Open Your Throat Chakra with These TPQs (NOT Affirmations!)

Welcome to week five of our series on Transformational Power Questions. In this video, I show you how to open your throat chakra with TPQs so you can experience more authenticity, personal expression, growth, and purpose.

Why Affirmations Can Be Bad for You

If you’ve been following this series, you can skip this section… but if you’re brand new to TPQs, read on…

You may be wondering why I’m suggesting you do TPQs instead of affirmations. Here’s why. Often, affirmations create a backlash in your inner world. They activate your subconscious mind and the voice inside of you that objects to things that aren’t currently accurate.

So one affirmation like “I’m rich” can elicit several subconscious negative responses like “No you’re not” or “have you seen your bank account balance?” and so on. Overall, it’s more negative than positive, since one affirmation creates far more negative responses.

If you want to better understand why affirmations can be counter-productive, check out this blog post.

3 Steps to Create a Transformational Power Question (TPQ)

  1. Decide what you want to change and create a traditional affirmation. For example, if you want more money, you create the affirmation, “I’m wealthy.”
  2. Put a “why” in the front of it and make it a question. “Why am I so wealthy?”
  3. Make it progressive (increasing over time). “Why am I getting wealthier every day?”

To understand in more detail how to create TPQs, check out the first video in this series (on the root chakra) here.

Throat Chakra Transformational Power Questions

This week, I’m sharing 15 different TPQs that boost your throat chakra. Watch the video above and repeat after me to improve five key throat chakra areas of your life. These are authenticity, integrity, self-expression, purpose, and inspiration.

Pick your favorite TPQ and put it on several sticky notes around your personal space. Read the question every time you see it and watch your powerful subconscious mind work for you, rather than against you. The more you read your TPQ, the more change you’ll see.

Have a purposeful, authentic, and super-expressive week Beautiful Soul!

Much love and many blessings,


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Can You Embrace These 5 Shadow Qualities for More Authenticity and Purpose?

Hello Beautiful Soul, this week we’re going to look at the shadow qualities of your throat chakra. Click on the video above to watch now.

If you haven’t yet seen the other videos in this shadow series, you can access them here:

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5 Shadow Qualities of the Heart Chakra

As you may already know (but just in case you don’t), the throat chakra is blue, its element is sound/vibration and it’s related to your truth, authenticity, purpose and personal expression.

It’s the first of the upper chakras (consisting of throat, third eye and crown), which are related more to the spiritual than the physical realm. For this reason, the “negative” or “dark” shadow qualities come from a different dynamic than the ones in the lower chakras.

In the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), the dark shadow qualities come from having too much of the energy of a particular chakra. But it’s the opposite with the upper chakras. The dark shadow qualities in the upper chakras come from having too little of the energy of a particular chakra.

Why? Because growing up, our caregivers and culture teach us that it’s bad to be in our lower chakras and good to be in our upper chakras (or the heart and above) where love and spirituality resides.

This kind of socialization causes us to relegate our strong lower chakra and our weak upper chakra qualities into the shadow realm and pretend that they are not a part of us. And this pretending causes us to lose a lot of our chakra power.

Shadow integration is the realization that all our energy comes from one consciousness (the Divine) and we need it all to be whole. When we don’t integrate the shadow aspects of ourselves, they come out in subconscious (leaky) ways. When we understand that we are everything, we can act more consciously and accept all of ourselves and others. Shadow integration creates true peace both inwardly and outwardly.

Here are the 5 Shadow Qualities of the Throat Chakra

  1. Liar (Gift = Imagination)
  2. Aimless/Lacking Purpose (Gift = Being in the Moment)
  3. Fake/Inauthentic (Gift = the Ability to Play Bigger )
  4. Inexpressive (Gift = Mastery of Listening)
  5. Crooked (Gift = Playful, Powerful, Irreverence)

To Integrate These Qualities, Work with These Five Healing Methods

  1. Find the gift of each chakra quality. What does each shadow quality give you?
  2. Tap on each shadow quality. You can watch my video on tapping to heal your throat chakra to learn the simple and powerful EFT technique.
  3. Elicit memories of times you’ve embodied each chakra shadow quality.
  4. Love yourself (as a child or adult) when you’ve embodied each quality.
  5. Take back your shadow projections. One easy way is to fill out Byron Katie’s Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and then do the work.

Of course both of my lists — the shadow qualities and the integration methods — are not exhaustive. There are more that can be added to each. So please share any you come up with here on my youtube page (it’s the best forum for making comments and asking questions).

Thanks for being on this spiritual journey with me!

Love and blessings,


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