of my comments as you choose and not read ALL my words? What a concept? And Jay Creek? The artists you mentioned all born male so I fail to understand your comparison……but if only your opinion, I agree to disagree. Jordan is a good singer in case anyone missed or continues to miss that comment I made as well

    •' Mary Karle-Sivak says:

      Well Sherry Aunty….don’t watch it… or watch it and shut up

    •' Sherry Aunty says:

      More ignorance. We have something called freedom of speech remember? Dont like my comments or opinions? Feel free to take your own advice Mary Karle-Sivak and “shut the fuck up” why dont you? Small mind must hurt you?

    •' Druh Kares says:

      Everyone is allowed to have an equal say without the profanities and personal insults…. there is enough hate in this world already.

    •' Cari Espitia Thompson says:

      He’s not transgender… He is a straight male.. He even has a girlfriend. Not sure where you got your information from.

    •' Tracy Price says:

      Sherry, yes your entitled to your opinion.
      However, it’s not a logical one. So, what if he was a she at one time. Remember it’s called “The Voice” & they picked him based on his voice, not his sex. This is a show about who has the best voice. So, it doesn’t matter if he is a girl or boy, he’s winning would be based on his voice. So, why are you so worried about what sex he is…..who cares! It’s about his talent/ singing. He’s sex has nothing to do with his talent. He is extremely talented.

    •' Pegi Mortensen Bowe says:

      Stop this bullshit!

    •' Jennifer says:

      You are joking, right? Where in the world did you get that this young man used to be a woman? He said in the blinds that because he has such a high voice that he gets called ma’am all the time on the phone and in drive thrus. Not that he was once a she. So you proved the point that he is unbelievably talented and has a gift most don’t. You should erase your comment bc it really makes you look silly for spewing lies.

  46.' John Crusen says:

    Patrick Bencher, this is ALMOST as good as your rendition with the 1980’s Cubs tribute!

  47.' Marko Lopez says:

    Jonah Hill can sing!!!

  48.' Anthony Roros says:

    Ilijana Brenka Maran did you know he was a she?

  49.' Marcia Higgs says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  50.' Lazcano Mora Maggie says:

    It was amazing hearing him sing gave me chills he’s God sent #TeamJordamSmith

  51.' Phyllis Lightfoot says:

    Wow. He’s absolutely amazing. Beautiful range. Goose bumps each time

  52.' Pat Reynolds says:

    Fantastic voice

  53.' Michelle Robinson Houle says:

    I don’t think Jordan’s voice has any depth to it. I get that people think he is an inspiration, but so are the others. They have all conquered something to be on the show and to be honest have better, richer voices.

  54.' Edhaze Venus Mendoza says:

    I did. He is so awesome real talents it is 🙂

  55. Anonymous says:

    thought it was Tom Watson for a mniute!

  56.' Mark Allyn Schmidt says:


  57.' Kàtia Gouvêa says:

    Miguel Klav

  58.' Raymond Sussman says:

    I follow the Voice every week and Jordan Smith is who we wait for every week. It would be a travesty if anyone else won. Finals next Monday.

  59.' Angelique Mda says:

    Had me singing!!!!

  60.' Jane Borys says:

    Lydia Ayala – The voice you need to hear!!!

  61.' Jan Ouellette says:

    Wow, he sure has an outstanding voice and. is a great performer

  62.' Elaine Hampton Hubbard says:

    He is so wonderful. Many of his performance this season have had the goosebumps on my arms. I would love to see him live. He is soooooo amazing.

  63.' Diane Knight says:


  64.' An Be says:

    wow he sounds just like him, it’s crazy!

  65.' Tanya Krickan says:

    He just won the show in that moment

  66.' Cindy Mandelkern Leshtz says:

    totally rocked my world last night. i love his story and his voice. totally amazing.

  67.' Marci Ann says:

    He wins…everything else is just a formality!!!

  68.' Debby Geary says:

    And the Winner is Jordan Smith!!!!!!!!!

  69.' Debbi Lewin says:

    Amazing! ???

  70.' Debby Geary says:

    I would love to hear him sing, The Rose.

  71.' Perry Diller says:

    Outstanding!! What a true range!

  72.' Kimberly Ferry says:


  73.' Georgia Chase says:

    Stunning!! Bravo

  74.' Evelyn Watkins says:


  75.' Bob Watters says:

    One of the Best I have seen so far.

