Classy and Trending Women’s Fashion in 2020

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to trade in the pants and jacket for something light and airy. When adding to your wardrobe, the question to answer is how do you keep cool while still keeping it classy? On a hot, sticky day this can be challenging! You want to make sure that you select a piece that makes you feel both confident and comfortable. In this article, you’ll learn how to strike that balance by selecting the right cut and material.

Best Materials for Summer Clothing

Check out some of the dresses available at online women’s clothing boutique Filly Flair for ideas! It features both floor length and knee high dresses in many different patterns. Choosing loose clothing like this is a smart choice for hot weather.

Cotton is one of the most popular options for summer because it is affordable, light-weight, and absorbent. Be careful though– if you are wearing tight fitting cotton clothes, you are risking sweat stains. Sweat will dry faster on linen, although this material is a little stiffer than cotton.

Sheer material is coming back into fashion, and it might be an excellent alternative to linen. Mesh, web, and net fabric developed in Europe in the 18th century. What’s great about this fabric is that there are many small holes woven into it for ventilation. This means that your sweat will evaporate instantly instead of absorbing into your clothing. Sheer fabric is also a great option because you can incorporate a sheer top into your formal or casual wear.

Show Some Skin — What’s Trending?

It’s true– you’ve got to be smart when choosing fabric for summer. Loose-fitting fabric and sheer fabric that allows airflow are probably your best bets. Another way to stay cool is to show some skin! Crop tops were wildly popular in the 1990’s, and they are back in! This is a great option to choose if you are on the go; pair it with high rise shorts or pants. For a similar look, try a tied up or knotted shirt.

Cut-outs have become one of the more obvious fashion trends that have emerged recently. Different variations of the cut-out were featured in 2020 fashion shows in both London and New York. This trend proves that formal occasions don’t necessarily mean restrictive clothing! Consider a dress with side, back, shoulder, or stomach cut-outs to allow for that extra ventilation.

Remember to keep it classy as you explore these garments; less is more. Cut-outs make for an excellent statement piece.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right clothes can feel like a daunting task sometimes. Remember to try it on before you buy it. You might think this can only be done in a brick and mortar store, but this isn’t true. There are several online services that will let you try before you buy if storefront shopping is not an option for you, and not all of them require subscriptions.

What matters most is that the clothing you choose is comfortable and it feels authentic to who you are. You have to feel confident in what you are wearing. If you consider this when adding to your wardrobe this summer, your confidence and personality will shine through and make your clothing look that much better! Good luck, and happy shopping!