MUST READ: Teen Writer’s Incredibly Sane & Conscious Article on Paris Terrorist Attacks


united with franceBy Meha | Reading and Raving

My heart bleeds for Paris. I can’t imagine the fear and terror the people must be facing right now. My heart goes out to the people of Beirut, the victims of the Beirut attacks. My thoughts are with the poor souls in Japan. I can’t begin to comprehend what effect that kind of disaster must have. I so wish that the refugees of nations like Syria had homes and welcomes wherever they went. There are tragedies the world over, and I am so incredibly sorry about each one of them.

What truly mystifies me however is the attitude certain people adopt towards these catastrophes. Some people seem unable to grasp that tragedies like these transcend issues of politics and machination. It is beyond my powers of comprehension to understand how upon hearing of the nightmares ravaging Paris, the immediate response of the likes of Ted Cruz and Ben Carson is “don’t let any more refugees into the USA.” Not only does this frankly racist and bigoted declaration demonstrate a lack of the most basic grasp of the Charlie Hebdo crisis- the perpetrators of that attack were largely born and bred in France itself, not Syria- it is a total evisceration of acknowledgement of the plight of the refugees, forced to flee their homes by the same terrorist organisations that the West so despises.

Other people have been spewing equally ignorant comments about how “muslims need to go” or how the “jihadist religion strikes again.” I’d like to point out that there are 1.7 million Muslims in Paris- more than in any other Metropolitan area- and 4.7 million Muslims in France. There are Muslims who are as much victims of this attack as any other Frenchman. The Muslim religion, I must emphatically point out, does not in any way promote terrorism, but that’s not the point.

The point is that Muslims should not have to defend their faith in the wake of every act of terror since 2001. The Islamophobia that plagues the internet right now is simply another example of responding to hate with hate. I take this opportunity to remind you that terrorism has no religion. It is the work of terrorists, extremists who act under the guise of a religion whose beliefs do not truly align with their own. I suggest undertaking some basic research which would reveal that the motivations of terrorist organizations such as al-Quaeda and ISIS are entrenched in power-grabbing and political conflict far more than the false “religious agendas” they cite.

Unfortunately, there is another end of the spectrum. There are people who choose to berate the media for the attention on Paris whilst ignoring the plights of Beirut, Syria, Israel, Palestine etc. It is true that the atrocities of the third world are too often overlooked by Western Media, but is it necessary to belittle the horrors in Paris to assert this?


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  1.' Justin Doit says:

    The exact moment of the Paris explosion:

  2.' Maddison Bee says:

    Beautifully written.

  3.' Dyan Graham says:

    Article not there

  4.' Stephanie Parent Haughey says:

    So well written.

  5.' Peg Williams says:

    Born in Paris to Middle Eastern parents

  6.' Armine Zargarian says:

    True representation of the new generation who’s here to spread a love and change the world.
    Have one at home:)❤️

  7.' Kaylee Staaben says:

    We as a people have more in common than we do that seperates us. Separation in humanity is merely an illusion. IN the End, we all bleed the same color, red. In the end we all die. In the end, NONE of us TRULY KNOW (For we are only lead by faith) what actually happens after death. Why does this matter? Why do we spew hate, and fear those who are different from us? Why do we breed violence and hate instead of spreading joy and love and surrounding each other with support? What really is the cause for the madness in the world, and in our hearts? A lack of resources? I don’t have much and I’m happy. Why aren’t you? Being traumatized by the things form our past that still haunt us? Why give those who have hurt us the satisfaction of affecting our lives? (I know i still grapple with this one, but I work on it, and CONSTANTLY.) Why allow the people who monger for death and war and resources and our LIFE FORCE to slowly drain us and keep us in the dark about the truth of the world. In the end we are made up of stardust. We are the universe. We are the same, there is no real difference besides what EGO conditions into us to think. I feel sorry for each and every one of us, but I refused to give up my peace of mind, my joy, my serenity, my RIGHT TO LIFE for someone else who can’t put the gun down and open their eyes to the reality. I love you all, and I’m spreading peace. I’m spreading love by telling you all that I DO care for you, and I hope you all have a peaceful day. Protect yourselves, know the truth of the world and be ready, but live your lives as much as you can. Don’t live in fear and hate, and ignorance. It will eat away at you. This isn’t just for the going’s on in the world. This is for the reactions I am seeing to the happenings. This is to pain that isn’t shared, the people who hold it in and hide from the world, and the people that are so ready for a fight that arouses them in every sense of the word. And this is for those of us who are sensitive and caring and worried. All we can do is live. All we can do is love. All we can do is forgive. I choose to celebrate life while i still have it, because it’s a precious gift. GOD or NO GOD.

  8.' Mandy Carty says:

    Being one of those people complaining about Media coverage of this horrific attack in france..I think the opinion by myself and many others is misread. We are grateful the Media inform people but.. Media=Manipulation. We don’t hear of the atrocities of war, about the thousands upon thousands of innocent men/women & children who die..yet we are however made aware of these incidents. Why?! Because if we all saw the reality of war we would stand together against it..but if we just see what attacks are made on us?! we are lead to believe war is justified. This needs to stop..this is about greed & power not just by terrorists but Governments,corporations etc..

