Tenured Professor Fired for Questioning Official Sandy Hook Shootings Story

Posted by on January 10, 2016 in Corruption, Government, Policies with 35 Comments
Tenured Professor fired from Florida State University

fired for questioning official Sandy Hook Shootings story

By Stephen Lendman|NeedToKnowNews – StephenlendmanBlog

Adam Lanza was blamed for the December 14, 2012 Newtown, CT shootings, perhaps wrongfully.
South Florida University (SFU) tenured Professor James Tracy questioned inconsistencies and anomalies in the official narrative – reinforced by corporate media scoundrels unwillingness to ask tough questions and demand clear answers.
Tracy questioned whether any shootings took place – “at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media” described events, unquestionably reporting the official narrative.
Contradictions abound. Key questions remain unanswered. How did one alleged gunman fire so many shots in so little time and supposedly inflict so many casualties?
In five to seven minutes, Connecticut’s top coroner, Wayne Carver, and police officials said Lanza shot each victim from three to 11 times – 182 shots, one every 2 seconds plus likely misses.
Yet the official narrative called him the sole gunman, a youth with no military training, using a 30-shot magazine in one weapon, having to reload over half a dozen times to have done the alleged shootings himself.
According to Tracy, “(p)hotographic and video evidence (is) lacking in terms of its capacity to demonstrate  that a mass shooting took place on a scale described by authorities.”
“(N)o visual evidence of Lanza’s violent entry” is available nor eyewitness testimonies, nor what’s typical in a crime scene’s aftermath – “broken glass, blasted security locks and doors, bullet casings and holes, bloodied walls and floors.”
Sandy Hook Elementary has 600 students. No video or photographic evidence indicates any more than small numbers were evacuated.
Key Sandy Hook questions remain unanswered. The initial narrative remains the official story. Tracy called it an “elaborate hoax” – excluding names, ages and genders of alleged victims.
He cited 10 top reasons to suspect Sandy Hook was staged, not real:
1. “Proof of death (was) suppressed.”
2. “Emergency protocols were not followed.”
3. “Drill protocols were” used instead.
4. “(F)oreknowledge of the event” existed.
5. Reports about weapons used were “contradictory.”
6. No verifiable evidence indicates Adam Lanza’s responsibility for the shootings – after supposedly killing his mother, then taking his own life after the incident.
7. Authorities and media sources “displayed inappropriate behavior.”
8. Photos of the crime scene and victims “look(ed) staged or fake.”
9. The crime scene was deliberately contaminated and destroyed, making it unusable for investigation.
10. Alleged “(d)eceased children sang at the 2013 Super Bowl.”
Plenty of evidence calls the official narrative into question. Tracy’s exhaustive work deserves high praise.
In December, Florida State University (FAU) terminated him, a tenured professor, without just cause, citing only the “university practice regarding personal issues.”
“In accordance with the University’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Faculty of Florida union, by which the University and James Tracy are bound, faculty who receive such notice are afforded a grievance process. James Tracy has 10 days to respond to the notice after which final action may be taken,” a statement said.
His firing sends a message to other academics.

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35 Reader Comments

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  1. 10153357877420141@facebook.com' Ashley Luisa says:

    Kiesha Bosfield

  2. 209559009385573@facebook.com' Rose Jeffries says:

    Joe Robinson

    • 10153490125033305@facebook.com' Joe Robinson says:

      I’ve heard of False Flag exercises happening before every terrorist incident, but to say it didn’t happen I’d think he would have to personally make the trip and do the research if he passes for a professor.

  3. 517708635069505@facebook.com' Moon Lilly says:

    It was far from a hoax it just didn’t happen the way it was portrayed in the news!

  4. 1128723527138430@facebook.com' David J. Holland says:

    Keep your mouth shut kids or you too may lose your job for asking questions.

  5. 143545482687665@facebook.com' Jack Miller says:

    I agree with Moon Lilly. It happened, like 911 happened, but we aren’t told the truth.

  6. 519974648151176@facebook.com' John Wayne says:

    U.S. Marine Major General S. Butler was the First to Warn America, “The Business Plot.”

  7. 960797077346073@facebook.com' Richard Jensen says:

    Truth & freedom are illegal.

  8. 10153478683270762@facebook.com' Dave Marriott says:

    sandy hoax.. people need to stay on this phoney fake show.. i feel for James for losing his job.. sometimes it doesn’t pay to buck the system.

  9. 10207063564288920@facebook.com' Robert L West says:

    Dont fan the flames of insanity.

  10. 1063565703696291@facebook.com' Jeff Andrews says:

    yea well idiots and criminals and crazies abound so getting in practice before hand is reasonable for the administration to prepare a response and graduate stressors people can handle remember practice makes perfect and takes a bit out of hysterically prone segments of a population ..druggies are violent enabled when real stuff comes ..wakening up the content and malaise groups so fewer people get in the way of respondors .A little extra rehearsals is extrodinary ..godzilla it came from Mars etc nut jobs stick out earlier and once identified ..well they can play nuts or comply

  11. 150990275249676@facebook.com' Susan Home says:

    It was Florida Atlantic University.