  76.' Dianna Wells says:

    He was AMAZING !!

  77.' Andrea Dobbs says:

    He is simply incredible. Chills!

  78.' Danielle van der Beek says:

    He is bad ass!

  79.' Debbie Beddall-Jones says:

    He was awesome!’n

  80.' Shannon Cameron says:

    That was amazing!!!!!

  81.' Sue Compton says:

    OK, Im in the minority on rhis it seems- but altho he does have a good voice, it is too “trained”. I dont feel any soul behind it. And the performance is all flash and little substance. Sorry but this guy is no Freddie!! Not by a long shot.

    •' Michelle Robinson Houle says:

      I agree with you. However I also respect the opinions of others. Not everyone likes the same type of music, movies, artist, book…but on that note he is not Freddie and I didn’t think he pulled it off.

  82.' Justina Boanno Cortigiano says:

    AMAZING! !!

  83.' Josh Court Hudson says:

    Truly Amazing! Jordan makes hope believable..

  84.' Jen Armstrong says:

    Louder and harsher doesn’t intimate “soul or intensity of belief” Sometimes less can be more! Every performance he does sounds basically the same?

    Sounds like screaming off key-backed up by an excellent choir.

  85.' Mary Karle-Sivak says:

    It’s a cover of a Queen if anyone thinks he is Freddie incarnate. ..stop..he did an awesome job … I am sure Freddie is pleased

  86.' Maggie Peyton says:

    this guy is amazing

  87.' Elizabeth Reynoso says:

    The male version of Adele. He’s really good. His singing gives me goosebumps evey time.

  88.' Lisa Albolino Dolen says:

    Absolutely amazing. Brings tears to my eyes.

  89.' Sue Stovall Hatchett says:


  90.' Carlida Finch says:

    I almost turned him off when I heard he was singing a queen song…I am so glad that I didn’t.

  91.' John Walz says:


  92.' Helen Lafantaisie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that….great voice

  93.' Jennifer Hills says:

    Jordan Smith is brilliant!!

  94.' Druh Kares says:

    I closed my eyes to listen to this and right from the start this person sounds NOTHING like Freddie! Quite frankly it sounds more like a female than a male.

  95.' Deb Oneal says:

    I’ve been a Queen fan since the early 70’s. This song has always been one of my favorites. Jordan Smith’s performance gave me chills! Freddie would absolutely love it.

  96.' Jackie Fowler says:

    This guy is awesome every song he does

  97.' Myrna L. Betancourt says:

    Melissa Valeria

  98.' Terri Lynn Robinson-Southerland says:

    I am a Freddie Mercury fan and now I am also a Jordan Smith fan!!! I love his sound!

  99.' Raisa Espinet Batista says:

    True! MaRyluz Serrano estuvo superrrr

  100.' Raisa Espinet Batista says:

    David Batista

  101.' Ann H. Stokes says:

    What a voice!!!!

  102.' Sharon Paulette Silber says:

    I posted on the Voice’s facebook page after watching Jordan Smith last night. So many people were moved by his performance and felt he was channeling Freddie Mercury’s spirit. Especially in the world right now, I felt this performance was a gift from Spirit. The best music performance I’ve ever seen. Also the choir was spectacular those lovely voices made the song soar with Jordan’s voice.

  103.' Amanda Lateulade says:

    Meillany – check this out…

  104.' Joan Willis says:

    His voice is just amazing!

  105.' Jake Hooper says:

    Jessica, this guy is amazing

  106.' Marcy Durost says:

    The Voice of God! ♡ Spectacular

  107.' Joan McMahon says:

    Jim McMahon

  108.' Tom VanOuse says:

    The cover song, the band, the choir and the talent mixed together creating a cover song worth listening to a few times while the Queen version is playing in the back of your mind. It did bring shivers. The timing was good, the notes were there and It has earned a nod from us die hard Queen fans.

    What seems missing is the proud strutting of an openly gay man singing with the angst that says without words that I am me and I know my value so go Fu(k yourself if you cannot appreciate pride and excellence regardless of the gender attraction.

    The song literally says to find me the gay man just for me to love with Freddy singing out with his whole heart and soul. Freddy was making his own deva adjustments in the moments of singing.