    •' Meha says:

      Hi Mandy, Meha here! I agree with you completely- the media does neglect the plights of many and that is very wrong. My criticism was directed at the few who feel the need to dismiss or belittle the attacks in Paris in order to emphasise the tragedy of other attacks.

      •' clnews says:

        Hi Meha. Vicki and I (the editors of Conscious Life News) absolutely adore your perspective. You are wise beyond your years. Thank you for writing such a brilliant article. May more and more people be exposed to your wisdom and compassion. We’d love to share more of your writings. -Ross Pittman (

        •' Meha says:

          Thank you so much, that is so very kind! I am honoured that you chose to share my work and would be thrilled for you to continue to do so.

  9.' Lauren Wentink says:

    Farzaana Vawda-Asmal thought of you x

  10.' Cyril Svara says:

    What a politically correct crap. Arabs are destroying Europe and the PC crowd is just busy finding some “good Arabs” to show as examples to keep the multiracial delusion going.

  11.' Maga Patalogica says:

    Kudos to you for speaking out.

  12.' Chris Theisen says:

    HERE’S THE TRUTH: all positivity to anyone involved as love is the key. Our world is going through a global Awakening right now and everyone is waking up to all truths. This attack was once again orchestrated by the collapsing global elite trying to cause more fake “War On Terror” I made many major posts on this last month, it’s the greatest time in human history to be here for this change. Isis is a creation of the CIA used as an excuse to try to stay in the Middle East and gain more global control just like they did with the false flags through 9/11 and throughout the Middle East in Iraq.
    The only reason there was fighting in Iraq is because they were literally illegally invading a country just to gain control of oil in Iraq and the drug trade in Afghanistan (they also make money off of the corupt health care industry/FDA suppressed cures, the illuminati/Cabal are the bankers behind all these events and they are now completely collapsing and getting desperate) Putin is helping to change this world and has made a stand to show the truth. (Even predicted by Edgar Casey the famous psychic that Russia would become the hope of the world) There’s even videos of fake crisis actors from many set up sometimes completely false U.S. school shootings as they try to push for gun control, but our world is already waking up on a global scale during this Worldwide Ascension and we will soon be freed on all levels with the suppressed technology and corruption all coming to light for the freedom of this earth.

    The whole point of all this is focus on being more loving, forgiving, and service to others to get yourself off the wheel of karma and begin to change the co-creative consciousness of this world which is why we’re all here, our mass consciousness create the future with our collective vibration love being high, fear being low, fear is an illusion and we must step into love and focus on that emotional level with gratitude and appreciate to begin to change the world on a mass scale (Like the Maharishi Effect)

    in the mean time please follow “Sphere Being Alliance” and watch “Cosmic Disclosure” on GaiamTV, they’ll fill you in on the incredible E.T. and colonization of our solar system in connection to the SBA Here to help bring about this Ascension. all blessing to those in France and around the world during this awakening. All the Best to you. ?

    •' Sabrina Marchenko says:

      Yes. Yes. Yes. Everything about this! ???❤️✌?️

    •' Shen says:

      Totally agree with everything you and Meha have written. We also tend to forget about the atrocities committed by individuals and organisations across the African continent. So many thousands die there every year, but we tend to forget about them because it is a constant ongoing bloodbath.

      There is indeed an awakening and all I can hope is that we start thinking and giving love from the heart too. There is too much pain around the world and most of it caused by hidden agenda being played out.

      I applaud you both for speaking out and airing what a lot of people think but either do not talk about or voice for fear of a verbal backlash.

  13.' Mind Body Spiritual Awareness says:

    Be the change you want to see in the world. Start with yourself by cultivating lovingkindness. Learn how here…

  14.' Sunny Quiahua says:

    I love this article it is very thought provoking

  15.' Rebecca Buenaventura says:

    Papa jesus help the people in paris amen

  16.' Tracy Rowe says:

    do you know most of your links lead to Page Not Found?

  17. Anonymous says:

    TL;DR if you have a non-approved opinion regarding “refugees” you are racist and Islamophobic. Typical SJW claptrap

  18. Anonymous says:

    I used to think we could live together with Muslims, in peace. I was wrong, oh so wrong. Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, Islamic State’s spokesman said ” We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women. If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.” It’s gonna be a very long war. The radicals are hell bent to destroy all infidels and because the infidels are mostly civilised, they are easy prey. Just sayin’…..

  19.' AliceinW says:

    I have to make comment on the reference to Ben Carson and Ted Cruz as people making bigoted and racist comments because they want to scrutinize who may be coming to the USA. The first thing France did after being attacked again was to close its borders. Not to be bigoted but to protect its people and try to find anymore terrorists! You would do the same in your own home if being attacked. One thing we have to be careful of is to let emotional only thinking take over without the balance of critical thinking too. Terrorists could care less about compassion and they will use everyone and everything they can to get what they want. Think clearly, people.

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