Everything You Need To Know About the App That Increases Sales On Shopify – Automatically

Creating a virtual store on Shopify? That’s easy. And what about increasing sales? The twik app makes this task easy as well, and enables you to increase sales without effort.

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It was another cold January day in Coloma, California. James Marshall was in the midst of building a sawmill, making use of the cool river water current, when suddenly he noticed golden flakes of metal. Word spread quickly, and after that day, January 24, 1848, 300,000 people flocked to California as a result of reports of the presence of gold all over the state, starting the Gold Rush.

Nearly 200 years have since passed: we have conquered the skies, reached the moon, paved roads (and even invented an app to make sure we don’t get lost on them). However, one thing never stopped since 1848: The feverish search for gold. The only thing is that more and more businesses have come to understand that the new gold is … information.

As a result of the leap in network traffic since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, now more than ever, businesses understand that an increase in performance and sales is dependent upon the utilization of information resources. Until lately, the ability harness information for the betterment of business performance was held by organizations with large budgets. Organizations that made use of their abilities to collect and analyze big data, with advanced technologies, complex processes, and the allocation of manpower.

But recent technological developments now enable businesses of all sizes to harness information for the increase of sales, easily and automatically.

How to increase sales easily – and automatically?

In recent years, the twik personalization service, which increases website sales by displaying products and services personalized for the user’s traits, has taken off. The website personalization service is based on AI and BI components, used to analyze the user’s traits in numerous parameters. All of this is done automatically, using user trait analyzation and by displaying content that will maximize the probability of purchase.

twik’s personalization service works successfully with small businesses and large organizations and increases the conversion rates dramatically. twik’s success lead to the creation of the Shopify personalization app – one of the most popular platforms for creating virtual stores.

The twik app foe Shopify: How does it work?

The twik app has become the first personalization engine that works with Shopify. The twik app virtual stores platform fits the store’s features and enables you to enjoy all of twik’s personalization benefits.

All you need to do is download the app – and it will start working for you. The app will analyze a wide array of traits and visitor usage habits – from the geographic location and gender to the age range and social media platforms the users are connected to.

Data analysis will lead to the creation of a unique experience for every store visitor. The app will give prominence to whatever works more and will change whatever works less – and will display adaptive content to every visitor that will increase conversion rates. All automatically, and in a manner that will enable you to stay focused on what’s really important: business development and customer service.

How do store owners react?

Within two months of the application appearing on the Shopify app store, it was downloaded and served more than 1,000 stores and appeared at the top of the app list. Additionally, it was chosen as one of the top 4 apps by the Shopify team.

All thanks to the increase in sales, an equally important: the ability to increase them without writing a single line of code – and without having to be a large organization that invests an enormous budget in development and manpower. With the help of technological developments, the app will do all of the hard work for you, 24/7, without taking breaks and without asking for a raise.