    Jordan with his earpiece was taking direction and note queues giving him a well rehearsed song with appropriate deva moments but it took a team of people to come close to what Freddy and Queen did.

    Knowing about the lifestyle of Freddy Mercury had the impact of controversy. The song alone, without the back story of gay pride works for man to woman, woman to man and Freddy sang to include man to man and woman to woman without actually saying it.

    Quality remains paramount in the music industry. It’s very tough to take a master performed song and pull off a unique cover version to satisfy the masses that grew up with the music of Queen.

    What has worked very well for Jordan is the gay rights marriage allowing the song to be man to man and woman to woman. The controversy is down and the song has come of age to have;

    Anybody, somebody, somebody, somebody somebody find me somebody to love.

  109.' Christina Luciani says:

    Wow!! I’m speechless 🙂

  110.' Ruthie Emerson says:

    Wow. Trans- bashing! Really? I had no idea. And it doesn’t/shouldn’t matter. Total talent.

  111.' Phyllis Bowling says:

    I agree with Jen Armstrong!

  112.' Marc Spector says:

    Man is talented af! Here’s some more music for the ENLIGHTENED souls out there. One love from Toronto ??

  113.' Linda Capito-Elizarde says:

    The most talented voice I have ever heard

  114.' Sheila Montalvo says:

    Even thou I wanted to sing out loud watching the video, I was so amazed by Jordan’s performance that I didn’t dare to make a sound, but I lip synced like there was no tomorrow. It was an extra sensorial experience.

  115.' Joyce Setzer Jones says:


  116.' Vickie Huth says:

    Jordan gave true righteousness to Queen!

  117.' Shirley Gillespie says:

    SO beautiful!!!

  118.' Caroline Cooper says:


  119.' Maria Lopez says:

    Mi favorito¡

  120.' Doni Leigh says:

    Connie, I guess it made quite the impression!

    •' Connie Lankenau says:

      He is very talented…but have to agree with other posters…he’s not as good as Freddie Mercury.

      •' clnews says:

        Freddie was and still is the greatest front man ever. I’ve watched his live performance of “Somebody to Love” on YouTube at least 20 times. I agree – Jordan Smith is not Freddie. He’s Jordan Smith – a 21 year old with an amazing voice who is participating in a singing contest. I don’t think we need to compare him to Freddie. Instead, just appreciate his talent – which is immense.

  121.' Jo Ann Holman says:

    I am a classically trained musician and I believe with all of my heart, soul, and brain that this young man has won The Voice.

  122.' Emese Varga says:

    WOW!!!!! He’s fantastic !!!! <3

  123.' Deb Kunz Baxter says:

    He was stellar!

  124.' Rodney Wollman says:

    Saw Jordan Smith last night on the Voice and was blown away. This guy gives me the chills. After One minute into song I can only say he just Won the whole Voice season Final.

  125.' Jan Thompson says:

    his performance was absolutely amazing!

  126.' Alicia Ortiz says:


  127.' Stephanie Oslin says:

    Carolie Pennington oh. my. damn. CHILLS!

  128.' Raffaella Silva says:

    He’s going to win I know it

  129.' Deana Rock says:


  130.' Teresa Snyder says:


  131.' Pamela Alford says:

    He was awesome

  132.' Diana Sandin Askling says:

    He was amazing !

  133.' Hayley Lee Allen says:

    Billy Dainja

  134.' Camelia Skye says:

    Ummmm anybody hear Adam Lambert similarities? This guy is another talent!

  135.' Camelia Skye says:

    Look up Adam Lambert who toured with Queen. This guy used the ways Adam runs with the song. My only caveat.

  136.' Edie McGill Adams says:

    Awesome performance!

  137.' Camelia Skye says:

    Listen to where he got it from…

  138.' Samantha Jane says:

    An absolute amazing voice!

  139.' Sharleen Johnston says:

    I was blown away! He can just walk away with the prize if he pulls another performance like that off.

  140.' Patricia Parker says:


  141.' Heather Said Fukoffnow says:

    This is the first time I was truly blown away by a performance. What incredible talent not to mention his range. I actually got a bit choked up listening to him. He definitely received a God given gift.

  142.' Tim says:

    He’s great, but the article says he “he literally blew me away” Really? Are you okay? Where did you land?


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