  12. 10153558774771774@facebook.com' Liam Havard says:

    Isn’t the whole point of having Tenure supposed to be that they can’t fire you unless it’s something terrible like you kill someone

  13. 10208212433578499@facebook.com' Collin Fen says:

    Looks like Florida is a pretty Corupt state. Seems like everyone who has anything to do regarding politic has been bought off. This is sickening so much for freedom of speech, they make it illegal to live off the grid. Wow Florida your one Sad state. Money power Corupts

  14. 1063565703696291@facebook.com' Jeff Andrews says:

    are you aware ??

  15. 1082977955070089@facebook.com' Abbie Mills says:

    Oops! Guess I liked the wrong page. Hope you guys never lose a child. May God help you all.

  16. 10205702315221591@facebook.com' Jas Raven says:

    Conspiracy theories will only make you paranoid. Ever think this guy is a fake or mad? Question everything. This story could be made up too. We have a picture of a random guy with a story. No proof exist of this guy either. This guy might not even know he is being used as a pawn in an elaborate story that they might make up websites and other areas. See what I did here… Made another conspiracy theory….

    • 10154527749829768@facebook.com' James Rossiter says:

      So many use the term conspiracy theory as a derogatory term for people who quite rightly ask questions. The term was originally invented by the CIA as a way to put down people who do in fact see the official narrative for what it is-propaganda. Just remember it is not a theory if there is evidence: https://youtu.be/VKr-av9jVx8

    • 10205702315221591@facebook.com' Jas Raven says:

      Evidence can be manufactured just as much as the contrary. I don’t use those words as derogatory. I am just saying question everything, make up your own mind, and let it be. Some of his evidence is questionable and this guy has a lot of assumptions based on circumstancal evidence. How does he know the kid didn’t train for this? The kid, probably had a lot of video game experience so that made him a better shooter than the normal kid. One doesn’t know all the facts, so conclusions can be made on both sides of the story. That is why it is a conspiracy theory. There is no official narrative for what is propaganda. There are three sides of every story. Theirs, yours, and the truth. The truth is in the eye of the beholder.

    • 10205702315221591@facebook.com' Jas Raven says:

      Hoax or not, It doesn’t matter to me. I honestly don’t care. Stuff happens, we have to get on with our lives.

    • 180340342310289@facebook.com' Sunny Jen says:

      You both make excellent points.

      There doesn’t seem to be any way to verify the information so I don’t give it much credit. I believe you should question everything versus just letting others tell you what to think. Jmo

  17. 1501903286779589@facebook.com' Stacey Pearson says:

    Here’s a question when did people start believing mainstream media propaganda and stop using their own logic!!

  18. 10154527749829768@facebook.com' James Rossiter says:

    So many use the term conspiracy theory as a derogatory term for people who quite rightly ask questions. The term was originally invented by the CIA as a way to put down people who do in fact see the official narrative for what it is-propaganda. Just remember it is not a theory if there is evidence: https://youtu.be/VKr-av9jVx8

  19. 876569979098793@facebook.com' Carlene Dickinson says:

    It was a ‘drill’ gone live with appendage mainline media injecting the bull.

  20. 10204738995255394@facebook.com' Lisa Goggin says:

    Colin Currie

  21. 1071322716213104@facebook.com' John Balneg says:

    This guy looked normal. Thats all. Inside his PHD head, he wants people to beleive about sandy hook is a hoax ?? Come on!! I know there are a lot of nasty people around but to say killing so many children is staged to enable a gun ban??? He is a nut job to put it mildly.

  22. 1231719073510582@facebook.com' Jessica Ebner says:

    I read “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” and it made sense that it could have been a false flag and FEMA drill

  23. 10153411013092098@facebook.com' Julie Porter says:

    Why would he be fired?! Is he not allowed to state is opinion?

  24. 10207112484283030@facebook.com' Jeff Lockhart says:

    If you listen to the man … He just points strange anomalies in the official narrative … He doesn’t seem crazy or paranoid . What ever happened to free speech? They said Lee Harvey was a lone gunman that shot JFK. That there were weapons of mass destruction… All BS. … I prefer to listen to all sides and make my own decisions not be told what to believe or not. It’s a shame!

  25. 926409407435339@facebook.com' Joey Thompson says:

    Are you guys for real? So all those families palyed out a really messed up drama and fed it to us? This is sick, he got fired because he is a nut job with no discernible facts or truths he can provide. Making shit up is common among so called scholars these days and every body is doing it because because the truth and fairness doctrine has been abolished. Had it still been in the tool box of the FCC he would have rode out on the rails and exposed for being the liar he is. Now anybody can make stuff up and face no consequence FOX No News of any kind being my example. The FCC would have ended their charter and banned them from the air ways for the many lies they tell on a daily, minute by second basis. WOW what the corn bag happened to this country??

  26. 523097614530753@facebook.com' Jim Chambers says:

    No children died at sandy hook. Seriously. No death certificates, etc., etc. You can see them singing at the superbowl for Christ sake!

  27. 10208010970934701@facebook.com' Connie Kettner says:

    was invited, show me ..

  28. 890249817689451@facebook.com' Solomon Long says:

    So the headline says Florida State and the story says University of Florida. He was a teacher at FAU. How is anyone supposed to take the article seriously if you can’t get simple facts correct?

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