Conspiracy of ignorance

This hostile and bizarre climate allows a continuing blanket rejection of any opposition to vaccination, claiming all objections are founded in conspiracy theory. The use of this term in deriding those who challenge prescribed inoculation reveals obliviousness or indifference to the presence of malignant forces.

The propensity for criminals to conspire is perpetual. There is a long history of conspiracies that have caused irreparable harm and much damage.

Vast conspiracies do not necessarily have their origins with a group of calculating cigar smokers in secret back-room discussions. More often, the most complex crimes involve allies colluding in increasingly questionable and immoral activity with nods and winks.

A contemporary example is the self-indemnification of corporations and their minimizing of the ongoing degradation of the planet. This is a conspiracy of the highest order and although it will eventually impact everyone, the duplicitous criminals persist unabated.

Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry has protected its interests for decades by conspiring with legislators and government agencies ensuring they are not held accountable or liable for vaccine damages.

Yet to propose there is corrupt collusion between corporate forces and government agencies during the current pandemic is deemed conspiratorial — the word thrown like mud — as if it was a sin to even imagine such a threat.

Over the course of history, nefarious plots have been exposed that eliminated dissent by manipulating and distributing false information, effectively shielding corruption and deflecting scrutiny.

Similar schemes have recently been enhanced by the power of expansive electronic communications and sophisticated mass psychological techniques. And the greatest of conspiracies have always relied on a naive and compliant press corps to ensure the public rallies to a questionable cause.

Overstating the effectiveness of the vaccines, avoiding analysis of breakthrough cases and adverse reactions, and minimizing the enormity of Big Pharma’s profits as a motive for foul play, are topics glossed over and dismissed by the COVID cognoscenti in overt denial of reality.

These pro-vax campaigners should recognize the weak foundations of their bold confidence, and consider how they are likely the dupes of a huge conspiracy to crush resistance.

Defending dignity

Whether refusal to be inoculated is instinctively cautious or is a decision made by evaluation of available information, it is neither anti-social nor a crime.

Suffering the slings and arrows of abuse for their stance on vaccines, people who face this onslaught can only hope that tolerance will be restored.

Although maintaining dignity in the face of condemnation is a difficult practice, it is the only way to initiate principled debate. The appropriate response to condescending tirades aimed at a justifiable position is a continuous and clear presentation of information for consideration.

Fallacies and facts

The foundational challenges to the accepted doctrines are not complicated, yet require reiteration:

  • Vaccines have never been a panacea for any disease. Their glorification contradicts historical data.
  • Evidence of damage from vaccines since their inception has been skewed or repressed, although risks are increasingly supported by reliable studies.
  • In the current pandemic, claims that the unvaccinated are more of a threat in spreading the virus than the vaccinated are unsubstantiated.
  • Testing for COVID-19 is filled with both technical inconsistencies and inappropriate application, supporting numbers that drive vaccination policy.
  • There has been no thorough analysis of serious reactions and death from the COVID-19 inoculation, although some data present alarming indications of a range of deleterious effects.
  • From the beginning of the pandemic, the vast majority of those at greatest risk for serious complications and death are people with pre-existing conditions, including the elderly and obese. By minimizing this fact, general fear of the virus is sustained.
  • Studies of some drugs show strong potential for reducing the severity and long-term risks of the virus. Prevention and treatment have been belittled and repressed.

Reason over ridicule

Ignorant and devious forces have abused the public’s trust, seeding hostility, and eclipsing compassionate reasoning and open-eyed evaluation.

Yet the collapse of the arguments supporting perennial inoculation is beginning to appear. Some previously staunch supporters are now questioning overall efficacy.

Reports of serious side effects are being acknowledged and are likely to increase.

There are scientists, physicians, and journalists willing to make an honest and brave effort to explore the doubts surrounding the response to the pandemic.

The wellspring of an enlightened strategy for improving a healthy society is the diversity of thought. As informative data emerge, a broader understanding will support an inclusive approach to all perspectives.

In government, throughout media, and among friends and family, improved communication is essential for the re-establishment of common decency and renewed democratic ideals.